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September 1/99 11:10 am - Ontario Cup Points, Buona Notte Pro Am Race

Posted by Editoress on 09/1/99

Ontario Cup Final Points Standings
courtesy All Hawley

The final points after the Provincial Championships are now posted on the OCA site. Here are the highlights. For the complete standings go to Mountain Bike Results and chose XC or Downhill

Senior Pro-Elite Male Cross Country

1 Hall, Josh 109
2 Hine, Julian 97
3 Croutch, Andrew 90
4 Bakker, Osmond 88
5 Jakomait, Jesse 78
6 Weber, Jeff 67
7 Morse, Peter 62
8 Oliver, Tim 61
9 Dey, Ryan
10 Faulkner, Nat

Senior Pro-Elite Female XC

1 Trimble, Susan 111
2 Greene, Leslie 97
3 Di Lello, Maria 95
4 Westman, Trisha 940
5 Hoskins, Lisa 79
6 Kellett, Amanda 72
7 Brown, Jennifer 60
8 Pelletterio, Larissa 33

Senior-Pro-Elite Male DH

1 Neumann, Ondrej 107
2 Wells, Mark N 103
3 Beattie, Doug 92
4 McLean, Peter 83
5 Cobham, George 78
6 Smith, Brent 77
7 Lobodzinski, Michael 68
8 Pautler, Drew 63
9 Walters, Ryan 54
10 McGuire, Brandon 50

Senior-Pro-Elite Female DH

1 Desautels, Lalena 116
2 Gambin, Cecile 97
3 Hirtes, Jocelyn 40

Buona Notte Pro Am Race
story courtesy David Zabriskie, results FQSC
Montréal - 31 août 1999/August 31st 1999

Held in the busy and trendy St. Laurent district of Montreal.

In attendance were Brian Walton (Saturn), Yannick Cojan, Gord Fraser (Mercury), Dominic Perras (Nutrafig), Sylvain Beauchamps (Degree Radio Energie), Eric Wohlberg (Shaklee), Czeslaw Lukascewicz and numerous senior 1 riders. Buona Notte is an anual race with $3,000 in cash to be won.

Estimated crowd was 10,000 to watch the riders maneuver the 40km, 45 lap 800 metre course that consisted of 8 corners, that narrowed in some places to no more than 3 metres.

At the 9 lap mark, Lukascewicz was in the lead with Eric Lyman (Espoirs de Laval-Naya), Sylvain Beauchamps (Degree Radio Energie) hot on his heels. By lap 10 Gord Fraser too the lead and never relenquished it. By the end of the race Fraser had build a 1 minute gap and had lapped the main field. Alexandre Cloutier (Degree Radio Energie) chased Fraser hard during the final laps only to be caught in the final sprint by Dominic Perras.

Notes: Lukascewicz was DNF, John Malois DNS, Cojan flatted and David Zabriskie wanted to race, but knew he would not last 2 laps.

Seen on the sidelines: Steve Rover and Lyn Bessette enjoying the racing with the very enthusiastic crowd.

Many riders are in town preparing for the start of the Trans Canada Tour on Friday in Québec City.

1Gord FraserMercury59.10
2Dominic PerrasNutrafig1.01.09
3Brian WaltonSaturnst
4Alexandre CloutierDegree Radio Energiest
5Sylvain BeauchampsDegree Radio Energiest
6Mathieu FagnanD'Italiano-Les Ailes de la modest
7Charles DionneDegree Radio Energiest
8Daniel BelisleD'Italiano-Les Ailes de la modest
9Alexandre LavalléeEspoirs de Laval-Nayast
10Eric LymanEspoirs de Laval-Nayast
11Eric WohlbergShakleest
12Samuel ThibodeauDegree Radio Energiest
13Alexandre BernardEspoirs de Laval-Nayast
14François ParisienSaeco-VB Cycle1 lap
15Bruno LangloisEspoirs de Laval-Naya1 lap
16Jason CheneyKingsworth Int.1 lap
17Jean-Sébastien BernierSte-Foy Québec Métro1 lap
18Martin St-LaurentDegree Radio Energie1 lap
19Glen RendallScary Fast1 lap
20Michel Nepveuind.1 lap
21Didier LegallNewbury Cycling1 lap
22Sébastien MoquinD'Italiano-Les Ailes de la mode1 lap
et 13 abandons/ & 13 D.N.F.
1André VigerMontréal20.13
2Serge BeaudinLaprairie21.00
3Alain PatenaudeSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu22.07
4Sébastien BeaudoinMontréal22.09
5Daniel DecanSaint-Jérôme24.29
6Christian BergeronLorraine24.57
7Denis GrenierSherbrooke26.03
8Nelson MichaudLaval26.05
9Brigitte GirardSherbrooke28.01
10Serge RaymondSherbrooke28.25
11David GaucherMontréal29.09
12Patrice MongerMontréal31.08


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