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June 7/10 13:12 pm - Grande Visite Gatineau: Teams and Riders list

Posted by Editoress on 06/7/10

The Grande Visite 2010 in Gatineau, Quebec has published the start lists for the time trial (men and women) and road race (women) that will take place this weekend. Both events boast strong fields, with the time trial in particular likely to see a battle among the women. Riders such as Canadian national champion Tara Whitten (Specialized Mazda Samson G Conseil), former champion Anne Samplonius (Eat-Clean Diet) and 2008 world champion Amber Neben (Webcor Builders) make this a world class field.


Team Canada
Adriane Provost (Can) RR
Denise Ramsden (Can) RR, TT
Laura Brown (Can) TT
Leah Kirchman (Can) RR
Alison Testroete (Can) RR, TT
Leah Guloien (Can) RR
Julie Beveridge TT
Team Manager – Denise Kelly

Team Quebec
Emilie Roy (Can) R
Johanne Cyr (Can) RR
Valerie Crete (Can) RR
Miriam Gaudreault (Can) RR
Evelyn Gagnon (Can) RR

Team Manager - Pascal Choquette


Stevens p/b the Cyclery
Leigh Bianco (Can) RR
Julia Bradley (Can) RR
Sarah Coney (Can) RR
Rachel O'Reilly (Can) RR
Sophie Matte (Can) RR
Michelle Paiement (Can) RR
Tricia K Spooner (Can) TT
Sue Schlatter (Can) TT
Annick Dufour (Can) TT
Team Manager – Nicolas Vipond

7th Groove/Reform Body Clinic
Allison Lampi (Can) RR,TT
Julia Farell (Can) RR,TT
Paula Powell (Can) RR,TT
Emma Peterson (NZl) RR
Jennifer Stephenson (Can) RR
Michelle Gauthier (Can) RR
Team Manager – Samantha Warskett

Specialized Mazda Samson G Conseil
Jenny Trew (Can) RR,TT
Moriah MacGregor (Can) RR, TT
Ariane Larocque- Patenaude (Can) RR
Mary Zider (Can) RR
Valerie Crete (Can) RR
Kyla Rollinson (Can) RR
Tara Whitten TT
Team Manager – Chris Reid

Nanoblur Gears
Veronique Labonte (Can) RR,TT
Anne Guzman (Can) RR,TT
Krysta Jeffs (Can) RR,TT
Joanie Caron (Can) RR
Leigh Hobson (Can) RR
Audrey Lemieux (Can) RR
Team Manager – Malcolm Eade

Equipe Cascades
Virginie Gauthier (Can) RR,TT
Vironique Bilodeau (Can) RR,TT
Lex Albrecht (Can) RR,TT
Genevieve Gagnon (Can) RR

Eat-Clean Diet Women's Cycling Team
Anne Samplonius (Can) RR, TT
Cynthia Wilson (Can) RR, TT
Kathryn Bertine (SKN) RR, TT
Leigh Hargrove (Can) RR, TT
Krista Ruby (Can) RR, TT
Team Manager - Petrina Tulissa

TIBCO Pro Cycling Team
Ruth Corset (Aus) RR, TT
Alison Starnes (USA) RR, TT
Jo Kiesanowski (NZl) RR
Rebecca Much (USA ) RR, TT
Megan Guarnier (USA) RR
Team Manager – Linda Jackson

Evelyn Stevens (USA) RR, TT
Linda Villumsen (NZl) RR, TT
Emilia Fahlin (Swe) RR, TT
Kim Anderson (USA) RR
Chloe Hosking (Aus) RR
Team Manager – Rene Wenzel

Webcor Builders Cycling Team
Katheryn Mattis (USA) RR, TT
Erinne Willock (Can) RR, TT
Andrea Graus (Aut) RR
Joelle Numainville (Can) RR
Amber Neben (USA) RR, TT
Team Manager – Karen Brems

Australian National Team
Kirsty Brouin (Aus) RR
Alexandra Carle (Aus) RR, TT
Bromwyn Ryan (Aus) RR, TT
Jessie Maclean (Aus) RR
Johanne Hogan (Aus) RR, TT
Team Manager – Gary Ryan

Colavita Baci Pro Cycling Team
ushlee Buchanan (NZl) RR
Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Ltu) RR
Heather Logan-Sprenger (Can) RR, TT
Carmen Small (USA) RR, TT
Jessica Phillips (USA) RR, TT
Kelly Benjamin (USA) RR
Team Manager – Rachel Heal

BMW – Bianchi
Rachel Warner (USA) RR, TT
Kathleen Billington (USA) RR, TT
Cinthia Lehner (USA) RR, TT
Clair Michel (Can) RR
Team Manager – Emory Ball

Hitec Products UCK – Norway
Maria Grandt Petersen (Den) RR, TT
Martine Amundsen (Nor) RR, TT
Jacqueline Hahn (Aut) RR, TT
Isabelle Soderberg (Swe) RR

Men (ITT only)

Garneau - Club-Chaussures
Jean Sebastien Perron (Can)
Derrick St John (Can)
Jamie Riggs (Can)
Aurélien Passeron (Fra)
Shaun McCarthy (Aus)
James Langedyk (Aus)
Team Manager – Christian Leduc

Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
Francois Parisien (Can)
Ryan Roth (Can)
Andrew Randell (Can)
David Boily (Can)

UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis
Marc Demaar (Ned)
Morgan Schmitt (USA)
Team Manager – Gord Fraser

Ride with Rendall
Aaron Fillion (Can)
Michael Nash (Can)
Casey Roth (Can)
Glen Rendall (Can)
Greg Reain (Can)
Team Manager – Jason Cheney

Warren McDonald (Can)
Doug Vandenham (Can)
Team Manager – Marc Lapointe

Jelly Belly Pro Cycling
Will Routley (Can)
Team Manager – Sheri Jay

St Kitts Cycling Federation
Douglas Reginald (SKN)
James Weekes (SKN)

Lebanese Cycling Federation
Imad El Gazel (Lib)

UWTC de Volharding -Ned
Keir Plaice (Can)

Scott Racing
Shaun Adamson (Can)
Shaun Clarke (Can)
Luc Mahler (Can)
Michaeil Woods
Team Manager – Marc Boudreau

EURO Sport Foodery
Jason Hanrahan (Can)
Justin Kitney (Can)
Team Manager – Michael Bennett

Fly V Australia
Charles Dionne (Can)
Benjamin Day (USA)

Rocky Mountain CIBC
Matteo Dal Cin (Can)
Team Manager – Carlo Dal Cin

Team Quebec
Antoine Duchesne (Can)

Mazur/Wheels of Bloor
Charles Bryer (Can)


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