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May 30/10 11:23 am - Hardwood Hill Canada Cup - UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/10

A beautiful sunny warm summer day at Hardwood Hills.  Currently 25 C


The Elites are just about to start, with the Elite men going out first for 5 laps (45 km).  Elite Women will start 3 min later and will go for 4 laps (36 km).  Junior Expert men will start 3 min behind the Elite women and will go for 4 laps (36 km).  Junior Expert women take the final start and will race 3 laps (27 km)


Happy Birthday to Andrew Watson, who is celebrating today.


Matt Hadley (Xpresso-Borsao) said that this year's course  is tighter and narrower than previous years.  This means less opportunity for passing and potential of more crashes.  The hot dry weather recently has left the course surface very loose, again increasing the potential for crashes.


Lap 1



On Boneshaker

Elite Men

Mike Garrigan (Jet Power) was leading Derek Zandstra (#Rox Racing), Raphael Gagne (Masxxis Rocky) and Stefan Widmer (Rocky Mountain factory) and then a long line of riders


Elite Women

Mical Dyck (Trek Canada) was leading Emily Batty (Trek World Racing), 3rd was Amanda Sin (3Rox Racing), 4th Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Racing), then a gap to 5th Cindy Montambault (CVM Val David) and 6th Sandra Walter (Local Racing)


Junior Men

The Junior men have caught the Elite women and the JM leader is Antoine Caron (Quebec), followed by Jeremy Martin, Dan Hope


Junior Women

Kristina Laforge (Quebec) is leading  the Jr Women



Lap 2


As they start out for the 2nd lap


Junior Men


Antoine Caron leading Mitch Baily, Breton Mathews , Etienne Moreau, Dan Varga, Dan Hope, TJ Boucher, Preston Wagler. as they cross the line


Down boneshaker it is:  Mitch baily leading Leandre Bouchard.  Then ~ 20 sec to Caron and Evan McNeely


Elite Women


Mical Dyck, Emily Batty and Amanda Sin all together in the lead as they start Lap 2


Down boneshaker it is Sin, with batty and Dyck on her wheel.  The a very large gap to McKirdy, Montembault and then Walter


Junior Women


Kristina Laforge leading with Laura Beitola in 2nd


On boneshaker it is  Laforge leading Beitola by over 1 min


Elite Men


Down boneshaker it is Derek Zandstra leading with Raph Gagne and Andrew Watson .  A small gap and it is Stef Widmer in 4th


Lap 3


Elite Men

As the Elite men head out to start the 3rd lap the 3 leaders are  :  Gagne, Zandstra and Watson still together.  Stef Widmer chasing alone at ~ 30 sec, with Eric Batty, Adam Morka and Peter Glassford at ~ 45 sec


Elite Women

Starting their 3rd:  Amanda Sin leading Emily Batty and Mical Dyck.  at 1:30 down is Jean Ann McKirdy, at 2:30 Montembault, at 3min Catherine Vipond


At the top of boneshaker

Amanda Sin has attacked and only Batty has been able to match.  Dyck now alone in 3rd



Junior Men

On boneshaker  3rd: Bailly leading Bochard.  at 40 sec it is McNeely and Caron




Junior Women

Kristina Laforge leading Bietola by 1:38, then  Lauren Rosser in 3rd and Valeri Meunier 4th



Lap 4


Elite Men

At the end of the 3rd lap:  Zandstra leading Gagne, folowed by Watson


At 1 min is a chase group of 4: Adam Morka, Eric Batty, Stef Widmer, Peter Glassford,

Next chasers at then at 1:33 Marty Lazarski and Mike Garrigan.


At 2:30 are Kris Snedon abd Dan Sessford


1:01 pm  Zandstra staring to attack forcing Gagne and Watson to chase


The chase group is beginning to disintigrate as the hard chase continues


In the U23 men:  Cody Canning is the top rider with Evan Guthrie cahsing and beginning to close the gap


Elite Women will finish on lap 4






Junior Women

1 Kristina Laforge (Quebec)

2 Laura Bietola (3Rox racing)

3 Lauren Rosser (Cycling BC)

4 Valerie Meunier (Quebec)

5 Cayley Brooks (Hardwood/Trek)

6 A Lanthier Nadeau (Quebec0

7 Samantha Wagler (Two Wheel Express)

8 Caeli Barron (Synergy Racing)

9 Hayley Smith (

10 Stacey Forbes( CoachChris)


Junior Men

1 Mitch Baily (Jetpower)

2. Evan McNeely ( EMD Serono) at 1:20

3 Leandre Bouchard (Quebec), 2:11

4 Antoine Caron (Quebec)

5 Jeremy Martin (Quebec)

6 Bretton Mathews (Jetpower)

7 Etienne Moreau (Hardwood/ Trek)

8 Daniel Varga (Jetpower)

9 Steven Noble (Jetpower)

10 Felix Wilberg (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)


Elite Women

1 Emily Batty (Trek World Racing)

2 Mical Dyck (Trek Canada) at 1:12

3 Amanda Sin (3Rox Racing), 1:45

4 Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Racing)

5 Catherine Vipond (Norco)

6 Cindy Montembault (CVM Val David)


Elite Men

1 Derek Zandstra (3Rox Racing)

2 Raphael Gagne (Maxxis/Rocky) at 0:25

3 Andrew Watson (Norco), 1:02

4 Adam Morka (Trek Canada), 2:02

5 Peter Glassford (Trek Canada), 2:12

6 Stefan Widmer (Rocky)

7 Eric Batty (Trek Canada)






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