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June 18/10 11:20 am - Tour of America’s Dairyland: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 06/18/10

Stage 1: Shorewood Criterium Cycling Classic presented by Tim Hart DDS, Jesse Smith DDS and Jerry Pearce, Rainbow Jersey Bicycles in Shorewood, Wisconsin, on June 17th




Chocolate milk and blue skies kicked off Stage 1 of the Tour of America’s Dairyland presented by Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board on Thursday during the Shorewood Criterium Cycling Classic presented by Tim Hart DDS, Jesse Smith DDS, and Jerry Pearce, Rainbow Jersey Bicycles.

Carrie Cash (Team Vera Bradley) was the most aggressive rider during most of the Women’s Pro 1/2/3 race, which featured tremendous action on the front all day. The field sprinted every prime and chased down every sprint with few significant breakaways. In the end, it came down to an exciting field sprint with Cari Higgins of Boulder, Co. (Peanut Butter & Co/TWENTY12) the first to cross the line, after her recent victory at the Minnesota Fixed Gear Classic. Taking the second step atop the podium, as her follow-up to an impressive showing at the Air Force Cycling Classic, was Sarah Caravella (BMW Bianchi). In third, it was Kacey Manderfield (Cycle Loft).

With a Men’s Pro 1/2 field of 133 riders, from the gun it was a thrilling race marked by high speeds topping 30 mph and massive primes. Kenda Pro Cycling presented by GEARGRINDER was all over the front and animating the race all day. By lap 5, there was a 4-man break, which dropped to three men and a 15-second gap with three laps to go. This field was logged with minimal movement.

On the final lap, it came down to Chad Hartley (Kenda Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDER) and Ryan Freund (Verizon U-25 Cycling Team p/b ABD and Universal Sports). Once Hartley took a look back at the 50-meter mark, Freund, who just started racing in 2008 and almost missed today’s race because of his day job as a civil engineer, launched an attack for the win.

Freund took the top spot, followed by reigning 2009 Tour of America’s Dairyland Overall Champ Hartley, and 2008 U.S. Pro Crit Champion Rahsaan Bahati (Bahati Foundation) taking third, after sneaking out of the field and heading to the line.

Tour of America’s Dairyland resumes on Friday at the Thiensville Fiddleheads Coffee Criterium before heading to Grafton on Saturday for the Giro d’ Grafton, part of the USA Criterium Series. For more info:

The Tour of America’s Dairyland runs from June 17th through 27th and is sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board


Courtesy Tour of America’s Dairyland

Pro 1/2/3 Women
1 Cari Higgins (USA) Peanut Butter & Co/TWENTY 12
2 Sarah Caravella (USA) BMW Bianchi
3 Kacey Manderfield (USA) Cycle Loft
4 Frances Schofield (USA) Z-Motion
5 Kendi Thomas (USA) Kenda Tire
6 Carrie Cash-Wootten (USA) Team Revolution
7 Jacquelyn Crowell (USA) Team Type 1
8 Lenore Pipes (USA) Fruit66/Artemis
9 Tiffany Pezzulo (USA)
10 Elizabeth Morse Hill (USA) ZMotion
11 Holly Mathews (USA) Nova IS Corp
12 Sarah Huang (USA) Nova IS Corp
13 Kori Seehafer (USA) Team Type 1
14 Linda Sone (USA) Flanders Mpls Bicycle Racing C
15 Lauren Robertson (USA) FCS/Metro Volkswagen
16 Kristin Wentworth (USA) Team Kenda
17 Rita Klofta (USA) Pista Elite
18 Elizabeth Lauer (USA) Team Kenda
19 Jenette Williams (USA) Altarum Women's Cycling Team
20 Anne Meyer (USA) Mercy-Specialized
21 Jennifer Perricone (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
22 Janelle Kellman (USA) Dolce Vita
23 Kimberly White (USA) Team Geargrinder
24 Kim Ciolli (USA) FCS/Metro Volkswagen
25 Patti Kaufmann (USA) Planet Bike
26 Rachel Eichers Roessingh (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
28 Michelle Montoya (USA) ThinkCash Racing
30 Kate Ross (USA)
31 Andrea Smessaert (USA) LAPT CC
32 Sydney Brown (USA)
33 Patricia Black (USA) Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
34 Aimee Allen (Can)
35 Whitney Gaggioli (USA) Unattached
36 Mary Magnani (USA) Dolce Vita
37 Melissa missy Erickson (USA) Fort Lewis College
38 Rachel Byus (USA) FCS/Metro Volkswagen
39 Julie Kuliecza (USA) Fruit 66/ Artemis
40 Louise Smyth (USA) FCS/Metro Volkswagen
41 Cathryn Merla-Watson (USA) FCS/Metro Volkswagen
42 Julie Jerue (USA) Nova IS Corp
43 Lindsey Durst (USA) Team Kenda
44 Carrieann Kopernik (USA) Nova Cycle Sports Foundation
45 Christine Riker (USA) Dolce Vita Cycling
46 Camie Kornely (USA) CRCA/Comedy Central-Sids Bikes
47 Kim Jennings (USA) ThinkCash Racing
DNF Pam Loebig (USA) Alderfer Bergen
DNF Dana Vicker (USA) Hampshire Cycle Club
DNF Jessica Helmlinger (USA) Cafe Hollander RDC
DNF Michelle Melka (USA) Dolce Vita Cycling
DNF Morgan Patton (USA) Team Type 1
DNF Genevieve Whitson (USA) MVP Healt Care Cycling
DNF Lindsey Krute (USA) Gear Grinder
DNF Yvonne Schumacher (USA) Nova Cycle Sports Foundation
DNF Nicole Freedman (USA) Unattached
DNF Heidi Stangl (USA) Gear Grinder

Pro 1/2 Men
1 Ryan Freund (USA) Verizon U25 p/b ABD
2 Chad Hartley (USA) KENDA Pro Cycling pres
3 Rahsaan Bahati (USA) Bahati Foundation Pro
4 Andrew Crater (USA) Aero Cycling
5 Marco Aledia (USA) Inferno Racing LLC
6 Clayton Barrows (USA) AXA Equitable Cycling Team
7 Yosvany Falcon (USA) Bahati Foundation Elite Cycling
8 Todd Hancock (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
9 Alan Antonuk (USA) CCSH/RGF Pb Felt Bicycles Elit
10 John Grant (USA) Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P
11 James Williamson (USA) Bike Religion
12 Cole House (USA) BMC Racing Team-USAC
13 Mike Sherer (USA) Verizon U25 p/b ABD
14 James Baldesare (USA) KENDA Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDER
15 Elliot Gaunt (USA) Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA
16 Rudolph Napolitano (USA) Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy
17 Danny Kam (USA) Herbalife LaGrange
18 James Stemper (USA) KENDA Pro Cycling pres
19 Ryan Nye (USA) MVP Health Care
20 Brian Cornelius (USA) Trisports/Eclipse Racing
21 John Acker (USA) Team Wheel & Sprocket
22 Robert White (USA) KENDA Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDER
23 Mike Tettleton (USA) Bike Religion
24 Ben Damhoff (USA) Team GEARGRINDER
25 Tim Norris (USA) Missouri Elite Development Tea
26 Andrew Armstrong (USA) Matrix / RBM
27 Ryan White (USA) Team Geargrinder
27 Unknown Rider
28 Eric Young (USA) Morris Trucking Velo
29 Jordan Roessingh (USA) Nova Cycle Sports Foundation
29 Unknown Rider
30 John Tomlinson (USA) xXx Racing
31 Dan Ajer (USA) Team Wisconsin/MC2
32 Maxwell Anderson (USA) Colavita Racing Inc.
33 Weston Luzadder (USA) NUVO / Cultural Trail
34 Brian Kaker (USA) Lakes Area Physical Therapy
35 Ryan Fleming (USA) MetLife p/b groSolar
36 Vincent Roberge (USA) Trail's Edge
37 Erik Loberg (USA) Nova IS Corp
38 Emile Abraham (USA) Aerocat Cycling Team
39 Chris Arndt (USA) LAPT CC
40 J Gabriel Lloyd (USA) MetLife p/b groSolar
41 Tim Pacholski (USA)
42 Jeffrey Schroetlin (USA) ABD Cycling Team
43 Gregory Christian (USA) Panther pb Competitive Cyclist
44 Steven Holeczy (USA) Northbranch
45 Ben Anderson (USA) Team Wisconsin/MC2
46 Michael Chauner (USA)
47 Frank Pipp (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling
48 Christan Griego (USA) River Valley Cycling Club- RVC
49 Alexander Bremer (USA) MetLife p/b groSolar
50 Nicholas Vetter (USA) Bianchi/Grand Performance
51 Joe Stephens (USA) Hayes/RPM
52 Brian Koeneman (USA) Team Wheel & Sprocket
53 Matt Waite (USA) Team Wheel & Sprocket
54 James Bird (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
55 Christopher Mantel (USA) velo trocadero cycling
56 Andy Moskal (USA) RGF Sports Marketing
57 Brandon Feehery (USA) South Chicago Wheelmen
58 David Haase (USA) Attitude Sports
59 Marc Howe (USA) GearGrinder
60 Brent Emery (USA) LifeCyclists
61 Richard Fuqua (USA) Outspokin/ Strenflex Cycling t
62 Peter Hurst (USA) AXA Equitable Cycling Team
63 Theodore Grober (USA) Team Helen's
64 Luke Holtan (USA) Velo Trocadero
65 Patrick Haley (USA) VeloTrocadero
66 Kevin Berger (USA) Team Wheel & Sprocket
67 Andrew Gonzales (USA) FCS/Metro Volkswagen
68 Jason Snider (USA) Silver Cycling
69 Waylon Janowiak (USA) Verizon U25 p/b ABD
70 Jonathan Sundt (USA) KENDA Pro Cycling pres
71 Nicholas Frye (USA) Team Wisconsin/MC2
72 Clayton Chase (USA) Geargrinder
73 Adam Mcclurg (USA) Lakes Area Physical Therapy
74 Michael Margarite (USA) AXA Equitable Cycling Team
75 Brian Rach (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
76 Jonathan Cook (USA) Nova IS Corp
77 Billy Jones (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
78 Todd Miller (USA) BVC/Nomad Cycling
79 Jake Hollenbach (USA) AXA Equitable Cycling Team
80 James Pradun (USA) Great Dane Velo Club
81 Isaac Neff (USA) Alderfer Bergen
82 Mike Buechel (USA) Cafe Hollander RDC
83 Hans Higdon (USA) hampshire cycle club
84 Chazz Martin (USA) Nova Cycle Sports Foundation
85 Ian Burnett (USA) Bahati Foundation Pro
86 Morgan Wiswall (USA) Team Wheel & Sprocket
87 Ross White (USA) Team Geargrinder
89 Jason Svaldi (USA) Great Dane Velo Club
90 Eder Frayer (USA) Herbalife Lagrange
91 Chad Dean (USA) 5Nines Cycling
92 Mark Hughes (USA) CZ Velo
93 Scott Rosenfield (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
94 Karl Rahn (USA) Century Road Club Association
95 Adam York (USA) MCG Racing Team p/b Trails-Edg
96 Nat Bricker (USA)
97 Timothy Clark (USA) Colavita Racing
98 Dylan Knutson (USA) Bianchi/Grand Performance
99 David Paquette (USA) Team Wisconsin-MC2
100 Kyle Jacobson (USA) Nova Cycle Sports Foundation
101 Ryan Zook (USA) Start2Finish
102 Victor Ayala (USA) Herbalife LaGrange
103 Gregg Brandt (USA) GrandStay Hotels
104 Austin Turner (USA) CICC/Colorbiotics
105 Jens Brabbit (USA) GrandStay Hotels
106 Richard Protasiewicz (USA) Cafe Hollander RDC
107 Garret Mcallister (USA) Team Wisconsin / MC2
108 Logan Garey (USA) Team Rio Grande
109 Chris Black (USA) Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
DNF Chris Chartier (USA) alderfer bergen
DNF Dallas Fowler (USA)
DNF Brian Smith (USA) South Chicago Wheelmen
DNF Daniel Lawrence (USA) Dogfish Racing
DNF Daniel Zmolik (USA) AXA Equitable Cycling Team
DNF Andrew Bates (USA) olympia orthopaedic assc.
DNF Tige Prickett (USA) CZ Velo
DNF Steven Flurry (USA) CZ Velo
DNF Alan Ziolkowski (USA) Colavita Racing Inc.
DNF Brian Smith (USA) South Chicago Wheelmen
DNF Frank Rowley (USA) South Chicago Wheelmen
DNF John Seehafer (USA) Team Type 1
DNF Devan Dunn (USA) Bahati Foundation Elite Cyclin
DNF David Block (USA) Bianchi/Grand Performance
DNF Colby Elliot (USA) Bike Religion
DNF David Jablonowski (USA) Cafe Hollander RDC
DNF Ben Lund (USA) Cafe Hollander
DNF Ian Robertson (USA) Team KAOS Alegent Health
DNF Thomas Clark (USA) Attitude Sports
DNF Joseph Shanahan (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
DNF Michael Williams (USA) Hollander RDC
DNF Corey Behrens (USA) Velo Trocadero
DNF David Moyer (USA) XXX Racing
DNF Alexander Bremer (USA) MetLife p/b groSolar
DNF Ryan Fleming (USA) Minuteman Road Club
DNF J Gabriel Lloyd (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team


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