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August 24/97 20:18 pm - Lots of News!

Posted by Editor on 08/24/97

Tour Feminin

Stage 10, ITT in Le Beausset - 18.6 km

1. Zulfia Zabirova (Rus) 22:41
2. Linda Jackson (Can) at 0:28
3. Barbara Heeb (Sch) 0:54
4. Fabiana Luperini (Ita) 1:05
5. Valentina Polkhanova (Rus) 1:08
6. Elisabeth Emery (Fra) 1:09

Stage 11, Le Cannet to Nice - 113.6 km

1. Juanita Feldhahn (Australia) 3:19:04
2. Zinaida Stagourskaia (Blr) at 0:40
3. Izaskun Pérez (Spa)
4. Iolanta Polikeviciute (Lit)
5. Rasa Polikeviciute (Lit)
6. Teodora Ruano (Spa) all s.t.

GC after Stage 11:

1. Fabiana Luperini (Ita) 30:10:40
2. Barbara Heeb (Sch) at 2:46
3. Linda Jackson (Can) 3:21
4. Valentina Polkhanova (Rus) 4:57
5. Iolanta Polikeviciute (Lit) 5:45

Preliminary Final GC

1 Fabiana Luperini (ITA)
2 Barb Heeb (SUI) at 2:36
3 Linda Jackson (CAN) 5:02

GP Suisse (World Cup), Basle to Zurich - 237 kms

1. Davide Rebellin (Italy) 6:18:55
2. Jan Ullrich (Germany)
3. Rolf Sorensen (Denmark)
4. Stephane Heulot (France)
5. Richard Virenque (France)
6. Michele Bartoli (Italy)
7. Maarten Den Bakker (Netherlands)
8. Alberto Elli (Italy)
9. Yvon Ledanois (France)
10.Alexandre Gontchenkov (Russia)
11.Beat Zberg (Switzerland)
12.Gianluca Bortolami (Italy)
13.Roberto Petito (Italy)
14.Andrea Tafi (Italy)
15.Daniele Nardello (Italy)
16.Mirko Celestino (Italy)
17.Enrico Zaina (Italy)
18.Laurent Roux (France)
19.Udo Bolts (Germany) all s.t.
20.Mauro Gianetti (Switzerland) at 0:07

World Cup Standings

1. Sorenson 275 points
2. Bartoli 228
3. Rebellin 205
4. Tafi 202
5. Zberg 135
6. Elli 120
7. Laurent Jalabert (France) 114
8. Maximilian Sciandri (Britian) 113
9. Andrei Tchmil (Ukraine) 112
10.Jo Planckaert (Belgium) 106
11.Gontchenkov 106
12.Bjarne Riis (Denmark) 100
13.Erik Zabel (German) 100
14.Frederic Guesdon (France) 100
15.Bortolami 100
16.Davide Casarotto (Italy) 98
17.Johan Museeuw (Belgium) 95
18.Frederic Moncassin (France) 94
19 Andrea Ferrigato (Italy) 90
20.Heulot 84

Norba Nationals Downhill Final - Park City, Utah


1. Shaun Palmer (Mountain Dew-Specialized) 4:48.79
2. John Tomac (Giant-Answer Manitou) 4:50.41
3. Myles Rockwell (Volvo-Cannondale) 4:50.43
4. Brian Lopes (Mongoose) 4:52.89
5. Scott Sharples (Trek-Volkswagen) 4:53.86


1. Cheri Elliott (Intense-Maxxis) 5:25.29
2. Leigh Donovan (Mongoose) 5:27.96
3. Kim Sonier (Volvo-Cannondale) 5:37.94
4. Mikki Douglass (Mountain Dew-Specialized) 5:38.74
5. Katrina Miller (KHS) 5:43.25

8. Elladee Brown (Rocky Mountain) Canada 5:57.59

Wohlberg Takes Hotter Than Hell Opener (thanks to H. for this)

Just got news from Eric Wohlberg. He is riding Hotter than Hell with Shaklee. The first stage was a ITT. He put 50 seconds on second place. There are several big teams participating. A Saturn rider, Plymouth, and the US National Team. He says he is feeling tired from all the travelling but he is still going awfully fast.

Ontario Executive Director Leaves

While in Montreal earlier this week for a meeting with the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC - see below), I had the chance to ask the Ontario Cycling Association Executive Director, Blair Webster, about a rumour we had heard - that he was leaving the OCA. Blair confirmed that this was true, to take effect at the end of the first week of September. While this is a blow for the OCA (Blair has run the OCA office for some 5 years, by my reckoning), we are happy for Blair personally - he will be moving on to a City of Mississauga position with the Mississauga Sports Council. The OCA Board will be meeting on September 8th to start looking for a new E.D.

Mechanic Certification Starts

We wrote earlier in the year about a new Bicycle Mechanic Certification Program that was under development - well, it has now been approved and is to begin this fall. After presentations to the Board of the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC), the Certification standards for two levels of bicycle mechanic - Assembler and Repair - have now been approved. Certification examinations are scheduled to begin in November, and information sessions will be held in about 3 weeks, at the Canadian bicycle trade show in Toronto. For more information about the Mechanic Certification Program, contact either BTAC (514-393-1132) or us. Why us? Well, our editor wrote the standards...

We are just catching up on all the news that has come in while we were at the Ontario Provincials, so stay tuned for numerous updates over the next 24 hours.


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