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June 7/10 0:12 am - Nations Cup-Ville de Saguenay - Stage 4 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 06/7/10

Luka Mezgec Wins Ville de Saguenay

Playing the classical yellow jersey defence strategy to perfection, the Slovenian National Team managed to protect Luka Mezgec's lead to win the overall title of the 2010 Coupe des Nations-Ville de Saguenay. 21 years old Mezgec could not thank his teammates enough: "They were brilliant, really. They were so strong, always riding at a high steady rhythm and slowly catching all the attackers, I think every single one of them could have won this race. I was never worried or isolated for the whole stage, and all I had to do was to follow a few attacks from second and third overall, Colombian Camilo Andres Suarez and American Ben King. This win is as much my teammates as mine".



Arnaud Demare wins


A group of approximately 30 riders came to the finish line together in downtown Chicoutimi and, after LeBon's win yesterday, it was another Frenchman who took the honours, Arnaud Demare. Germans Marcel Meisen and Phillip Ries came in second and third for the stage.

Canadian Arnaud Papillon came in 12th on the day but, more importantly, he finished fifth overall, a slim 15 seconds down on Mezgec. "Obviously when you are so close to the lead you are aiming at winning, but I happy with my race. More so, it is good for me to show that I have the level to be very competitive at this level," said the 21 year old Papillon.

David Boily was again on the attack today, pulling a solo move with 30 kilometres to go for about 10 kilometres, and he managed to hold on to his lead to win the King of the Mountain competition.




Canadian National Team director Vincent Jourdain was happy with his team efforts. "With Arnaud Papillon fifth place overall, David Boily best climber jersey and Hugo Houle third position on stage 1, it's been an excellent week. More so, I am very satisfied with the way the team behaved as a unit, working well together. I think we have a good depth of talent in this category right now".

This concluded the third edition of the race. With the popular and sporting success of the event, it will no doubt be back and keep growing next year. The third edition of UCI Nations Cup-Ville de Saguenay (Quebec, Canada) was the sixth of seven races , part of the UCI Nations Cup for the world's best male riders aged 19 to 22 years old. It is the only event of this series outside Europe.


Stage 4: Chicoutimi RR, 128.4 km
1 Arnaud Demare (Fra) France 3:04:16
2 Marcel Meisen (Ger) Germany
3 Philipp Ries (Ger) Germany
4 Gavin Mannion (USA) USA
5 Arnaud Courteille (Fra) France
6 Youheni Patenko (Blr) UCI Mixed Team
7 Nikita Umerbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
8 Geoffrey Soupe (Fra) France
9 Armindo Fonseca (Fra) France
10 Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark
11 Joël Zangerle (Lux) Luxembourg
12 Arnaud Papillon (Can) Canada B
13 Nairo Alexander Quintana (Col) Colombia
14 Ki Ho Choi (HKg) UCI Mixed Team
15 Blaz Furdi (Slo) Slovenia
16 Gabor Kasa (Srb) UCI Mixed Team
17 Luka Mezgec (Slo) Slovenia
18 Vladislav Gorbunov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
19 Benjamin King (USA) USA
20 Carson Miller (USA) USA
21 Arman Kamyshev (Kaz) Kazakhstan
22 Marek Canecky (Svk) UCI Mixed Team
23 Camilo Andres Suarez (Col) Colombia
24 Johan Chaves (Col) Colombia all s.t.
25 Jhon Darwin Atapuma (Col) Colombia 0:04
26 Jarlinson Pantano (Col) Colombia
27 Hugo Sebastian Salazar (Col) Colombia
28 Yevgeniy Pelyaikin (Kaz) Kazakhstan all s.t.
29 Johan Lebon (Fra) France 0:09
30 Andi Bajc (Slo) Slovenia 0:18
31 Sebastian Lander (Den) Denmark 0:40
32 David Boily (Can) Canada A
33 Hugo Houle (Can) Canada B both s.t.
34 Fabian Danner (Ger) Germany 0:54
35 Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eri) UCI Mixed Team
36 Mathieu Desniou (Fra) France
37 Mike Willam (Ger) Germany
38 Tom Thill (Lux ) Luxembourg all s.t.
39 Marcus Christie (Irl) Ireland 1:01
40 Matteo Dal-Cin (Can) Canada B
41 Daniil Fominykh (Kaz) Kazakhstan both s.t.
42 Cole House (USA) USA 1:08
43 Keir Plaice (Can) Canada A 1:11
44 Pierrick Naud (Can) Canada B
45 Nicki Rasmussen (Den) Denmark both s.t.
46 Jan Tratnik (Slo) Slovenia 1:18
47 Ricky Jørgensen (Den) Denmark 2:30
48 Mads Meyer (Den) Denmark
49 Yannick Meyer (Ger) Germany both s.t.
50 Spencer Smitheman (Can) Canada A 6:12
51 Jamie Riggs (Can) Canada A
52 Tom Schanen (Lux) Luxembourg
53 Ivo Lux (Lux) Luxembourg
54 Pelle Clapp (Den) Denmark
55 Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can) Canada B
56 Sascha Weber (Ger) Germany all s.t.
57 Ramon Carretero (Pan) Panama 10:34
58 Jorge Castillo (Pan) Panama 10:36
DNF Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
DNF Michael Joanisse (Can) Canada A
DNF Corey Farrell (USA) USA
DNF Blaz Jarc (Slo) Slovenia
Final GC
1 Luka Mezgec (Slo) Slovenia 13:24:20
2 Camilo Andres Suarez (Col) Colombia at 0:11
3 Benjamin King (USA) USA 0:13
4 Arnaud Courteille (Fra) France 0:15
5 Arnaud Papillon (Can) Canada B s.t.
6 Christopher Juul-Jensen (Den) Denmark 0:17
7 Ki Ho Choi (HKg) UCI Mixed Team 0:29
8 Arman Kamyshev (Kaz) Kazakhstan 0:33
9 Marek Canecky (Svk) UCI Mixed Team 0:38
10 Carson Miller (USA) USA 0:51
11 Geoffrey Soupe (Fra) France 1:06
12 Jarlinson Pantano (Col) Colombia 1:14
13 Nairo Alexander Quintana (Col) Colombia 1:30
14 Gabor Kasa (Srb) UCI Mixed Team s.t.
15 Blaz Furdi (Slo) Slovenia 1:39
16 Johan Chaves (Col) Colombia 1:46
17 Hugo Sebastian Salazar (Col) Colombia 3:25
18 Yevgeniy Pelyaikin (Kaz) Kazakhstan 3:29
19 David Boily (Can) Canada A 4:10
20 Mathieu Desniou (Fra) France 4:39
21 Joël Zangerle (Lux) Luxembourg 5:58
22 Ricky Jørgensen (Den) Denmark 6:04
23 Andi Bajc (Slo) Slovenia 6:06
24 Daniil Fominykh (Kaz) Kazakhstan 7:07
25 Hugo Houle (Can) Canada B 7:12
26 Pierrick Naud (Can) Canada B 7:17
27 Mads Meyer (Den) Denmark 8:46
28 Nicki Rasmussen (Den) Denmark 10:18
29 Matteo Dal-Cin (Can) Canada B 11:08
30 Keir Plaice (Can) Canada A 11:13
31 Marcus Christie (Irl) Ireland 13:10
32 Johan Lebon (Fra) France 14:29
33 Marcel Meisen (Ger) Germany 14:41
34 Arnaud Demare (Fra) France 14:53
35 Nikita Umerbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan s.t.
36 Jhon Darwin Atapuma (Col) Colombia 15:00
37 Gavin Mannion (USA) USA 15:20
38 Vladislav Gorbunov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 15:28
39 Sebastian Lander (Den) Denmark 15:58
40 Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eri) UCI Mixed Team 16:20
41 Tom Thill (Lux ) Luxembourg 16:22
42 Cole House (USA) USA 17:18
43 Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can) Canada B 18:07
44 Sascha Weber (Ger) Germany s.t.
45 Youheni Patenko (Blr) UCI Mixed Team 18:38
46 Jan Tratnik (Slo) Slovenia 19:32
47 Philipp Ries (Ger) Germany 21:07
48 Pelle Clapp (Den) Denmark 21:32
49 Spencer Smitheman (Can) Canada A 22:09
50 Yannick Meyer (Ger) Germany 23:47
51 Ramon Carretero (Pan) Panama 24:40
52 Armindo Fonseca (Fra) France 28:53
53 Fabian Danner (Ger) Germany 31:42
54 Mike Willam (Ger) Germany 34:13
55 Jamie Riggs (Can) Canada A 36:00
56 Ivo Lux (Lux) Luxembourg 37:00
57 Tom Schanen (Lux) Luxembourg 39:35
58 Jorge Castillo (Pan) Panama 40:28



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