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March 17/10 10:44 am - Creation of a University Cycling Circuit in Québec

Posted by Editoress on 03/17/10

Hello to everyone,

As some of you may already know, the Cycling@McGill club is organizing a criterium for Saturday, May 22nd on the MacDonald Campus of McGill University.  What was uncertain in February is now clear: for the first time in Quebec, university categories will be offered at an FQSC sanctioned race in addition to the traditional categories of the circuit.

To take part in a collegiate or university level race all that is required is a valid student card of a university or CÉGEP plus your normal FQSC or UCI license. We encourage all university athletes to wear a jersey with the name and colours of your institution.  If this isn’t possible, you may also wear the jersey of your FQSC approved club/team or neutral jersey. Those racers who would like to race in a university category as well as a regular FQSC category may do so, as long as they pay the fees for the two separate races.

Below you will find the university categories for the day:
Collegiate intro (men&women)      25 minutes
Collegiate men 3-4                       35 minutes
Collegiate women                         30 minutes
Collegiate men 1-2                       45 minutes

Needless to say, we are organizing this race in the hopes of developing university cycling in Quebec.  A quick word on this subject:
• We have been inspired by the American collegiate model which has enjoyed unqualified success. ( The Cycling @ McGill club has participated in these competitions for the last five years in the Northeastern division and we want to introduce “collegiate cycling” to Quebec.
• Two important characteristics of university cycling are a) its inclusive nature, and b) the relaxed atmosphere that prevails.  Introducing students to competitive cycling is important because not everyone has the opportunity to start racing in the children’s categories.  Many young adults interested to start competing are not ready to learn how to race in the relatively experienced packs of senior 3 and junior riders.
• University cycling in Quebec would allow for the creation of a network of students who live in the same province, perhaps study in the same fields, who share the same passion but who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet each other.
• Finally, one should not conclude that this type of racing is reserved for beginners.  The title of “Collegiate Champion” is hotly contested in the USA and one who earns this title is often an athlete with a bright future in cycling.

A brief overview of what the Quebec University Circuit might look like:
• What: 3-5 races that crown a “University Champion” for a university team as well as for one racer in each category at the end of the season.
• Where: each race organized by different universities (UdeM, McGill, Concordia, ULaval, USherbrooke, ETS, HEC, Polytechnique, UQAM, UQAC, UQTR, UQO, UQAT, UQAR),  on or near their respective campuses
• When:  the weekends from September to October (during the autumn semester)
• Who: all university and CEGEP students of Quebec. Interested students from Ontario or American universities are of course welcome as well.

If you are interested in:
• Creating a student cycling club at your university;
• Organizing a cycling race at your university;
• Participating in the development of a university circuit in Quebec in the coming years;
CONTACT ME at, I will put everyone in touch with each other, organize a meeting where we can discuss our projects and share your interests with the FQSC

Mathieu Boudier-Revéret
Executive Member, Cycling @ McGill
McGill Student

P.S. We are presently looking for sponsors for our race on May 22nd.  If you know someone or if you yourself are potentially a sponsor, again please don’t hesitate to contact me

This message has been read and approved by the FQSC. 


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