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July 11/10 20:28 pm - DH Nationals: Report, Photos and Full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/11/10

Panorama Mountain, BC



Junior Men

Elite and Junior Women

Elite Men


British Columbia dominated at the 2010 Downhill National Championships at Panorama Mountain, winning the Elite men's and women's titles, plus both of the Junior titles.  The course, with a mix of technical drops and pedaling sections, required a fit, all-round rider to do well, with the dry and dusty conditions giving more than a few riders problems.

Kelsey Beggs (Cycling BC) began the run of awards for BC with the Junior women's title.  Remi Gauvin (PerformX/Evil) then continued the province's winning ways in the Junior men's category.  Gauvin led an impressive run of seven of the top ten riders from BC, and his time of 3:28.51 was only surpassed by a single rider - the men's Elite winner Andrew Mitchell (Dunbar/Intense/Sombrio).

In the women's competition, 2008 champion Micayla Gatto (Cycling BC/Oakley) was the clear favourite, in the absence of defending champion Claire Buchar, and the West Vancouver resident was well ahead of the rest of the field, finishing eight seconds in front of second place Miranda Miller (Santa Cruz/SRAM/Pinkbike), with newcomer Casey Brown taking third.  Gatto was the only woman to go below four minutes, finishing in 3:55.13 .

"I was really nervous coming into the race," commented Gatto, "but I was able to hit all my lines and have a good, clean run.  The uphill pedaling sections were the worst for me, and I'm definitely going to have to hit the cross-country bike some more!"

The men's race saw a steady succession of riders move into the Hot Seat, only to be supplanted a few riders later.  Ryan Vanderham set the first sub-3:31 time, only to be bumped a few riders later by his brother Thomas Vanderham - by less than half a second.  Thomas Vanderham held onto the lead until the final three riders came through the finish, with Jamie Biluk (Pinkbike/Suspensionwerx) dropping the lead down below 3:30, to 3:29.84 .  However, right behind Biluk was Mitchell, who knocked almost two seconds off the best time (3:27.97).  The only rider left was the top qualifier - Dean Tennant (Dunbar Cycles/Sombrio), who could only manage 3:30.38, to slot in just ahead of the Vanderham duo.

"This is my third national title, and I'm really happy," said Mitchell.  "It was in my mind all the time that I want to go the Worlds at Mont Ste Anne, and this made it happen.

It's my first race back after I broke my ankle last year, so I'm pretty excited to be back"


Full results from today's DH National Championship finals in Panorama BC


Junior Expert Women
1 Kelsey Begg (BC) Cycling BC 5:15.15
DNS Holly Feniak (BC) Cove / sunshine coast cycling club
Junior Expert Men
1 Remi Gauvin (BC) PerformX/Evil 3:28.51
2 Nicholas Geddes (BC) Norco Factory Team and BC Team 3:31.83
3 Kyle Sangers (ON) J&J Cycle 3:33.33
4 Riley Suhan (BC) Pinkbike/Devinci, Darkside, Smith 3:33.39
5 Max Horner (BC) 3:37.02
6 Chayse Marshall (BC) Full Boar Bike Store, Sun Peaks, Knollu 3:39.94
7 Danny Frey (AB) THESECT/DECAL WORKS 3:40.74
8 Tyler Allison (BC) Team BC 3:41.60
9 Cody Ratte (AB) 3:43.84
10 Linden Feniak (BC) Cove / Sunshine Coast Cycling Club 3:45.02
11 Guillaume Labrie (QC) Équipe du Québec/LamaCycles 3:47.52
12 Alex Currie (BC) Pinkbike/Devinci 3:48.59
13 Brandon Indic (AB) Independent 3:50.28
14 Philippe Morin (QC) Quebec Provincial Team 3:50.32
15 Brenden Klassen (AB) Independent 3:51.43
16 Michael Oosterveld (ON) Silent Davince 3:52.50
17 Justin Dale (BC) Dunbar Cycles 3:52.87
18 Sky Gustin (BC) Lama Cycles/Cycling BC 3:54.20
19 Kye Walstrom (BC) Cove Factory Team 3:56.66
20 Samuel Thibault (QC) Équipe du Québec - Gravité Sports 3:56.97
21 Taylor Smith (BC) Cycle Component Network 4:01.78
22 Brennen Brosinsky (AB) Independent 4:04.27
23 Cam Porteous (BC) DUNBAR CYCLES 4:05.11
24 Al Raines (BC) MC 1 Racing 4:07.31
25 Braeden Onciul (AB) Express Racing 4:09.30
26 Nicholas Grimm (BC) Bryson Racing Clan 4:10.83
27 Cam Hilts (BC) 4:24.58
DNS Glithero Caleb (ON) Kamikaze/Troylee
Elite Women
1 Micayla Gatto (BC) Cycling BC, Oakley 3:55.13
2 Miranda Miller (BC) SantaCruz/SRAM/Pinkbike/Cycling B.C 4:03.28
3 Casey Brown (BC) Independent 4:08.26
4 Rebecca McQueen (BC) Independent 4:13.14
5 Kjersten Lone (BC) ProCityRacing/Kali Protectives 4:17.40
6 Anne Laplante (QC) Équipe du Québec - XPREZO - BORSAO 4:17.50
7 Vaea Verbeeck (QC) Independent 4:20.61
8 Danice Uyesugi (BC) CCN/Intense/RaceFace 4:24.45
9 Jennifer McMillan (BC) 4:30.52
10 Jaime Hill (BC) CycleComponentNetwork/Troy Lee Designs 4:31.51
11 Kristen Courtney (BC) Independent 4:42.29
12 Terri-Anne Howard (AB) Park Cycle/Oneghost Industries 5:08.02
DNF Kristen Smart (BC) cove bikes/sombrio clothing
DNS Lorraine Blancher (BC) Ind
Elite Men
1 Andrew Mitchell (BC) Dunbar/Intense/Sombrio 3:27.97
2 Jamie Biluk (MB) Pinkbike/Suspensionwerx/ 3:29.84
3 Dean Tennant (BC) Dunbar Cycles/Sombrio 3:30.38
4 Thomas Vanderham (BC) Independent 3:30.50
5 Ryan Vanderham (BC) Independent 3:30.93
6 Adriano Digiacinto (BC) Bryson Racing Clan 3:31.61
7 Kenny Smith (BC) SRAM, EVIL, Dakine, Chromagg 3:32.32
8 Benoit Rioux (QC) equipe qc xprezo borsao 3:34.06
9 Yann Gauvin (QC) Lama Cycles 3:34.25
10 Rob Fraser (ON) Primary Racing 3:34.51
11 Simon Garstin (BC) Team BC 3:34.61
12 Julien Laramee (QC) Quilicot 3:35.05
13 Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (QC) Rocky mountain bicycle/ Cycle néron 3:35.07
14 Nick Quinn (AB) brysonracingclan 3:35.24
15 Andy Thibodeau (QC) Independent 3:35.96
16 Charles-Alexandre Dube (QC) On the Edge Canada 3:37.16
17 Ewan Fafard (BC) Cove Bikes 3:37.59
18 Matt Zdriluk (ON) LAPIERRE - RACEFACE 3:37.73
19 Tyler Gorz (BC) & CBR 3:37.86
20 Matthew Beer (NL) Independent 3:37.97
21 Harold Woolnough (ON) Silent Devinci Racing 3:38.24
22 Jordie Lunn (BC) Jamis Biles/Rockstar Energy 3:38.32
23 Drew Paulter (ON) Primary/TREK/SRAM 3:38.34
24 Jeff Hunter (BC) Cove Bikes 3:38.62
24 Tyler Gnitt (BC) Independent 3:38.62
26 Dan Skogland (BC) Cove Bikes 3:40.00
27 Sidney Slotegraaf (ON) Lapierre/Raceface 3:43.04
28 Ross Measures (BC) Knolly Bikes/SRAM 3:44.09
29 Cameron Woods (BC) 3:44.23
30 Jean Sebastion Therrien (BC) Trident Sports/Banshee Racing 3:44.97
31 Jeff Beeston (BC) Trail Bicycles/Eatmore Sprouts 3:45.09
32 Aaron Dobie (BC) Dunbar Cycles 3:47.49
33 Justin MacKnish (QC) Lamar Cycles/Morewood 3:47.63
34 Ross Roseingrave (Irl) Dunbar Cycles 3:48.81
35 James Frost (ON) Utopia Optics, Leatt Brace, Rudy Project 3:48.82
36 Mitch Thornton (AB) Giant / Dakine / Cyclepath 3:49.09
37 Benoit LaBelle (QC) Lama Cycles 3:50.26
38 Maxime Fortin Faubert (QC) Independent 3:51.34
39 Ken Faubert (BC) Dunbar Cycles 3:51.82
40 Guillame Lafleur-Smith (QC) Xprezo 3:54.93
41 Kevin Landry (BC) Banshee/Trident Factory Racing 3:55.02
42 Bryden Rigets (BC) CCN/Intense/SuspensionWerx 3:56.23
43 Robert Venables (BC) Dunbar Cycles 3:56.82
44 Tyler Paksi (AB) Independent 4:08.94
45 Derek Plehwe (AB) XPRESS RACING 4:09.36
46 Mike Trickett (NL) Freeride Mountain Sports 4:10.58
47 Mark Noftall (NL) Freeride Mountain Sports 4:21.02
48 Cole Carter (BC) DHRacer/Intersport/Specialized/Nema 5:04.15
DNS Adam Mautle (BC) Dunbar Cycles/Sombrio
DNS Adrian Cleary Cleary (BC) Skyride Cycle
DNS Bill Macewen (BC) Steed Cycles
DNS Kyle Lockyer (ON) Devinci
DNS Taylor Rowlands (ON) Independent



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