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August 26/99 3:27 am - GP Feminin, Shep Report

Posted by Editor on 08/26/99

G.P. Feminin International du Quebec

Finally, we have some news from this women's stage race in Quebec! Today's road race stage has just finished, with Lyne Bessette (Saturn) winning over Annie Gariepy (Elita) and Linda Jackson (Timex). This puts Gariepy in the overall lead after her finish in a breakaway group yesterday that gained over two minutes on the group containing favourites Jackson and Bessette. The field contains 48 riders. We have been promised more results and stage information shortly for today's race.

Stage 1 - Farnham Road Circuit 101.8 km

1. Andrea Bowman Radrovitc (Timex) 2:46:41
2. Annie Gariepy (Elita)
3. Dede Demet (Saturn) both s.t.
4. Kim Langton (Elita) at 0:04
5. Kerry Helmuth (Timex) s.t.

9. Lyne Bessette (Saturn) 2:20
10. Clara Hughes (Saturn)
12. Melanie Nadeau (CC Vezar-Sugio)
13. Julia Farell (Ontario)
14. Ann Turrin (Ontario)
15. Odessa Gunn (Timex)
18. Cybil DiGuistini (Elita)
20. Leigh Hobson (Canadian National)
21. Linda Jackson (Timex)
22. Melanie Dorion (Elita)
23. Darnelle Moore (Canada-Peccos)
24. Sophie St Jacques (Elita)
25. Melanie McQuaid (Canadian National)
26. Anne Samplonius (Canadian National)
28. Sophie Radecki (Ontario)
30. Nadine Murtada (Canada-Peccos) all s.t.
33. Julia Bradley (Ontario) 7:35
34. Julie Hutsebaut (Canadian National)
35. Chantal Lemieux (Ontario)
36. Elise Grondin (CC Vezar-Sugoi)
37. Allyson Fox (Ontario) all s.t.
39. Nathalie Labonte (CC Vezar-Sugoi) 9:10
40. Catherine Pouliot-Bernard (Canada-Peccos) s.t.
41. Myriam Derosiers (Canadian National) 14:24
42. Natacha Tremblay (CC Vezar-Sugoi) 14:49
43. Emmanuelle Dube (CC Vezar-Sugoi) s.t.
44. Elisa Gagnon (Canada-Peccos) 15:34
45. Kristen Robbins (Canada-Peccos) 16:13
46. Marie-Claude Lafond (CC Vezar-Sugoi) s.t.

Shep Report - Mercury Tour Stage 1

Hello everyone! Today marks the first of five days of excruciating pain and suffering - welcome to the Tour of the Rockies! The prologue took place late this afternoon under sunny skies and a light breeze. the course was rocket-fast, consisting of a small flat section that led to three big BMX jumps, a berm then a third of a mile hill climb followed by a loose single track down the hill to the finish.

The first to make a serious gap was Jimi Killen who put 6 seconds on the then fastest time of Frank I started my prologue, Andreas Hestler squashed Jimi by three seconds which is a tall order considering Jimi is the fastest starter in any race. So off I went settling into a smooth pace on the flats then upping the tempo in the corners and on the BMX track. The first jump was unavoidable while there was an option around the other two....I chose to go over those bad boys! I jumped the second double and cleared it by way too much, landed on the flats, unclipped and balled myself on my seat....not pretty but I didn't crash. Pre jumped the last one which gave me the sling shot effect for the climb, mind you my adrennal glands probably kicked in from that jump, or it could have been the thought that I might not be able to have kids in the future!

Bottom line is I made up as fast as anyone then let it go on the descent....taking risks in the process, and I ended up in the lead two seconds ahead of Dre. As the riders came down I thought for sure that one of more than a handful of guys would have taken me, but no! A bunch of seconds, and podiums this year were great but bagging a win for Catera-Klein against a strong field felt good! Of note: Green 11sec back in 5th, Chiotti 12sec in 6th, Lance Armstrong 22sec in 19th.


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