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June 27/10 15:23 pm - Road Nationals: Men's Road Race UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 06/27/10

The men's start was delayed by a few minutes as most of the starers took a last minute "nauture break"


The men will do 14 laps of the course for a total of 182 km


There are 130 on the start list


Lap 1


Charly Vives (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy) attacked from the line and was caught on the first climb. Immediatlely Simon Lambert-Lemay  (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy) and Bailey McKnight (Synergy Racing) went and gained a small gap


3:28 pm EDT

Lap 2 - As they start the 2nd lap the peloton is all together


3:31 pm EDT


Just after the Feedzone 4 riders attacked and are now 20 seconds in front of the peloton:  Marsh Cooper (Kelly Benefit Strategies), Ed Veal (La Bicicletta Elite Team), David Boily (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy) and Cody Campbell (Trek-Livestrong U23)


One of the Spidertech riders had a flat but was quickly serviced and paced back up


3:38 pm EDT

All back together again


3:44 pm EDT

End of Lap 2 and there is a group of ~ 25 away with 10 sec clear


3:48 pm EDT

Lap 3- All back together as they hit the first climb


4:02 pm EDT

Late in the lap and there is a group of 10 away with a 27 sec gap


4:10 pm EDT

Lap 4 - On the 2nd climb and the group is about to be caught?


4:20 pm EDT

The peloton backed off chasing as they crested the 3rd climb and the break group now has a minute clear

in the break: Ed Veal (La Bicicletta Elite Team), Jean-Michel Lachance and Andre Tremblay (Nativo-PG-Devinci), Bruno Langlois , Mark Batty , Andrew Randell (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy), Derrick St. John (Garneau Chaussures-Ogilvy Renault), Spencer Smitheman (Hagens Berman LLP), and tehy haave just been joined by Will Routley (Jelly Belly cycling p/b Kenda)


4:25 pm EDT

Lap  5  - starting lap 5 and the gap is 1:14

William Goodfellow ( is attempting to bridge and is ~ 14 sec behind the leaders

Cyrus Kangarloo (Total Restoration Cycling Team) and William Blackburn (Rio Tinto-Martin Swiss) leading the peloton


4:37 pm EDT

Late in lap 5 - David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies) and William Goodfellow ( are together chasing and are 1 min back of the leaders.  Michael Joannisse (Team Quebec) is also chasing alone and is at 2 min.  Peloton is now at  2:55


4:50 pm EDT


Lap 6 - Andrew Randell (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy) lead the break across the line to start the 6th lap.

Veilleux and Goodfellow (@49 sec) and Joannisse (@2:22) are still chasing, Veilleux has dropped back to the peloton - now at 3:06


There are couple others attempting to bridge but they are just a couple seconds in front of the pelton


Some riders off the back :  Cody Canning  (ERTC/Revolution Cycle) and Geoff O'Toole (Garneau Evolution)


5:04 pm EDT


End of lap 6:  Bruno Langlois (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy) led the break across to start the  7th lap.  Veilleux and Goodfellow are just 25 sec behind the leaders.  Joannisse is about to be caught by the peloton - only 2:30 behind the leaders now


dropped riders: Ryan Correy (CMC/Bow Cycle), David Gonda (CMC/Bow Cycle), Sebastian Jozwiak (Lifesport)


Lap 7

5:14 pm EDT

On the 3rd climb.  Dominique Rollin (Cervelo Test Team) has attacked


Interesting story about Rollin.  10 min before the start of the race the crank on his race bike broke.  After a bit of searching around, the OGC rep for Alberta (Steve Gaffrey)  and his bike were conscripted to donate the crank for Rollin's use


5:19 pm EDT


Lap 8 - Half way point of race


The leaders are now on the 8th lap.

SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy's Bruno Langlois led the break across the line.

Veilleux and Goodfellow are still chasing but the gap is 35 sec. 


Peloton at 3:30


5:25 pm

Rollin not successful


5:32 pm EDT

Over the top of the 2nd climb and on the descent a group of ~ 10 attacked off the front of the peloton and are now 15-20 sec clear.  Marsh Cooper (Kelly Benefit Strategies) and Rob Britton (BISSELL Pro Cycling) are 2 of the more notable riders.  They are 2:45 behind the break and the peloton is at 3 min.


Veilleux and Goodfellow are about to catch the break




Veilleux and Goodfellow are about to catch the break



Probably the oldest competitor in today's race is Jeff Barnes  and it is his 46th birthday today.  Jeff finished 2nd in the road race in when the nationals were last in Edmonton in 1994.  Czeslaw Lukasewiecz was the winner that day.

A happy birthday to Jeff

5:42 pm EDT


Lap 9

Veilleux and Goodfellow have caught the break.  The chase group with Britton are at 2 min and the pelton at 2:30




Sorry about the problems folks.  If I cannot get this to work I am going to swtch to Twitter



5:55 pm EDT


The Britton/Cooper chase group is now just 50 seconds behind the leaders.  There is now another chase group of 6 with Keven Lacombe at 1:50.  The peloton is REALLY strung out and Tuft and Meir have come to the front and put their heads down


I will also double post in the forums  (



6:01 pm EDT

Britton/Cooper group now have caught the leaders.  Peloton is at 1:35

6:05 pm EDT

Lap 10

Big group at the front now and David Veilleux is at the front driving the pace

Peloton is closing Gap just 1:10



6:12 pm

The break

Ed Veal (La Bicicletta Elite Team)
Jean Sebastien Perron (Garneau Chaussures-Ogilvy Renault)
Will Routley (Jelly Belly cycling p/b Kenda)
Jean-Michel Lachance (Nativo-PG-Devinci)
Bruno Langlois (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy)
Mark Batty (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy)
Mike Sidic (Team H&R BLOCK)
Marcel Aarden (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
Andrew Randell (SpiderTech p/b Planet Energy)
Rob Britton (BISSELL Pro Cycling)
Derrick St. John (Garneau Chaussures-Ogilvy Renault)
William Goodfellow (
Charles Bryer (Mazur Coaching/Wheels of Bloor)
Andre Tremblay (Nativo-PG-Devinci)
David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies)
Timothy Burton (


6:18 PM

Meier had been at the front towing the peloton and the break had gotten down to 1:10.  He pulled off and the speed sloeed way down

Spidertech has stopped working in the lead group and Veilleux, Britton and Routley are taking turns jumping off the front

There is a chase group of 8 at 1:10 and the prloton is now at 1:45



6:20 pm EDT

Lap 11

On the first climb the chase group of now 11 with Cody Campbell and Aaron Schooler at 1 min.  Pelotn is going backward - now 3 min



6:32 pm
Chase group is:  Eric and David Boily, Trevor Connor, Michael Joannisse, Ryan Aitcheson, Arnaud Papillon, Campbell, Parisien, Schooler, Reams, Hamilton


6:36 pm  EDT

Campbell has been dropped from the chase group on the 3rd climb of previous lap.. which is now 50 seconds behind the leaders

Peloton is at 3:45


Starting lap 12 shortly


6:45  pm EDT

Chase group has caught leader-   Spidertech now has 5 riders in the lead group of 25 riders


Lap 12


6:48 pm  EDT
On 3rd climb and the attacks have started.  Ed Veal (La Bicicletta Elite Team) has been dropped



Tuft and Rollin have just attached the peloton  taking Bell with them. The front group is now splitting ...again


6:55 pm EDT

Lap 13 - 2 to go


Front group now 2.  Will Routley is in front group


Tuft Bell and Rollin are at 3 min


Elapsed race time: 3:42:53

7:03 pm

Randell has attacked and at the top of the 2nd climb has20 sec on Routley and 40 on Jean-Michel Lachance

At the base of the climb Routley catches Randell

7:07 pm

6 chasers now at 30 sec behind: Inc St John and Veilleux

7:13 pm
 Last Lap

Leaders Routley and Randell now 35 sec ahead of grp of 8: Britton, Veilleux, St John and more. Next group at 1:15

Tuft/Bell/Pinfold/Rollin group have given up

Routley is climbing well - looks strong

7:20 pm

chasers are :  Perron, Papillon, Britton, Veilleux, Langlois, Lachance

Next group at 1:10 or more



7:25 pm

Leaders are on the 2nd climb: still a 35 sec gap to chasers now Veilleux and Langlois


7:27 pm

Routley attacks on the last climb and has a gap



They are back together again on the descent




Final: Routley, Randel, Langlois, Veilleux , Britton 





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