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May 16/10 11:44 am - Pan American Championships: Track Day 5

Posted by Editoress on 05/16/10

Results from the 5th and final day of racing in Aguascalientes, Mexico


The final day of competition at the 2010 Pan Am Cycling Championships was a successful one for the Canadian Cycling team. Travis Smith, who had the fastest time in qualifying, was victorious in the  match sprint claiming the gold medal and Pan Am Champion jersey with a two rides to none victory over Njisane Philly of Trinidad and Tobago.


Monique Sullivan won the first round of the Keirin and continued on to a strong 5th place finish.  Laura Brown competed in the very active and exciting Points Race.  She gained a lap early and finished in 5th place overall.


The Omnium event for men and women consisted of the new format with 6 events over 2 days.  Steph Roorda and Remi Pelletier Roy competed in the flying lap, points race, and elimination on day 1, then the Individual pursuit, scratch race, and time trial on day 2. In the women’s omnium, Steph was consistent over the two days of competition and finished a solid 5th   being one of only two riders to best eventual winner Sarah Hammer by winning the elimination portion of the event.  Remi, in his first international competition, showed signs of great speed placing second in both the scratch and flying 250m portions.  This showed Remi’s potential for the future with a solid fifth in the overall.


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Men's Sprint
Ride for Gold and Silver Race1 Race2
1 Travis Smith (Canada) 10.62 10.867
2 Njisane Philly (Trinidad and Tobago)
Ride for Bronze
3 Leonardo Narvaez (Colombia) 10.976 10.239
4 Hersony Canelon (Venezuela)
Women's Keirin
1 Lisandra Guerra (Cuba)
2 Daniela Larreal (Venezuela)
3 Diana Garcia (Colombia)
4 Estefany Tinajero (Mexico)
5 Monique Sullivan (Canada)
6 Arianna Herrera (Cuba)
Women's Points Race
1 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) 52 pts
2 Lorena Vargas (Colombia) 46
3 Daniely Garcia (Venezuela) 37
4 Yudelmis Dominguez (Cuba) 35
5 Laura Brown (Canada) 25
6 Dalila Rodriguez (Cuba) 23
7 Maria Briceño (Venezuela) 21
8 Shelley Evans (USA) 14
9 Nancy Arreola (Mexico) 8
10 Talia Aguirre (Argentina) 6
11 Claudia Aravena (Chile) 2
12 Denisse Ahumada (Chile) 1
13 Luz Gonzalez (Ecuador) 0
14 Berenice Castro (Mexico) 0
15 Leidy Muñoz (Colombia) 0
16 Sindy Morales (Guatemala)
17 Maria Rivera (Puerto Rico)
DNF Steph Roorda (Canada)  
DNF Elaine Dominguez (Dominican Republic)  
DNF Yaina Beras (Dominican Republic) 0
Women's Omnium
1 Sarah Hammer (USA) 9 pts
2 Angie Gonzalez (Venezuela) 22
3 Maria Luisa Calle (Colombia) 23
4 Marlies Mejias (Cuba) 26
5 Sofia Arreola (Mexico) 26
6 Steph Roorda (Canada) 28
7 Paola Muñoz (Chile) 37
8 Marcela Rubiano (Costa Rica) 53
9 Evelyn Galicia (Guatemala) 57
10 Elaine Dominguez (Dominican Republic) 57
11 Luz Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) 58
Men's Omnium
1 Carlos Uran (Colombia) 21 pts
2 Ruben Campanioni (Cuba) 25
3 Luis Mansilla (Chile) 27
4 Jorge Perez (Dominican Republic) 31
5 Remi Pelletier-Roy (Canada) 32
6 Carlos Linares (Venezuela) 35
7 Jose Carlos Ragonessi (Ecuador) 36
8 Carlos Carrasco (Mexico) 39
9 Eduardo Colon (Puerto Rico) 50
10 Adam Alexander (Trinidad and Tobago) 52


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