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June 2/10 21:22 pm - Mt Hood Classic: Prologue results

Posted by Editoress on 06/2/10

2009 winner Paul Mach (Bissell Pro Cycling) won the opening stage of the 2010 Cycling Classic in Portland Oregon


Prologue (June 1st): Portland Raceway ITT, 3.06 km
1 Paul Mach (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling 7:11.852
2 Morgan Schmitt (USA) UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis at 0:02
3 Ryan Parnes (USA) Yahoo! Cycling Team 0:05
4 Roman Kilun (USA) UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis 0:07
5 Chris Baldwin (USA) UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis s.t.
6 Michael Creed (USA) Team Type 1 0:08
7 Nathaniel English (USA) Echelon Gran Fondo/Z-Team 0:09
8 Sam Johnson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling s.t.
9 Marc Demaar (USA) UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis 0:10
10 Rob Britton (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling 0:11
11 Mike Olheiser (USA) 0:13
12 Jonathan Patrick McCarty (USA) Matrix/Richardson Bike Mart 0:14
13 Mike Northey (NZl) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG s.t.
14 Ben Chaddock (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG 0:15
15 Jamie Sparling (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team 0:17
16 Jesse Moore (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 0:18
17 Adam Switters (USA) Yahoo! Cycling Team
18 Kevin Rowe (USA) Team Exergy
19 Evan Huffman (USA) Yahoo! Cycling Team
20 Taylor Gunman (NZl) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG all s.t.
21 Tyler Dibble (USA) Yahoo! Cycling Team 0:19
22 Chris McNiel (Can) Team H&R Block s.t.
23 Taylor Kneuven (USA) 0:20
24 Eric Barlevav (USA) UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis
25 Nic Hamilton (Can) Trek Red Truck
26 William O'Donnell (USA) Westwood Cycle/Trade Manage Capital
27 Michael Mathis (USA) AXA Equitable/CRCA all s.t.
28 Shane Buysse (USA) Ind 0:21
29 Cyrus Kangarloo (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team
30 Jason Allen (NZl) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG both s.t.
31 Carl Decker (USA) Giant 0:22
32 Gabe Varela (USA) Vertical Earth s.t.
33 Max Jenkins (USA) UnitedHealthcare p/b Maxxis 0:23
34 Kai Applequist (USA) Team Exergy
35 Aaron Schooler (Can) Team H&R Block
36 Brian Hitchcock (USA) Garage Racing
37 Alister Ratcliff (USA)
38 David Glick (USA) RideClean p/b all s.t.
39 Chris Stastny (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 0:24
40 Justin Kerr (NZl) Team H&R Block
41 Christopher Parrish (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling
42 Jonathan Garcia (USA) Team Rio Grande
43 Andrew Goessling (USA) ALA Cycling p/b Lombardi Sports
44 Joshua Liberles (USA) Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing all s.t.
45 Bradley Gehrig (USA) Barbacoa - Mi Duole 0:25
46 Brian Williams (USA) Northern Rockies Orthopaedic
47 Quinn Keogh (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG both s.t.
48 Brandon Lynch (USA) Team Exergy 0:26
49 James Williamson (USA) Bike Religion
50 Ben Rathkamp (USA) Fanatik Bike Co.
51 Josh Bartlett (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG
52 Roman Van Uden (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG all s.t.
53 Phil Elsasser (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling 0:27
54 Sean Passage (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling
55 Frank Marrs (USA) Davis Bike Club both s.t.
56 Andrew Boone (USA) Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles 0:28
57 Kennett Peterson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling 0:28
58 James Mattis (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized both s.t.
59 Garrett McLeod (Can) Team H&R Block 0:29
60 Marcel Aarden (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team
61 Jesse Miller-Smith (USA) Cyclepaths Wild Cherries both s.t.
62 Spencer Paxson (USA) Team S&M Young Guns 0:30
63 Vincent Owens (USA) Yahoo! Cycling Team
64 Evan Hyde (USA) Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team
65 Jason Thompson (Can) Garneau Evolution
66 Brad Bingham (USA) Team Rio Grande all s.t.
67 Mike Sohm (USA) Canyon Bicycles-Draper 0:31
68 Ian Gray (USA) Team Rio Grande 0:32
69 Daniel Bechtold (USA) Team 0:33
70 Adam Wisseman (USA) Tessier Bike 0:34
71 Remi Mcmanus (USA) Team Exergy 0:35
72 Marsh Cooper (Can) Kelly Benefits
73 Philip Mooney (USA) Yahoo! Cycling Team both s.t.
74 Craig Debellefeuille (Can) Cyclemeisters 0:36
75 Ian Holt (USA) Team Rio Grande
76 Jared Gilyard (USA) RideClean p/b
77 Brandon Dyer (USA) Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles
78 Marcel Delisser (USA) Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing
79 Shawn Ongers (USA) Lenovo/HB
80 John Bennett (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized all s.t.
81 Brandon Trafton (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 0:37
82 Chris Aten (USA) Bicycle Haus Racing
83 Gardie Jackson (USA) Cole Sport
84 Benjamin D'Hulst (USA) Barbacoa - Mi Duole all 0:37
85 David Williams (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling 0:38
86 Orion Berryman (USA) Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing 0:39
87 Dustin Eskelson (USA) Barbacoa - Mi Duole 0:40
88 David Talbott (USA)
89 Chris Winn (USA) Team Rio Grande both s.t.
90 Sebastian Salas UCI Team H&R Block 0:41
91 Eric Fischer (USA) Team Clif Bar s.t.
92 Dan Macdonald (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team s.t.
93 Ken Gallardo (USA) Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro 0:42
94 Scott Gray (USA) Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles 0:43
95 Austin Allison (USA) Dogfish Racing
96 Dylan Jones (USA) Team WM/Hammer Nutrition
97 Christopher McGarity (Can) Garneau Evolution
98 Elijah Romer (USA) Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing all s.t.
99 Trevor Connor (Can) Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles 0:44
100 Shannon Morgan (USA)
101 Dustin Andrews (Can) Team H&R Block both s.t.
102 Sid Taberlary (Aus) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 0:45
103 Allen Krughoff (USA) Team Rio Grande
104 Marshall Opel (USA) Waste Management/Hammer Nutrition
105 Brendan Treacy (USA)
106 Conor Mullervy (USA) Team Exergy all s.t.
107 Nate Freed (USA) Team Clif Bar 0:47
108 Nic Andrichuck (Can) Cyclemeisters s.t.
109 Julian Martinez (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 0:48
110 Chris Turner (USA) Los Gatos
111 Zane Westerbeek (Can) Cyclemeisters both s.t.
112 Ryan Trebon (USA) RideClean/Kona 0:49
113 Nathan Macdonald (Can) Trek Red Truck
114 Adam Edgerton (USA) Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing
115 Ryan Brown (USA) Chinook Cycling Club, Tri-Cities all s.t.
116 Ariel Herrmann (USA) Metromint Cycling 0:50
117 Tyler Stearns (USA) Castelli USA
118 Travis McCabe (USA) RideClean p/b
119 Christopher Hong (USA) Team Exergy all s.t.
120 Alexander Blease (USA) Chico Corsa Cycling Club 0:52
121 John Sindell (USA) Garage Racing 0:53
122 Patrick Marzullo (USA) Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing 0:54
123 Austin Arguello (USA) Team Exergy
124 Lang Reynolds (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling both s.t.
125 Tyler Brandt (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 0:55
126 Peter Vraniak (USA) 0:56
127 Alan Adams (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling
128 Colby Elliot (USA) Bike Religion
129 Shawn Daly (USA) Southwest Hand all s.t.
130 Todd Hageman (USA) Cole Sport 0:57
131 Kevin Mullervy (USA) Team Exergy 0:58
132 Will Niemann-Ross (USA) Life Cycle Bike Shop 0:59
133 Tyler Trace (Can) Trek Red Truck s.t.
134 Chris Swan (USA) Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing 1:01
135 Adam Thuss (Can) Trek Red Truck s.t.
136 Seth Patla (USA) River City Bicycles 1:02
137 Mitchell Peterson (USA) Cole Sport 1:03
138 Matthew O'Hagan (Can) Garneau Evolution 1:05
139 Ethan Stehley (USA) SLOCUM/Rebound
140 Alan Schmitz (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling both s.t.
141 Joe Baum (USA) 1:06
142 Michael Jasinski (USA) Chico Corsa Cycling Club 1:09
143 Bill Demong (USA) Cole Sport 1:10
144 Luke Pennington (USA) s.t.
145 Dan Skinner (Can) Trek Red Truck 1:11
146 Cory Domingues (Can) Trek Red Truck 1:14
147 Wm. Colter Young (Can) ERTC s.t.
148 Mac Garvin (Can) Cyclemeisters 1:16
149 Jordan Humble (USA) Krystal Elite 1:19
150 Ryan Iddings (USA) Lenovo/HB 1:26
151 Matt Bell (Can) Trek Red Truck s.t.
152 Tyler Riedesel (USA) Canyon Bicycles-Draper 1:36
153 Travis Sherman (USA) 1:45
154 Coulton Hartrich (USA) Santo-MegaCycle 1:49
DNS Sid Taberlay (Aus)
DNS Lucas Binder (USA) Echelon Gran Fondo/Z-Team
DNS Shawn Rosenthal (USA) Echelon Gran Fondo/Z-Team
DNS Dylan Sebel (Can) Coastal
DNS Connor Spencer (USA) Metromint
DNS Kyle Valenta (USA) Scotts Cycles
DNS Burke Swindlehurst (USA) Team Give



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