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August 22/99 11:19 am - Zurich World Cup, Shep Report, Yellow Jersey Auction, Womens Tour

Posted by Editor on 08/22/99

Zurich World Cup - Round 8

1. Grzegorz Gwiazdowski (Pol) Cofidis 6:19:47 for 240 km
2. Sergio Barbero (Ita) Mercatone Uno-Bianchi at 0:23
3. Andrei Tchmil (Bel) Lotto-Mobistar 0:27
4. Paolo Bettini (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step
5. Andrei Kivilev (Kaz) Festina-Lotus
6. Michael Boogerd (Ned) Rabobank all s.t.

Shep Report

For the second weekend in a row the Canadians have been blessed by good courses. This year Mt Snow was even better because of the spectator friendly course that figure-eighted the base area. The course consisted of about ten climbs that were separated by short traversing single track that was mostly dry except for a few sections. Not only did the rider' have to deal with the course but also with the pressure of Lance Armstrong ('99Tour de France winner) and having to perform in a race that could not be thrown out.

It's amazing how hard you can go when you have ten thousand people lining the course cheering...even when you are off you can push that much harder. The start was typical with the first rider selection occuring before entering the single track after climbing for four minutes. Taking the lead was Rolli, Larson, Armstrong, Leuchs and me although Lance messed up the first creek crossing and Leuchs the second so that propelled me into third going into the second loop. On the ensuing technical climb Juarez moved up, Larson dropped back and there was Lance staying with everyone. By the top this group stayed together, and I jumped past Lance to Roland and Tinker for the long descent...where a gap formed, but, to our surprise, not a very big one!

The second lap saw me lead up the first climb, then Tinker attack on the second where he etched out a 30 sec gap by the start of the third (Roland, Lance and I chased). On the third lap, Tinker flatted, and Roland attacked on the technical climb dropping Lance by a few seconds, I drifted to fourth as Kirk Molday joined the fray of things.

By the start of the fourth I realized today was not going to be my day! The legs started to give way near the start of the fifth as I faded five spots a lap (well, I gave it my all - that's the way racing goes!). Anyways, Roland kept a 45 sec gap the rest of the race but the big mover was Brown who ended up second, Aussi Stockwell in third, and canuck Kabush in fourth! Great result for him...Lance fell back to sixth....Killen in fifth. My team mate Carl Swenson made it to fifth at one point back up to ninth then crashed on the final descent and broke his collar bone....damn! He should be ready for world's though. Well those are the goods....oh yeah, Brown won the overall, Larson second, Green third, Weins fourth, Killen fifth, and I was sixth overall...

Short Track

Ah, my favorite discipline in cycling, the short track! Today's course consisted of two short climbs, eight corners, and one problem? Throw in non-stop rain and temperatures hovering around 12 degrees and now you've got a serious challenge!

Going off the front from the start was an upstart Andreas Hestler who was chased by Green, Killen and I for the first few laps...Killen would fall off the pace a bit and Leuchs would replace him. On the third lap, Green jumped to Dre, but I was unable to respond. Larson was not able to hold on to my group and struggled in the second.

Halfway through, Lance and Rowney hooked up and we started to distance ourselves from the remnants of the field, meanwhile Dre and Green worked well together maintaining their 10-15 sec gap all the way to the end. Lance tried a few attacks, Rowney covered the first one and I got the it was going to come down to the final climb on the last lap! Rowney led it out, and by the top I was sprinting with Lance! Elbow to elbow leaning on each other as we rounded the corner to the final descent, and bang there was Rowney in front of me....bottom line is I was 5th but watching those two go off the jump at the same time was worth the last podium spot! Lances sketched going off with one foot but landed it! Shamoe started last row and worked up to seventh all the way from the last row! Wedge suffered a similar fate and took 9th and the French connection Matt Toulouse worked hard for a 16th.

Overall Green 1st, Larson 2nd, Sheppard 3rd, Hestler 4th, Juarez 5th

Assistance Required

Ryan Dey, a member of the Canadian Worlds Team (but unfunded) is looking for financial assistance to get to the Worlds. Complete information can be found in the Classifieds.

Yellow Jersey Up for Auction

Lance Armstrong is auctioning off one of his Yellow Jerseys, with the proceeds going towards the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Now you too can own a Malliot Jaune. However, the current bid is $4,000 (US), so have your gold card ready... Go to to check out the bid action, which ends September 10th.

Grande Boucle Feminine, France

Canadian results from yesterday's Stage 13:

17 Alison SYDOR 3:34:07 (s.t. as stage winner)
24 Heather COLE
42 Stacey SPENCER all s.t.
73 Leah GOLDSTEIN at 5:48
76 Amy JARVIS 15:23


26 Sandy ESPESETH at 40:27
46 Alison SYDOR 1:14:18
69 Heather COLE 2:10:58
72 Stacey SPENCER 2:43:23
74 Leah GOLDSTEIN 2:47:48
85 Amy JARVIS 3:28:25


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