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March 11/10 15:17 pm - Canadian IBDs Increase Bike Sales by $30 Million in 2009

Posted by Editor on 03/11/10

The Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC) is reporting a year-over-year growth in bicycle sales by Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBDs) of $29,531,878 at retail value.

Through its Data Capture Program, BTAC receives quarterly reports of Unit and Dollar sales by suppliers to the IBD market on sales of bicycles across multiple categories. Currently, an estimated 90% of IBD suppliers participate in the program.

For the full 2009 year, Unit Sales were down 7.55% to 336,223 units, but Dollar Sales were up 13.77% to $174,250,644 (wholesale), for an estimated retail market value of $243,950,902. The Average Unit Price (wholesale) for bicycles in the IBD sector grew 23.07%, reflecting the trend towards higher quality bicycles being sold through the IBD sector. The average retail bicycle price in the IBD sector was $725.

Year-over-year, all major categories of bicycles grew in Dollar Sales, led by Road models (+32.95%) and Hybrids (+15.41%). 26" wheeled models showed more modest growth (6.74%), as did the Youth category (10.25%).

In Unit Sales, Road was the only major category to post significant growth for 2009, up 14.83%, followed by Hybrids at 2.63%. 26" models fell a substantial 19.34%, with the exception of the higher priced Dual Suspension sub-category, which grew an impressive 22.78%.

Canadian retailers fared considerably better than their U.S. counterparts, where the Bicycle Products Supplier Association (BPSA) reported that bicycle shipments to dealers fell 9% last year. Dollar Sales fell 4% in the U.S. market, with the average unit price climbing 5.33%.

"The Canadian IBD sector continues to weather the global economic downturn in much better shape than their American counterparts," commented, Robert Jones, Director of Market Research for BTAC.

Janet O'Connell, the Executive Director of BTAC, stated: "It is very important for our members to be able to have this data to evaluate the overall health of the Canadian cycling industry. With an estimated 90% of IBD suppliers participating in this program we are creating solid data, that in turn can be used when advocates are making the case for government to invest in cycling infrastructure across Canada".

For more information, please contact:

Robert Jones, BTAC Director of Research
Phone: 519.442.7905

Janet O'Connell, Executive Director
Phone: 905.535.1424 ext. 223


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