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June 21/10 14:26 pm - Preston Street Criterium PHOTOS and full results

Posted by Editoress on 06/21/10

Results from yesterdays's Preston Street Criterium in Ottawa ON


Photos by Jon Safka

Elite/Master 1  Men

Elite Women, Senior 3 and Master Men


Women - 35 minutes + 5 laps
1 Sarah Coney (Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery) RWE.1/2 43:53
2 Michele Gauthier (7thgroove/ Re:Form Body Clinic) RWE.1/2
3 Tricia K. Spooner (Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery) RWE.1/2
4 Sophie Matte (Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery) RWE.1/2 all s.t.
5 Catherine Couture (Specialized Mazda Samson) RWE.1/2 0 :60
6 Carol Deavy (Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RWM.A/B
7 Wendy Blagdon (The Cyclery) RWE.1/2 both s.t.
8 Geneviève Gagnon (Cyclefit Chicks) RWE.1/2 -1 lap
9 Sumner Griffin () RWJ -2 laps
10 Bailin Xie (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RWU17 -2 laps
11 Courtnay Romkey-Darville (Cyclefit Chicks) RWM.A/B -2 laps
12 Shen Higgs (Cyclefit Chicks) RWM.A/B -2 laps
13 Nina Nesdoly (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RWJ -2 laps
14 Kim Fera (Cyclefit Chicks) RWM.A/B -2 laps
15 Emily Mckenzie-Picot (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RWE.1/2 -2 laps
16 Anjelica Hodgson (West Quebec Wheelers - Ottawa) RWE.3 -2 laps
17 Kari Ferlatte (Full Cycle) RWM.A/B -2 laps
DNF Kate Hart (Ride With Rendall) RWM.A/B
DNF Lynda Damen (Cyclefit Chicks) RWM.A/B
DNF Jane Yardley (Cyclefit Chicks) RWM.A/B
DNF Maria Chiesa (Cyclefit Chicks) RWM.A/B
DNF Jennifer Stephenson (7thgroove/ Re:Form Body Clinic) RWE.1/2
DNF Allison Lampi (7thgroove/ Re:Form Body Clinic) RWE.1/2
DNF Cynthia Wilson (Ride With Rendall) RWE.1/2
DNF Jessica Lloy (7thgroove/ Re:Form Body Clinic) RWE.3
DNF Vicki Thomas (Disasterrecovery.Com) RWE.1/2
Senior 1/2 and Master 1 Men - 60 minutes + 5 laps
1 Maxime Vives (Powerwatts - Moishes) RME.1/2 1:07:15
2 Shaun Adamson (Scott Racing) RME.1/2
3 Kevin Black (Wheels Of Bloor) RME.1/2
4 Matt Deluco (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RME.1/2
5 Neil Schiemann (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) RME.1/2 all s.t.
6 Ed Veal (La Bicicletta - Toronto) RME.1/2 0:15
7 Luc Mahler (Scott Racing) RME.1/2
8 Erik Lyman (Team Spirit Pb. Rhus Elementi - Ottawa) RME.1/2
9 Bill Hurley (The Cyclery - Ottawa) RMM.1
10 Matteo Dal-Cin (Rocky Mountain/ Cibc) RME.1/2
11 Hans Loeffelholz (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team) RMM.1
12 Mason Hanrahan (Euro-Sports/The Foodery - Ottawa) RME.1/2
13 Osmond Bakker (La Bicicletta Elite Team - Toronto) RME.1/2
14 Mike Woods (Scott Racing) RME.1/2
15 Evan Mundy (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy Renault) RME.1/2
16 Nathan Underwood (Ride With Rendall) RME.1/2
17 John Fee (The Cyclery) RMM.1
18 Glen Rendall (Ride With Rendall - Ottawa) RME.1/2
19 Greg Cushing (Z-Team Powered By La Bicicletta) RMM.1
20 Graham Shrive (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team) RME.1/2
21 James Larmer (Darkhorse Flyers) RME.1/2
22 Devon Novakowski (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy Renault) RME.1/2
23 Ken Ng (La Bicicletta Elite Team) RMM.1
24 Michael Nash (Ride With Rendall) RME.1/2
25 Marc Boudreau (Scott Racing - Ottawa) RME.1/2
26 Douglas Van Den Ham (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team - Ottawa) RME.1/2
27 Drew Rapoch (The Cyclery) RMM.1 all s.t.
28 Shawn Clarke (Scott Racing) RME.1/2 0:30
29 Dave Tomsic (The Cyclery) RMM.1
30 Imad El-Ghazal (Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club) RME.1/2
31 Andrew Lees (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team) RME.1/2
32 Peter Tregunno (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.1/2 all s.t.
33 John-Christopher Reid (Ride With Rendall) RME.1/2 0:40
34 Mike Leach (The Cyclery) RMM.1
35 Jim Tsilemos (Ride With Rendall) RME.1/2
36 Thomas Stevens (Cyclelogik) RMM.1
37 Jean-Pierre Lefebvre (Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RMM.1
38 Fred Perez (La Bicicletta Elite Team) RMM.1 all s.t.
39 John Large (West Quebec Wheelers - Ottawa) RMM.1 1:00
40 Jason Cheney (Ride With Rendall) RME.1/2 1:05
41 Thomas Devisscher (Ride With Rendall) RME.1/2 s.t.
42 Paul Chedore (Cyclelogik) RMM.1 1:20
43 Greg Reain (Ride With Rendall - Ottawa) RME.1/2 1:35
44 Werner Visser (West Quebec Wheelers - Ottawa) RMM.1 s.t.
45 Marc Lapointe (Nine2fivepro.Com) RME.1/2 2:00
46 Krzysztof Kurzawinski (Kurzawinskicoach/Six S Erp Consulting) RMM.1 DQ
DNF Grahame Plaunt (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team) RME.1/2
DNF Andreas Ihm (Rio Tinto - Martin Swiss) RMM.1
DNF Vince Caceres (The Cyclery) RMM.1
DNF Ben Blake (Gears & Grinds Kingston) RME.1/2
DNF Justin Kitney (Euro-Sports/The Foodery - Ottawa) RME.1/2
DNF Craig Burge (The Cyclery) RME.1/2
DNF Andrew Lattimore (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy Renault) RME.1/2
DNF James Brooks (The Cyclery) RMM.1
DNF Bayden Pritchard (Speedriver.Com) RME.1/2
DNF Anton Varabei (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Cc) RME.1/2
DNF Ian Dalling (The Cyclery) RMM.1
DNF Derek Harnden (Colavita Racing Inc.) RME.1/2
DNF Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall) RME.1/2
DNF Stanislav Blazek (Kurzawinskicoach/Six S Erp Consulting) RMM.1
DNF Yuhji Kuronuma (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.1/2
DNF Ryan Phelps (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team) RME.1/2
DNF Marc Mazer (Chain Reaction) RMM.1
DNF James Macdonald (La Bicicletta Elite Team) RMM.1
DNS Aaron Fillion (Ride With Rendall - Ottawa) RME.1/2
Senior 3/4, Junior & U17 Men - 45 minutes + 5 laps
1 Dawid Kurzawinski (Kurzawinskicoach/Six S Erp Consulting) RME.3 51:32
2 Christopher Bernard (Ride With Rendall) RMJ at 0:20
3 Greg Boileau (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RME.3
4 Jeff Overington (Sepp's Cycling Team - Kingston) RME.4
5 Dante D'urbano (Megavolt/Haut-Richelieu) RME.3
6 Carl Wilkins (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.3
7 Alexandre Simard (Ind.) RME.3
8 Ian Gartley (Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes) RME.3
9 Jean-Francois Labrecque (Full Cycle) RME.4
10 Mathieu Lafontaine (Ind.) RME.3
11 Adam Freed (Nine2fivepro.Com) RME.3
12 Rodrigo Diaz (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RME.3
13 Jeremie Lacasse (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMU17
14 Brian Trafford (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMJ
15 Patrick Audet (Cyclelogik Racing) RME.4
16 Nathan Patry (Sepp's Cycling Team - Kingston) RME.4 all s.t.
17 Shane Maley (Nine2fivepro.Com) RME.4 0 :30
18 Kiernan Orange (Ride With Rendall) RMJ s.t.
19 Brendan Gorman (Nine2fivepro.Com) RME.3 0 :40
DNF Matthieu Delcourt (Ind.) RME.4
DNF Martin Coude (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RME.4
DNF Alexis Asselin (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMU17
DNF Nathaniel St.-Amour (Ind.) RMJ
DNF Nicholas Vipond (The Cyclery) RME.3
DNF Adam Eikenberry (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RME.3
DNF Amenh Tsan (Ind.) RME.3
DNF Vincent De Haitre (Ottawa Cycling Club) RMU17
DNF Félix Couturier-Lamy (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMU17
DNF Duncan Beard (Nine2fivepro.Com) RME.3
DNF Philipp Bergeron (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMJ
DNF Robert Edmond Stone (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.4
Master 2/3 Men - 45 minutes + 5 laps
1 Jason King (Ride With Rendall) RMM.2 49:58
2 Jake Cleofas (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team) RMM.3 at s.t.
3 David Sugden (Les Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RMM.2 0:17
4 Carl Kiiffner (Ind.) RMM.3
5 Patrick Pelda (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2
6 Christian Voyer (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RMM.3
7 Michael Bennett (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RMM.2
8 Chris Black (Ride With Rendall) RMM.3
9 Todd Fairhead (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) RMM.3
10 Jay Heins (The Cyclery) RMM.2
11 Todd Olynick (Sepps Cycling Team) RMM.2
12 Peter Conn (Ride With Rendall) RMM.2
13 Bryan Gormley (The Cyclery) RMM.2
14 Yariv Wolfe (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RMM.2
15 Peter Schuck (Ride With Rendall) RMM.2
16 Michael Quatsch (Sepp's Cycling Team - Kingston) RMM.2
17 David Bilenkey (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RMM.2
18 Fevin Stoppa (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2
19 David Stachon (Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles) RMM.3
20 Francis Belanger (Les Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RMM.2
21 Doug Hoover (Eurosports-The Foodery) RMM.3
22 Jeff Faulds (The Cyclery) RMM.3
23 Eric Larson (Ride With Rendall) RMM.3
24 Rick Bourgeault (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2
25 Victor Pwu (Wheels Of Bloor) RMM.2
26 Marco Salvati (Kurzawinski Coach/ Six S Erp Consulting) RMM.3 all s.t.
27 Brian Robitaille (Full Cycle) RMM.3 0:34
28 Andy D`Angelo (Kurzawinski Coach/ Six S Erp Consulting) RMM.2 1:12
29 Guy Lacroix (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RMM.2 1:15
30 James Ferguson (The Cyclery) RMM.3 1:18
31 Bruce Camacho (Dornellas Racing Team) RMM.2 1:26
32 Kevin Nelson (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2 1:29
DNF Louis Daigneault (Ride With Rendall) RMM.2
DNF Mark Samborsky (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMM.2
DNF Trevor Plestid (Ind.) RMM.3
DNF Chris Kirk (Ind.) RMM.2
DNF Michal Basinski (Ind.) RMM.3
DNF Paul Ananny (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2
DNF Pieter Bakker (Ind.) RMM.3
DNF Mike Eyselein (Ind.) RMM.2
DNF Glenn Vollebregt (Gears & Grinds Kingston) RMM.3
DNF Andres Ramirez (Veloselect) RMM.2
DNF Dave Rudnicki (Ind.) RMM.2
DNF Daniel Diotte (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery) RMM.3
DNF Glen Budgell (Ind.) RMM.3
DNF Marc Grenier (Ind.) RMM.2
DNF Detlef Hess (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMM.3
DNF Robert Bell (Euro-Sports/Foodery) RMM.3
DNF Gilbert Marois (Les Rouleurs De L'outaouais) RMM.3
DNF Darrin Grace (Euro-Sports.Ca/Foodery) RMM.3
DNF Robert Mcclure (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMM.2
DNF Stefan Czaban (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.3
DNF Dave Pennett (Euro-Sports/The Foodery) RMM.3
DNF Brent Atkins (West Of Quebec Wheelers) RMM.2


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