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April 11/10 10:13 am - Pan Am Champs - Women's XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 04/11/10

The Women's XC has started with the Elite and U23 women on course at the same time.  The Elites will do 5 laps and the U23's 4 of the 6.4 km course.


Weather is perfect.  Sunny with no wind, blue sky and ~ 20 C,  There is a small but very vocal crowd cheering EVERY rider. The course is also surrounded by guards with shotguns and semi-automatics


Katie Compton (USA) was on the start list of riders, but will not participate because she is still experiencing problems with her legs.



Lap 1


Midway through the first lap and there is a bunch together.  Mikaela Kofman is experiencing a slow leak and has stopped off at the pit for repair.


Elite women

As they head to the end of the first lap, Willow Koerber (USA) is leading with Mary McConneloug (USA)  at 35 seconds.  Heather Irmiger (USA) and Mical Dyck are together at 1:15 and Amanda Sin is 5th at 1:30


U23 women

Laura Abril (Col) leading with 3 chasers: Paula Quiros (Arg), Daniela Rojas (Chi) Mikaela Kofman at 1:20.  Rebecca Beaumont is  sitting 10th at 2:10 back


Lap 2


Elite Women

Through the feedzone, Koerber still leading and has opened up the gap to McConneloug now 1:10.  Irmiger 3rd at 1:55 and Dyck 4th at  2:05.   Angela Parra Sierra (Col) 5th at 2:40 and Amanda Sin 6th at 3:05


U23 women

Laura Abril (Col) still leading with Mikaela Kofman now in 2nd at 1:40.  Paula Quiros (Arg) 3rd at 2:15

Rebecca Beaumont has dropped out with back problems



Lap 3

Elite Women

In the feedzone: Koerber still leading with McConneloug starting to close the gap a bit - now 1:00, Irmiger still 3rd at 1:55. Dyck 4th at 2:30, Parra Sierra 5th at 3:00 and Sin 6th at 3:30


U23 women

Laura Abril (Col) continues to lead with a gap of 2:40 on Mikaela Kofman.  Paula Quiros (Arg) still 3rd at3:25 back



Lap 4

Elite Women

Early in the lap, no change





U23  Unofficial

1 Laura Abril (Col)

2 Mikaela Kofman (Can)

3 Paula Quiros (Arg)

4 Daniela Rojas (Chi)

5 Ana Teresa Casas (Mex)

6 Angela Mora (Mex)



Elite Unofficial

1 Willow Koerber (USA)
2 Mary McConneloug (USA)
3  Heather Irmiger (USA)

4 Angela Parra Sierra (Col)

5 Mical Dyck (Can)

7 Amand Sin (Can)





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