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June 20/10 11:19 am - Tour de Beauce: Stage 6 UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 06/20/10

Stage 6: Ville de Saint-Georges, 132 km


The final stage of the 2010 and 25th Tour de Beauce has just gotten underway.  They will do 11 laps of the 12 km circuit


The streak of luck for weather finally broke this morning, as a severe thunderstorm rolled through the region dumping torrential rain for over 30 min ~ 45 min before the race was scheduled to start.


The rain backed off, but left the the roads  incredibly wet with huge puddles everywhere.  The heat and humidity will lesson chances of any sort of drying up.


This course has a lot of corners and the main downhill section is very twisty, so the potential for crashing is greatly increased


Lap 1


On lap 1 a group of 9 went away

Jackson Stewart (BMC Racing Team) Caleb Fairly (Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U23) Ryan Roth (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) Nathan O'Neil , Jason Donald, Corey Collier ( Bahati Foundation) Hector Gonzalez Baeza (Heraklio-Murcia) Will Routley, Jamie Sparling (Team Canada)  Christopher Jones (Team Type 1)


11:23 am


They are now on lap 2 and have a gap of 50 seconds on the main peloton

Riders are dropping out of the main bunch - many riding backward on the course after tackling the climb


And the (heavy) rain has returned


11:45 am


On lap 3 on the climb.  Gap is 40 sec.


The rain has eased off again and hopefully this is the end of it.  The clouds seem to be lifting

The peloton continues to shed riders, there is a group of ~ 15 that are just soft pedaling behind the main bunch

Arnaud Papillon and Vincent Quirion (Équipe Québec)  have dropped out


12:04 pm


At the end of the 3rd lap the gap was up to 2 min and now as they hit the climb on lap 4  it is up to 2:25


12:20 pm

Lap 5 at the top of the climb.  The break now has a gap of 2:50.  This puts Ryan Roth, 9th in GC at 1:56 down into the leaders jersey "on the road"


It has stopped raining and it seems to be getting brighter.  If the sun actually does come out the humidity will be intense.


12:35 pm


Lap 6 and the gap is down to 2:40. Gonzalez has been dropped from the lead group on teh climb, but got back on over the top


12:57 pm

Lap 7 and the gap is back up to 2:55. Nathan O'Neil  has been dropped from the lead group


1:00 pm


Fly V, team of overall leader Ben Day, are now down to 5 riders and seem to be in some difficulty pulling back the break - they are getting no help from any of the other teams


1:07 pm


At the feedzone lap 7.  Gap is 2:40.  Day has been having mechanical issues in the peloton.  He broke the saddle on his usual bike and is now on a spare.  The team tried to give him back his regular bike, but he decided to stay with the spare.


The break group is working well, but Roth seems to be doing a lot of work


1:16 pm

Lap 8.  Gonzalez has flatted and is out of the break group - 45 sec back.  Peloton at 2:50


1:22 pm


They are appraoching the end of the 8th lap.  When they start lap 9 there will be 3 to go.

Gap is 2:40


Riders in break are:

Jackson Stewart (USA) BMC Racing Team, Christopher Jones (USA) Team Type 1, Caleb Fairly (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin U23, Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy, Corey Collier (USA) Bahati Foundation, Will Routley (Can) Canadian National Team, Jamie Sparling (Can) Canadian National Team


1:26 pm


Hector Gonzalez Baeza (Esp) Heraklio-Murcia has just rejoined the lead bunch


1:31 pm


Lap 9 on the climb.  Gap is 2:35.  Skies are starting to clear and there are blue sections poking through.


1:36 pm

At the top of the climb on lap 9:  Unitedhealthcare p/b Maxxis has gone to the front of the pelton and started to give some help to the tiring  Fly V Australia team.  The gap has dropped rapidly - now 1:50


1:38 pm


Fly V has just lost 2 more as David Tanner and Jai Crawford drop off the back of the peloton


1:46 pm

They have just started lap 10 and the gap is 1:45


1:54 pm


At the top of the climb gap is 1:35




Over the top of the climb and the gap is 1:20 and teh members of the break grou are starting to disengage.


Jamie Sparling (Team Canada) has attacked of the front group and has a 7 sec gap


2:08 pm

Last lap on the climb.

Sparling has been caught and dropped by the break group.


Gonzalez has now jumped off the front


Gap to pelton is 1:30


2:12 pm

Gonzalez has 12 sec on the break group as they hit the top of the climb. The pelton is at 1:04


All downhill not to the finish!!!!


2:17 pm

Gap is 50 sec.  Javier Megias Leal (Esp) Team Type 1 has attacked from the pelotn and is going after the leaders


2:21 pm

3 km to go and Gonzalez has 15 sec on the break group and 55 sec on peloton





1 Hector Gonzalez Baeza (Esp) Heraklio-Murcia

2 Will Routley (Can) Canadian National Team

3 Jackson Stewart (USA) BMC Racing Team



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