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January 30/10 8:00 am - Cyclo-cross World Championships - U23 Men UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 01/30/10

Sun is still shining in Tabor and it has warmed up a bit (0 C), but the wind has added some chill


Coverage of the 2010 Cyclo-cross World Championships provided with the support of  Shimano


58 riders take the start with 1 Canadian Jared Stafford.


Lap 1


A long steady line of riders at the start.


8:05 am - Pawel Szczepaniak (Poland)  has the lead with a slight gap over teammate Marek Konwa.  2 Belgians are chasing at 3 sseconds as they head to the end of the first lap


Lap 2 (8:07)


Leaders cross the line with a gap of 5 sec on the Belgians.


8:09 am - Tom Meeusen (Belgium) has moved into 3rd and Arnaud Jouffroy (France) is 4th.  Polish duo are extending their gap


8:13 am - Stafford is sitting near the very back

It is now 3 riders from Poland in the lead with the addition of Kacper Szczepaniak,  Jouffroy 4th, Meeusen now 5th


Lap 3 (7:50)


As they start the 3rd lap they will have 5 to go.  3 Polish still leading with Jouffroy 4th at 5 sec, Meeusen  5th at 8 sec


8:19 - Over the barriers and Jouffroy is closing on the Polish trio.  Meeusen is chasing hard


8:20am - Pawel Szczepaniak attacks and has 3 seconds on his countrymen


8:23:  Heading to the end of the 3rd lap, Szczepaniak's gap is holding


Lap 4 (7:43)

8:24am  - Pawel Szczepaniak, Kacper Szczepaniak and Marek Konwa at 6 sec.   Jouffroy 4th at 15 sec, Meeusen  5th at 17 sec.  Arnaud Grand (Switzerland)  6th at 35 sec


8:26 am- Meeusen has caught and passed Jouffroy, but they don't seem to be making ground on the Polish riders ahead


8:30 Heading to the end of lap 4- Pawel Szczepaniak riding strong


Lap 5 (7:45)

8:32 am - Pawel Szczepaniak, Kacper Szczepaniak at 9 sec and Marek Konwa at 15 sec.  Meeusen now 4th at 36 sec, Jouffroy at 37 sec.  Elia Silvestri (Italy)  6th at 1:05, Arnaud Grand (Switzerland) 7th at s.t.


8:38am - Kacper Szczepaniak has caught his brother Pawel.  They head to the line with a gap of 20 sec on Marek Konwa.


Lap 6 (8:06)  2 to go


8:39 am - The brothers cross the line together. Konwa at 18 sec. Meeusen 4th at 30 sec, Jouffroy at 40 sec. Grand at 57 sec, Silvestri at s.t.  Tijmen Eising (Netherlands) at 1:05, Sascha Weber (Germany)  at s.t.


8:45am -  Pawel Szczepaniak has regained the lead and has 4 sec on his brother Kacper.  A tiring Meeusen has been caught by Jouffroy


Last Lap (7:45)

8:47 am

Pawel Szczepaniak, Kacper Szczepaniak at 15 sec, Konwa at 35 sec and Jouffroy at 37 sec


8:49am - Jouffroy has caught and passed Konwa for 3rd place. 

Stafford has moved up a couple spots but is still well back and has been lapped by the leader on the last lap


8:53 am - Jouffroy is reeling in 2nd place Kacper Szczepaniak - it is going to be close






1    Pawel Szczepaniak (Poland)     55:57
2    Kacper Szczepaniak (Poland)     at 0:20
3    Arnaud Jouffroy (France)     0:21
4    Tom Meeusen (Belgium)     0:45
5    Marek Konwa (Poland)     0:56
6    Arnaud Grand (Switzerland)     0:58
7    Robert Gavenda (Slovakia)     1:00
8    Sascha Weber (Germany)      1:01
9    Tijmen Eising (Netherlands)    1:20
10    Matteo Trentin (Italy)     1:33

28    Zach Mcdonald (United States Of America)     3:08
29    Daniel Summerhill (United States Of America)     3:09

lapped  Jared Stafford (Canada)


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