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May 23/10 4:35 am - Offenburg World Cup: Women's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 05/23/10

Good morning and wellcome to our coverage of the women's XC


The women will do a start loop plus 5 full laps of the 5.1 km for a total of 26.6 km


The sun is shining and it is perfect weather for racing in Offenburg,  The course is dry with some wet spots in the woods


Missing from the start lineup are Lene Byberg (Specialized) who is recovering from a virus, Katarina Nash ( Luna Pro Team).


Returning is, a very thin, Sabine Spitz (Central Pro Team) who underwent groin surgery in the winter and will be racing her first time since then. 


107 starters


Racing starts in 2 min


Start loop


Katrin Leumann ( leading Willow Koerber (Subaru-Gary Fisher) and a steady line as they sweep through


Finishing the lap and heading out tostart the first full lap it is Katrin Leumann (, Willow Koerber (Subaru-Gary Fisher), Julie Bresset (BH-Suntour) all together with Heather Irmiger (Subaru-Gary Fisher), Marielle Saner-Guinchard (Bikepark.Ch Scott) and Irina Kalentieva (Topeak Ergon Racing Team) leading a large group.  Marie-Helene Premont (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) 12th, Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) 17th at 5 sec, Emily Batty (Trek World Racing) 21st


Lap 1


Julie Bresset (BH-Suntour) leading out for the first full lap


1/2 way though the lap on the descent of North Shore Emily Batty (Trek World Racing) has taken a hard fall.  She got up slowly and a bit stunned and now has to contend with a flat.  She will have to run to the Tech zone.



As they head to the end of the first lap, Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team) leading Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) with Julie Bresset (BH-Suntour) in 3rd.  Blaza Klemencic (FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC World) 4th and Willow Koerber (Subaru-Gary Fisher) 6th


Premont and Kalentieva sitting ~ 10th


Lap 2


Pendrel leading Gould across the line with Bressett 3rd at 14 sec.  Esther Süss (Wheeler-IXS Pro) 4th at 15 sec, Blaza Klemencic (FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC World) 5th at s.t.

Premont 8th,  Amanda Sin 37th, Emily Batty 85th,



Through the North Shore it is Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) out front with Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team) at 2 sec.  Bressett 3rd?  , Süss 4th at ~ 20 sec.  Willow Koerber (Subaru-Gary Fisher) ~ 6th


5:21 am


At the Snake Pitt:   Pendrel comes through with a 7 sec gap on Gould.  Suss in 3rd, Premont 4th


Lap 3


As they go through to star the 3rd lap Gould leading Pendrel.  Suss 3rd at 24 sec.  Premont 4th at 43 sec, Bresset 5th at 50 sec, Klemencic 6th, Koerber 7th, Elisabeth Osl (Central Pro Team) 8th, Eva Lechner (Colnago Arreghini Sudtirol) 9th, Kalentieva 10th, Mary McConneloug (Kenda Seven NOTUBES) 11th, Katherine Compton 19th, Heather Irmiger (Subaru-Gary Fisher) 20th


Emily Batty up to 61st


5:34 am

Through the descent at North Shore and Pendrel leading by 10+ seconds over Gould.  Esther Süss (Wheeler-IXS Pro) 3rd at 35 sec, Premont 4th at 1 min, Bresset 5th


5:38 am

Pendrel with Gould at 16 sec, Suss holding 3rd and Premont 4th and closong on Suss


Kalentieva is now 2 min back with Koerber behind her,  Sabine Spitz has moved into the top 10


Lap 4


Pendrel goes through with a gap of 14 sec on Gould.  Suss at 42 sec, Premont at 1:15

Lechner 5th, Osl 5th, Bressett 7th, kalentieva 8th, Klemencic 9th, McConneloug 10th, Koerber 11th, Spitz 13th,


Compton 19th,  Sin 31st, Batty 49th


5:54 am


Pendrel, Gould at 20 sec, Suss at 45 sec and Premont 4th but Osl has started to chase her




Pendrel still leading with Gould in 2nd but closing.  Suss 3rd but  not closing.  Premont 4th, but Osl is still closing and Bressett not far behind



Lap 5


Pendrel, Gould at 10 sec, Suss at 34 sec,  Premont 4th at 1:19, Osl 5th at 1:39, Bressett at 1:52


 Mcconneloug 9th, Koerber 13th, Compton 17th, Sin 30th, Batty 26th


6:07 am

Gould is now starting to put the pressure on Pendrel

Premont has opened the gap on Osl, trying to protect her 4th place



6:12 am


In the open spots it has become quite windy


Through the North Shore Pendrel has opened the gap to Gould now 21 sec.  Suss comes through and has closed the gap a bit Gould.  Premont still in 4th


6:15 am


Pendrel, Gould at 22 sec, Syss at 41 sec, Premont at 1:14, Osl at 1:41






1 Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team, 1:37:24

2 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team at 28 sec

3 Esther Süss (Sui) Wheeler-IXS Pro , 38 sec

4 Marie-Helene Premont (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain, 1:22

5 Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Central Pro Team, 2:12

6 Julie Bresset * (Fra) BH-Suntour, 2:38

7 Eva Lechner (Ita) Colnago Arreghini Sudtirol, 3:18

8 Irina Kalentieva (Rus) Topeak Ergon Racing Team, 3:33

9 Katrin Leumann (Sui), s.t.

10 Mary Mcconneloug (USA) Kenda Seven NOTUBES, 3:44




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