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June 25/10 10:19 am - OBB Wheelers Club News

Posted by Editoress on 06/25/10

OBB Wheelers News for the week of June 21st

Midweek 40/20km Km Individual TT on June 24th on Nanaimo River Road

Near perfect conditions, with a slight rising breeze to blow everyone home, saw just ten participants in 4 categories contest the first 40km itt this season. With three dead turns to negotiate, it was clear that most of the riders needed to practice their turning skills.

Don Gillmore, who won the 20km men's race showed everone how it was done by saving as much as 15 seconds at the turn. Perhaps we should get him to run a clinic! Other winners were Julie Langelo, with a personal best at 20km, Patrick Burnham, who won the men's 40km on a single speed fixed wheel, and Rose Houle who also did a personal best time for 40km.

Thanks to Bill Hutchinson, who came out specifically to marshal the far turn.
Please Note - No Race Next Week - Canada Day


Women's 20km
1 Julie Langelo (Tri BC) 0:36:32
Men's 20km
1 Don Gillmore (Schwalbe) 0:27:25
2 Robin Dutton (OBB) 0:31:36
3 Dave Steen (BCMCA) 0:32:20
4 Gary Vermette (Hub City Tri Club) 0:35:19
5 Ross Palfrey (Hub City Tri Club) 0:43:02
Women's 40km
1 Rose Houle (Tri Bc) 1:15:22
2 Colleen Wtorek (Hub City Tri Club) 1:18:44
Men's 40km
1 Patrick Burnham (OBB) 1:10:17
2 Bob Langelo (Hub City Tri Club) 1:12:52
3 Doug Jobbagy (OBB) 1:26:49

La Z Boy Criterium Series # 4 on June 22nd

10 starters on the night - best yet. Once the Tuesday riders from Cedar Training Ride start to realise that our great circuit is only 10 minutes farther, the numbers will certainly increase.

The evening's event was fast but all stayed together until the final sprint, despite a few experimental surges off the front by Mike Sevcov and Warren Muir.

Half way through the race a little excitement was caused by the arrival of the RCMP who demanded to know what was going one (duh! - it's a bike race dudes.). Despite the 100 plus city of Nanaimo cones and the official 'no left turn' and 'road closed' signs, the officers still didn't get it, asked to see the event permit and demanded who had issued it. By the way, they were parked on the course just past the finish line! After going through the necessary? posturing, the officer in charge,said that she would look into the matter further and then the police vehicle got out of the riders' path and went on its way.

In the final sprint, Everti's Derek Brain looked a sure winner but was just pipped on the line by Warren Muir, OBB, with OBB's Tony Winter 3rd., a length and a half back.


1 Warren Muir (OBB) 0:45:25
2 Derek Brain (Everti)
3 Tony Winter (OBB)
4 Iain Hay (Schwalbe)
5 Shepherd Stewart (OBB)
6 Paul Thompson (OBB)
7 Malcolm Faulkner (Dr.Walker) all s.t.
8 Mike Sevcov (Everti) 42:45
9 Robin Dutton (Frontrunners) 46:01
10 Brodie Hay (Youth)(OBB0) lapped


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