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July 9/10 12:14 pm - Midweek/La Bicicletta TNTT

Posted by Editoress on 07/9/10

La Bicicletta Elite Team's Ed Veal set a new mark for 2010 with a season record 19:18.7 ET at the Midweek/La Bicicletta Thursday Night Time Trials. Peter Morse from Jet Fuel Coffee followed exactly 1 minute later, and Heath Cockburn completed the podium less than 2 seconds behind Peter.

Merrill Collins was the fastest woman, and 4th overall at 21:27. The fastest Eddy Merckx style racer was Bob Haufler at 23:30.

Conditions were hot (29C) and humid (66%) with an unhelpful wind from the north at 18 kph.

Good Luck to everyone at the Peterborough ITT on Saturday, see you next week.

1 Ed Veal (La Bicicletta Elite Team (TT) 19:18.7
2 Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee (TT) 20:18.7
3 Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta Elite Team (TT) 20:20.4
4 Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta Elite Team (TT) 21:27.8
5 Kevin Massicotte (Rocky Mountain (TT) 21:52.3
6 Cary Moretti (Enduro Sports (TT) 22:05.9
7 Mike Mandel (Midweek CC (TT) 22:14.2
8 Evan Muller-Cheng (Midweek CC (TT) 22:16.4
9 Matt Drenter (Z-team (TT) 22:17.0
10 Marco Salvati (Kursawinski Coach (TT) 22:42.3
11 Bob Haufler (Midweek CC (EM) 23:30.0
12 Joe Accardi (Z-Team (TT) 24:07.9
13 Frank Steillo (La Bicicletta Elite Team (EM) 24:40.5
14 Nick Di Cristofaro (Midweek CC (EM) 25:35.0
15 Dave Boot (La BiciSquadra/RealDealRacing (EM) 25:39.7
16 Jeff Keilley (Independent (EM) 25:45.9
17 Chuck Magyar (Midweek CC (EM) 27:34.9
18 Merv Veal (La BiciSquadra/RealDealRacing (EM) 30:16.9

Timekeeper: Bob Haufler


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