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August 15/02 9:06 am - Fantasy Tour Winners, Alberta News, Ontario

Posted by Editor on 08/15/02

Canadian Cyclist Fantasy Tour Winners

We are now ready to announce the winners of the first Canadian Cyclist Fantasy Tour. Just like in the Tour, the early lead switched a number of times, but in the end, one player rode away from the field. The key to winning turned out to be having ONCE on your squad - second place would have won if they hadn't picked US Postal instead. By the way, Armstrong appeared on every team picked.

We hope you enjoyed participating in the Canadian Cyclist Fantasy Tour, and watch out for our next one. We would like to thank the following companies who provided the weekly and overall prizes for the Fantasy Tour:

Coach Chris (coaching packages) -
Rudy Project (eyewear) -
Gita North (Gator Bars and Giordana clothing) - available through the CC Store
Rocky Mountain Bicycles (Reynolds Ouzo fork) -

Week 2 Winner: David Gazsi - wins Rudy Project eyewear

Week 3 Winner: David Gazsi - wins Coach Chris Silver Coaching Package


1st Mark Foster (432 points) - wins Reynolds Ouzo carbon fork
2nd David Gazsi (416 points) - Giordana CP4 shorts and Gatorade bars
3rd Rob Naish (399 points) - Rudy Project eyewear
4th David De Grandpré (397 points) - Coach Chris Silver Coaching Package
5th Amit Ghosh (397 points) - Gatorade bars

Note: 4th and 5th tied on points, but 4th signed up one day before 5th.

Alberta Provincial Championships

Mountain Bike Provincials will be held at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, AB, on August 24-25, 2002. It's a jam packed weekend with the DH on Saturday and DL on Sat Night. XC will be on the Sunday on the Paskapoo Slopes Race Course. If you would like a registration form, e-mail for one. If you have questions call (403) 247-5457.

James Radke
Coordinator, Mountain Bike Park

La Bicicletta "Now on Castlefield" Midweek Handicap Criterium

August 14, 2002
Speed (scratch Group) - 43.6 kph

Kevin Speacht Midweek CC. Senior 1 1:06:44
Paul Hornak Gears Racing Senior 1 s.t.
Ed Maset Pavan/Lindeberg Master A s.t.
Bruce Krip Midweek CC Senior 2 at 0:05
Peter Morse Midweek CC Senior 1 s.t
Don Zuck Pavan/Lindeberg Senior 1 s.t.
Mauro Martini Pavan/Lindeberg Master B s.t.
Gary Hirsch Pavan/Lindeberg Master D at 0:09
295? s.t.
Aubrey Bryce D'Ornellas Master B s.t.

41 entries

There will be no races at the Hershey Centre next week due to filming of a "B" movie in various locations. Look for possible alternative location for both the novice criterium and the Wednesday fast guys' event.

Tour of Bowness Criterium
Courtesy Andy Holmwood

Calgary, Alberta

August 5, 2002

Open Women ˆ 30 minutes plus 3 laps
1Jessica DeMarsGS Campione35:54
2Samantha NicholsonBow Cycle/CMCs.t.
3Petrina TulissiGS Campione36:11
4Nola ZwarichGS Campione36:33
5Shelley MattsonSoma Cycle36:41
6Nicole SlotIndependent36:49
7Janka HegedusJuventusat 1 lap
8Natasha KuzmakSynergy Racingat 1 lap
9Deanne JabsBicisportat 2 laps
10Martine ChardonBow Cycle/CMCat 3 laps
11Chantal LauzonBicisportat 4 laps
Category 1-2 Men ˆ 50 minutes plus 5 laps
1Dan PetersenBow Cycle/CMC57:41
2Jeff BolstadSynergy Racing
3Mike SticklandPedalhead
4Jesse CollinsBicisport
5Keith StarkCove
6Robert GasiencaGS Campione
7Zbigniew SzymanskiVelocity
8Robert SimpsonJuventus
9Jere HuJuventus
10Len ConlinBicisport
11Stuart HughesBow Cycle/CMC
12Dave JetzSynergy Racing
13Jeff SmithBow Cycle/CMC
14Geoff JohnsGS Campione
15Shawn TaylorRundle Mountain
16Ryan RobinsonBow Cycle/CMC
17Mark FewsterJuventusall s.t.
Category 3 ˆ 40 minutes plus 5 laps
1Ryan MacKenzieColnago/Carrera47:59
2Spencer Atkinson*Olympic Oval
3Martin MachacekSynergy Racing
4cp WalshSynergy Racing
5Marco AlbinusBicisport
6Guri RandhawaPedalhead
7Wade WallacePedalhead
8Dave EllisPedalheadall s.t.
9Mark KnollBow Cycle/CMC48:44
10Ryan SteenbergenBow Cycle/CMCat 1 lap
dnfRick ThiessenBicisport
dnfPhilippe AbbotteOlympic Oval
dnfJason ShenkariukSnakebite Society
dnfDan BierdBicisport
Category 4 ˆ 40 minutes plus 5 laps
1Joel RegimbaldColnago/Carrera44:45
2Jason SweetGS Campione
3Russ ColnettBicisport
4Marvin ZayacPedalhead
5Andrew AchuffPedalhead
6Gordon KennedyBow Cycle/CMC
7Jason ParkerBow Cycle/CMC
8Bryan Donnelly Synergy Racingall s.t.
(24 starters, 8 classified)
Category 5 ˆ 20 minutes plus 3 laps
1Chris SparlingOlympic Oval22:20
2Anthony Stadnyk*Bicisport23:05
*Under 17


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