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April 26/10 14:09 pm - Canadians Return from Trinidad's Beacon Festival

Posted by Editoress on 04/26/10

The Canadian Team of Daniele Defranceschi, Jean-Michel Lachance, Adam Thuss, and Stephane Cossette returned to Tobago Sunday from Trinidad where they have been posting strong results at the Beacon Festival.

The athletes did the Tobago crit (All Stars International) on Thursday and scored another podium, this time placing Adam Thuss on the finishing steps.

The plan was to be aggressive and mark the Europeans/Beacon All Star team and the break went early. “I bridged across to the original three with Sebastien Donadio and made it 5, eventual winner Emile Abraham bridged across to make an even 6. Jean-Michel tried to bridge once the break was established but the Europeans were driving the break and he couldn't quite make it across.

We lapped the field within with 15 laps to go and worked well together until 7 to go. Leif Lampater was the first to strike, and went solo until 4 to go and I launched a counter attack with 3 to go. It wasn't to be, I was reeled in within the lap and lined it up in the sprint to take a third.”

For local coverage and a podium picture go to:

All Stars International- 45-Laps
1 Emile Abraham (Trinidad)
2 Sebastian Donadio (Argentina)
3 Adam Thuss (Canada)
4 Leif Lampater (Germany)
5 Andreas Muller (Germany)
6 Daniel Harm (USA)
7 Simon Clarke (Jamaica)
8 Dominic Stark (Switzerland).


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