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April 16/10 11:15 am - Blizzard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 04/16/10

Blizzard Bike Club, Fort St. John, BC

Baldonnel ITT, April 15th

Pat Ferris won the Baldonnel 16 km time trial, Thursday night, with a time of 26:08 minutes. Bob Andrews was second at 26:23 and George Gamble third at 26:32. Les Elliott was 4th at 27:00 and Kevin Shaw 5th at 27:05.

Conditions were warm and fast with a good crowd of riders.

Roger St. Jean was 6th at 27:17, Sandy McDonald 27:46, Gord Harris 27:47, Jolea Bilodeau 28:35 and Ken Nix was 10th at 29:52. Sam Keats was 11th at 30:11, Owen Giebelhaus 31:10, Andrew Spence 31:19, Larry Joice 31:28, Melanie Chapple 32:39, and Brandon Joice 38:24.

Thanks to Simon Andrews for timing!

Coming up: 
Sunday Beatton Loop 60 km Road Race at 1 PM from Humpty’s. Shorter 30 km available, as well.

Rocky Road Race: Stage 8, April 11th

Kevin Shaw won the Rocky Road Race, Sunday, in a close sprint over Pat Ferris. Their time for the Pineview gravel classic and Stage 8 of the Spring Stage Race was 1:22:41 hours for the 38 km distance. George Gamble was third at 1:30:39 and Les Elliott 4th at 1:30:47. Jolea Bilodeau won the first ever Rocky Road Women’s Trophy with 48:20 for the 19 km distance.

Thanks to Barb Polehoykie for timing!

Pat Ferris won the 25th Spring Stage Race for the 7th time with 32 points. George Gamble was close behind at 29 and Les Elliott third at 24. Kevin Shaw was 4th at 13 points and Bob Andrews had 8.

Jolea Bilodeau won the Women’s Spring Stage Race trophy with 34 points. Six times defending Champion Barb Polehoykie was second with 13 points.

Thanks to Bob Andrews for organizing this years’ Spring Stage Race Series.

Baldonnel ITT, April 8th

Les Elliott won a cold 16 km Baldonnel time trial, Thursday night. He was the winner of this Stage #7 of the Spring Stage race with a time of 27:22 minutes. George Gamble was second at 28:06 and Bob Andrews third at 28:17.Pat Ferris was 4th at 28:35 and Jolea Bilodeau 5th at 30:28.

Other times were Dean Lowry at 31:00, Barb Polehoykie 31:28, Owen Giebelhaus 32:18, Pat Coppens 34:35 and Melanie Chapple 32:18.

Thanks to Pat Andrews and Gord Harris for timing!

Pat Ferris still has a narrow lead with 28 points with a single race to go in the 8 race series. George Gamble is second with 26 points and Les Elliott third with 22. Bob Andrews and Kevin Shaw are tied with 8 for 4th.

Sundays’ final Stage 8 event is the famous ‘Rocky Road Race’ which is a gravel road classic. This is the 14th time this event has been held. It features the nasty, washboard, loose gravel roads the North Peace residents have learned to respect.
The Peace View circuit in Taylor will be the site of this Spring Stage race showdown. The final finishing order will decide the winner of the 25th Spring Stage Race trophy.

Race time is 1 PM on the Fibreco road.

Spring Stage Race: Stage 6, April  6th

George Gamble won stage 6 of the Spring Stage Race, Tuesday night, on a windy and fast Olde Montney Highway circuit.  He had a time of 1:10:30 hours for the 38 km circuit. Jolea Bilodeau was only 9 seconds back for second place.  Pat Ferris won the sprint for third from Les Elliott at 1:10:43.

2009 winner Pat Ferris still leads the Spring Stage race with 26 points. George Gamble is in second at 22, Les Elliott third at 17 and Kevin Shaw 4th at 8 points. Jolea Bilodeau leads the Women’s’ with 29 points. There are only two more races to go.

Eleven riders started at Beatton Park on a windy and cool evening. The group was down to five riders after the turnaround. George Gamble and Les Elliott split the group at Bickfords to pull away with Jolea Bilodeau and Pat Ferris chasing. Eventually Gamble pulled away to come in for the solo breakaway win.  Jolea Bilodeau and Pat Ferris caught Les Elliott with a kilometre to go. Bilodeau sailed past in hopes of catching George Gamble but he was able to hold on for the win.

Gary Hilderman was 5th at 1:13:13, Bob Andrews 1:15:39, Darren Guliov 1:15:41, Dean Lowry 1:19:10, Ken Nix 1:19:11, Robin Sipe 1:19:12 and Pat Coppens 1:25:25.

Thanks to Floyd and Barb Polehoykie for timing!


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