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August 24/99 9:58 am - Juniors in Europe, Mattawa Enduro, Midweek Results

Posted by Editor on 08/24/99

Juniors in Europe

This weekend's race, the Omloop der Vlaasme Gewesten, was not quite that of a real northern Belgian race but close. All it lacked was wind and rain.

Aside from that there was narrow cement roads and a few cobble stone sections. Bought back memories!!!

The pack in this race was a hundred deep and for our five Canadians it would be a race of positioning. Because of the lack of hills to break up the race, big groups of well positioned guys could potentially take off at any time leaving the others to chase or quit, as it often happens.

Right from the word go the pace was high, as always in junior races, and already some guys were making fickle attempts to create breaks but with no real success and the numbers were simply not there.

Mid way through the race just before the second pavé section of the day a group of 35 strong took off with only Charlie Gorman present from the Canadians. The others had missed the boat and Eric Dubé had missed it completely because of a flat at the wrong time (Is there a right time???).

Despite attempts from the other three Canadians to bridge back up to the first group the gap would slowly grow and it became clear with 30 to go that the 30 man group was the place to be.

With 15 to go a break of two guys went up the road but would be caught with a few kilometres to go only to see two others take off and maintain a 4 second lead on the rest of the 30 guys.

The win would go to Igor Stevens from Bikeland Bornem over Johan Vansemmeren from Edegem.

Charlie would finish 30th, with the rest of the main field.

In these types of races it is crucial to know where to be and when, locals usually have the upper hand but you have to be able to see who the locals are and watch them. For the Canadians it was another good and different racing experience that will pay off for next weeks important stage race in Germany - the Tropheo Karlsberg....

Jacques Landry
National team development coach

Mattawa to North Bay 100 km Enduro
(courtesy Al Faucon)

August 14/99 Lost in the Rocks and Trees 100 K MTB Enduro

1 Rob Rice Sudbury 5:00:30
2 Stephen Bursey North Bay 5:28:22
3 Craig Douglas Bracebridge 5:50:56
4 Jaime Kasurak Windsor 5:52:42
5 Ted Gawinski North Bay 6:12:30

1 Cathy Bull North Bay 6:29:13
2 Roslyn Prisco North Bay 7:30:49
3 Helen Verrillo North Bay 7:38:51

Full results and pictures:

Mississauga Midweek Monday Night Criterium
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

EVENT # Novice 17, DATE: August 23rd, 1999
DISTANCE: 35.2 KM 16 LAPS. Av. Sp.: (neutral lap not included) 40 KPH
WEATHER: Sunny Periods. Wind SE at 8 kph 24 C.

1Ben Wilbert3green52-5812
2Wayne Henry3Blues.t.11
3Sohan Tahal3Greens.t.10
4Marshall Francis3Greens.t.9
5Rob Potton3Greens.t.8
6Ryan De BoerMississauga VolvicCADBlues.t.7
7Luke Coleman3Blues.t.6
9Mustafe JamalMississauga Volvic3Reds.t.4
10Dave PinderInd.MBGreens.t.3
11Anita WaymannSchwinn CanadaWreds.t.2

Riders finishing within a second of each other are given same time. Once there is a gap of more than a second, next rider is given actual finish time.


PRIME POINTS: Sohan Tahal 12, Dave Valenti,Brampton 3, Gary Hirsch,Pavan 5, Dave Pinder 5, Colin Dickey 4, Anita Waymann 4, Ryan De Boer 3, Slawowic Gora 3, Rob Potton 3, Wayne Henry 1, Mustafe Jamal 1.

1ST. Green (1 3 4), 2nd. Blue (2 6 7)

Thanks to: Rider Coaches: Jeff Archbold, Pierre Perrin, Mike Ybanex

Cones, laps: The Hurleys.

Congratulations on upgrading to Wednesday: Ben Wilbert, Wayne Henry, Sohan Tahal


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