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September 7/99 11:31 am - Jeanson Wins Killington, 2000 Road Nats, Dorion, BC Road Champs

Posted by Editor on 09/7/99

Killington Stage Race

Stage 3

1. Pam Schuster Timex 3:24:22
2. Nicole Freedman Schwab at 1:42
3. Leigh Hobson CAN Schwab 3:36
4. Kathy Watt GIA 3:39
5. Genevieve Jeanson CAN Ind. 3:42

6. Lyne Bessette CAN Saturn 3:51

Final GC
1. Jeanson 8:05:59
2. Bessette at 0:19

3. Catherine Cardwell Simply Fit 2:58
4. Schuster 3:17
5. Hobson 6:59

1. Trent Klasna Navigators 5:44:51
2. Jonathan Vaughters USPS at 0:17
3. Adam Sbeih Saturn 1:56
4. Brendon Vesty Navigators 2:04
5. Anton Villatro 7-Up 2:12

Final GC
1. Klasna 11:31:15
2. Eddy Gragus IKON-Lexus at 5:16
3. Jon Hamblin Navigators 5:18
4. Antonio Cruz Ind. 6:56
5. Will Frischkorn US National 10:50

Road Nationals 2000

Press release - Subject to the final contract negotiations with the CCA the 2000 Nationals have been awarded to Peterborough, with Mike Gorman as race organizer. Tim Horton's as Name sponsor will be joined by Intersports Inc., End Of The Roll and Peterborough Chrysler as major sponsors. The proposed courses are geared to provide a national calibre test for riders. The proposed ITT course is flat enough to provide the possibility of Best World, North American and Canadian Times which may result in the presentation of cash awards, as in Hamilton in 1995. The road course as proposed and if approved by the CCA will be very rolling with a start and finish on Armour Hill.

Almost the whole 13.65K course will be visible from single vantage points. TSN's Michael Landsberg has agreed to handle the announcing with a special colour commentator yet to be signed. Well known personalities from Cycling, Professional Hockey, TV and Movies have already agreed to attend.

The event will be Televised and cover a full week with musical concerts, autograph signing periods, bike clinics for local amateur riders, award presentations at the park bandshell on the lakefront with participants being interviewed for television followed by the Festival of Lights Concert. A charity citizens event will start the festivities and Intersports is currently negotiating with a local establishment for free accommodation for riders. Participants will be well looked after in the entertainment department with a different program every night including an early evening bar crawl on the off night for example. The Peterborough Millenium Association has added the championships to its list of promotional events.

The Criterium will be on the same course as the Ashburnham - East City course being used this coming weekend for the Festival race open to anyone wishing to compete. If you are considering racing the Crit at the 2000 National championships this is your chance to get an advance look at and feel of the course and the City. The 2000 National Road championships is intended to be the best nationals ever and every effort will be made to see that all eligible riders are there to compete. Assistance can be arranged for Provincial Teams and they will be contacted when the contract is finalized. Individual Riders will be provided a special number to call when the Web site is completed and running late next month.

Naturally, help is needed and if you are interested in participating in any way contact Mike Gorman through the staff at Intersports - 705 - 939 - 2828 any time from 10 am to 3pm Monday to Friday beginning NEXT WEEK(Ask for Sue). The magnitude of this event means an early start to planning. We hope you all had a great season in 1999 and that 2000 will be even better so that you can come to Peterborough and have all your expectations met with the greatest of success.

Dorion forcée à l'abandon au Tour de Hollande

Langeraar, Pays-Bas-Mélanie Dorion a abandonné lors de la deuxiême étape du Tour de Hollande féminin. Aprês une étape de 140km dimanche et 110km lundi, il semble bien que le vent, les pavés et les kilomêtres ont eu raison de l'athlête de Deux-Montagnes. Victime d'une chute lors de la premiêre étape, Dorion s'est rendue à l'évidence que le Tour était une course de trop pour elle.

" Je participais au Tour pour l'entraînement mais finalement, c'était
trop dur, a affirmé Dorion Les étapes étaient três longues, c'était venteux et je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de récupérer de ma derniêre course de vélo de montagne. La fatigue qui s'accumule, les ronds-points et les pavés sont tous des éléments qui augmentent les risques de chute, alors j'ai décidé de lever le pied. "

Sage décision pour la cycliste qui profitera des prochains jours pour se reposer et s'entraîner de façon spécifique.

Dorion mettra le cap sur Åre en Suêde, où elle bénéficiera d'une semaine d'entraînement en vue du championnat du monde de vélo de montagne, qui se déroulera les 18 et 19 septembre prochain.

Des extraits sonores de Mélanie Dorion sont disponibles à L'Agence DIAPO.

Mélanie Dorion est boursiêre Sac Magique de la Fondation de l'Athlête d'Excellence du Québec. Elle est également commanditée par la Clinique Synergie.

Voyez un profil de Mélanie Dorion à la page web


Daniel Aucoin
L'Agence DIAPO
(514) 990-4500
site Internet temporaire -

B.C. Road Championships Report
(courtesy Rodney Hsu)

Well, what's the next best thing than doing the BC road championship? Driving the follow car behind the Senior men race. The BC road championship race took place in Pemberton. The race route was an out-and-back loop from Pemberton to D'Arcy, 30km North of Whistler.

The weather was terrible, typical BC Racing condition. It was cold, windy and heavy rain at times. The sun did show up once in a while throughout the race.

The race course has no major climbs, it was rolling hills all the way with some twisty descends every now and then. In the senior men's race, riders had to do 125km. 56 racers started the race, a pretty small field. The first portion of the race, there were many attempts of breakaways by individual riders but none were successful. Around 40km into the race, a group of 6 took off and managed to open up a gap at around one minute. Riders in this group included past champion Lucas Segato and Trek/Volkswagon's Sean Dawson. The gap continued to grow as none of the riders were willing to work. The largest gap was around 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Around the 70km mark, three riders took off and decided to chase the breakaway: Trek/Volkswagon's Min Van Velzen and Scott Goguen, and pro/elite mountain biker Andrew Kyle. These three riders managed to catch the breakaway and continued to open the gap between them and the pack. At the end, the pack never caught the group so it came down to a sprint finish between several riders. Lucas Segato took the win and is once again the provincial champion. Bruno (forgot last name) from Campione took second, while '97 BC Champ Min Van Velzen took third place. Andrew Kyle was first place in espoir men.

In the senior women's race, Darnelle Moore took first place, followed by Leah Goldstein.

The junior women's race was won by Langley's Lisa Sweeney, followed by Victoria Wheeler's Erica Drew and Clare Hall-Patch.

Hope this helps, not much other details I can provide. It was a very very very long drive behind the pack, senior men's race time was around 3 hours and 15 minutes.


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