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January 25/10 11:52 am - Bike Calgary Initiates a New Visible Cyclists Program – Lights for Bikes

Posted by Editoress on 01/25/10

Bike Calgary, the commuter cycling association, is launching "Light for Bikes". Most people, whether they are cyclists, pedestrians or joggers, tend to wear dark clothing in winter and they are impossible to see after dark by other users. Motorists cannot see cyclists travelling on the streets at night without lighting or reflective markings. Cyclists and pedestrians are also in serious conflict potential as well when they are using the extensive multi-use pathway system in Calgary.

This is a three-stage program with the first stage to get underway on January 26th. Stage 1 involves the provision of bicycle head and tail lights and rear reflective tape to those bicyclists that are unable to purchase them for themselves and use their bicycles for essential transportation (bottle collection, seeking food & shelter, etc.)

The official kick-off is Tuesday, January 26th at 7:00 pm at the wooden bridge adjacent to the Zoo parking lot near the Bow River. Please join us if you can to help start the program. The Calgary Police Service Mountain Bike Patrol will distribute some of these lights to needy people that use their bicycles for essential transportation (bottle collection, seeking food and shelter and travelling to work, etc.).

Stage 2 moves the program up a bit to include all bicycle users in Calgary by an active promotional campaign. This stage is to make everyone aware of the need to be visible, not only during the day, but after dark as well.

Stage 3 will target all pathway users and actively encourage pedestrians, joggers, dog walkers, etc. to wear reflective clothing or material strips and use small LED lights to mark their presence after dark. Wear small lights on your wrist or head, or use collar lights on your dog to increase your visibility!

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