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June 11/10 9:29 am - Blizzard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 06/11/10

Baldonnel ITT, June 10th in Fort St. John, BC

Stephen Ferris did the fastest time of the year, so far, with a 22:17 minute Baldonnel time. Kevin Shaw was second at 25:19 and Les Elliott third at 25:48. Pat Ferris was 4th at 26:00 and Peter King 5th at 26:12.

The course record of 21:06, set by Olav Stana in 1987 is safe for at least another week.

Roger St Jean was 6th  26:29, Gord Harris 26:31, Sandy McDonald 26:55, Richard Wood 27:27 and Jolea Bilodeau 27:39 for the top ten times.

Trevor McDonnell was 11th at 28:37, Sam Keats 28:58, Owen Giebelhaus 29:54, Rob Churchill 30:05, Melanie Chapple 31:31 and Pat Coppens 31:39. Tristen Bourassa had 24:04 for the 8 km.

Thanks to Owen Giebelhaus for timing!

Coming up:
-7 Blizzards are off to Mackenzie for a triathlon on Saturday.
-Sunday is a road race from Wood Corner at 2 PM.

Break the Record Challenge

23 years ago, Olav Stana, the reigning National Time Trial Champion, set the Baldonnel 16 km record time of 21:06 on the Baldonnel road in Fort St. John, BC. Olav set that record without tribars, a disc wheel or any of the aero advantages we today take for granted. The time was set on a regular, circa 1986 7-speed road bike!

There is a $2500 bike prize, from an anonymous donor, to the first person to beat that amazing time.

The 'Catch':

Riders willing to challenge this time must break this record time of 21:06 during a regularly scheduled Thursday night Blizzard time trial as per the club rules and must be a member of this or another CCA affiliated club.

While 'Cat 1's and non Peace Country residents challenging this time must duplicate Olav's non-aero bike to challenge the record, 'Peace Country' challengers (having resided in Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie or Peace River for 3 months or more) are allowed to use the latest UCI legal TT bikes.

Did I mention that our 16 km circuit has a hill in the middle and it is always windy? No Matter.

Do you have the right stuff? Better hurry. Olav Stana will receive a special invitation to ride the circuit on his TT bike and maybe he will reset another record to stand for the next 23 years!


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