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June 9/10 10:23 am - NorthShore Bikefest DH Smackdown

Posted by Editoress on 06/9/10

It was another successful weekend for Cycling BC Downhill riders.

Dave Mackie's photo gallery

Sunday, June 6th on the Vancouver N. Shore. The organization offered the chance for some young team members to take part in a pre-race camp with Mad March Racing and Cycling BC Coaches Chad Hendren and Mark Bunyan. Many riders found this was of benefit to them and it certainly told in the results. They were excited to be on the receiving end of tips from two time World Masters' Champion, Shaums March.

In the U17 category, riders who have been assisted by Cycling BC took six of the top ten spots, with Jordan Gosteli of Squamish taking first, Brennan Walstrom of Vancouver second, and Harrison Duxbury-Sleep of Sechelt in third.

In Junior Men, Cycling BC rider Tyler Allison of Whistler crashed, but still claimed second, Cam Porteous of Vancouver took third, while other riders placed fourth, fifth and seventh.

In Elite women Rebecca McQueen of Whistler placed third.

The Junior Women are turning out to be a force to be reckoned with, as 14 year old Holly Feniak of the Sunshine Coast posted the fastest time of the day, while Lauren Rosser of Squamish was disappointed in her second place finish after a bad crash on the way to the finish line. Kelsey Begg of Langley rounded out the Junior women in third position.

Elite Women
1 Celina Moore (BC) Cycle Component Network 3:18.73
2 Kari Mancer (BC) Ind 3:22.24
3 Rebecca Mcqueen (BC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles 3:23.30
4 Kjersten Lone (BC) Pro City Racing 3:26.19
5 Kirsten Smart (BC) Cove Bikes 3:26.91
6 Hill Jaime (BC) CycleComponentNetwork. 3:38.92
7 Dawn Cashen (BC) Ind 3:39.18
8 Jennifer Mcmillan (BC) 3:47.78
9 Kristen Courtney (BC) Ind 3:51.02
10 Alexis Moore (BC) Ind 3:57.03
11 Nickey James (BC) Ind 3:59.84
Junior Men
1 Nick Grimm (BC) Bryson racing clan 2:46.83
2 Tyler Allison (BC) Team BC 2:47.13
3 Cameron Porteous (BC) Dunbar Cycles 2:49.13
4 Alex Currie (BC) Pinkbike/Devinci 2:49.39
5 Justin Dale (BC) Dunbar Cycles 2:50.96
6 Linden Feniak (BC) Cove Bikes / Sunshine Coast 2:54.26
7 Riley Suhan (BC) 2:55.93
8 Taylor Smith (BC) Cycle Component Network 3:03.06
9 Peter Muri (BC) Union Cycle 3:04.53
10 Thomas Zonneveld (BC) No Hype/Troylee/Raceface/Schwa 3:04.95
11 Jake Glennie (BC) Ind 3:10.33
12 Nicholas Le Mare (BC) Ind 3:12.75
13 Aaron Coombs (BC) Ind 3:15.66
14 Jarred Martin (BC) Full Boar Bike Store 3:15.71
15 Joe Esnouf (BC) Marty's Mountain Cycle / Faultlin 3:15.79
16 Jay Boysen (BC) Ind 3:16.77
17 Rylan Carnegie (BC) Larry's Cycle 3:18.02
18 Kurtis De Marco (BC) Maple Ridge Cycle 3:19.37
19 Cam Hilts (BC) 3:19.95
20 Kyler Showers (BC) Ind 3:20.29
21 Trevor Thew (BC) Pro City Racing 3:23.02
22 Jordan Timmer (BC) Maple Ridge Cycle 3:26.04
23 Luke Lorenz (BC) Ind 3:27.14
24 Colton Davies (BC) Pro City Racing 3:27.53
25 Cody Leek (BC) Ind 3:30.07
26 Liam Leylant (BC) Experience Cycling 3:30.77
27 Daniel Manuel (BC) Ind 3:32.27
28 Kyle Stojke (BC) Ind 3:33.02
29 Brent Bogaert (BC) Ind 3:33.25
30 Patrick Clarke (AB) MCL Racing 3:37.52
31 Mitchel Swanson (BC) Ind 3:39.19
32 David Potter (BC) Ind 3:46.33
33 Cole Mintz (BC) FullBoar Bike Store 7:17.16
DNS Dexter Robson (BC) Experience Cycling
DNS Carson Jordon (BC) Mad March Racing
DNS Liam Gibb (BC) Ind
Elite Men
1 Ewan Fafard (BC) Ind 2:42.22
2 Dan Skogland (BC) Cove Bikes 2:42.59
3 Adriano Digiacinto (BC) bryson racing clan 2:44.96
4 Jean Sebastain Therrien (BC) Ind 2:46.64
5 Thomas Vanderham (BC) Evil 2:46.66
6 Robert Venables (BC) Dunbar Cycles 2:48.18
7 Tyler Gorz (BC) Pink Bike, CBR 2:48.28
8 Tim Coleman (BC) John Henry Bike Shop 2:48.33
9 Jeffery Bryson (BC) 2:48.47
10 Kyle Marshal (BC) Evil Bikes/Nema/Kali/Straitline 2:49.50
11 Lear Miller (Az) Ind 2:50.17
12 Kenny Smith (BC) sram/evil/dakine 2:50.45
13 Jeff Beeston (BC) Trail Bicycles - Eatmore Sprouts 2:51.76
14 Kevin Bartkowski (BC) evil bikes 2:52.50
15 Dennis Beare (BC) Ind 2:52.58
16 Rob Stead (BC) John Henry Bikes 2:53.30
17 Ross Measures (BC) Knolly bikes/Sram 2:53.62
18 Ryan Walters (BC) John Henry Bikes 2:56.46
19 Kevin Landry (ON) BANSHEE 2:56.90
20 Tom Power (BC) Ind 2:58.31
21 Stephen Matthews (AB) Calgary Cycle Online 2:58.42
22 Cam Woods (BC) 2:59.48
23 Justin Terwiel (BC) Ind 3:00.35
24 Jeff Hunter (BC) Ind 3:01.68
25 A.J Cleary (BC) Skyride Cycle 3:03.87
26 Tristan Olk (BC) Steed Cycles 3:06.04
27 Cole Carter (BC) DHRacer/Specialized/Nema 3:07.31
28 Roberto Jurk (BC) Ind 3:08.70
29 Brian Serneels (BC) Ind 3:12.78
30 Kyle Mcdonald (BC) Cycle Component Network 3:14.10
31 Bill Macewen (BC) Steed Cycles 3:14.84
DNS Andres Paez (BC) Cycle Component Network
DNS Dean Tennant (BC) Dunbar Cycles/Sombrio
DNS Aaron Dobie (BC) Dunbar Cycles

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