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July 17/10 16:25 pm - MTB XC Nationals - Men Updates

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/10

Our coverage of the 2010 Nationals brought to you with the support of Shimano


Be sure to check out the link for the Live Video Feed


The Elite men are off for the start loop followed by 5 full laps of the 7.5m km course


Current temperature is 23C and the sun is still shining


35 Elite Men

24 U23 Men


Elite Men


Group all together as they head out onto the first full lap


Lap 1


Elite Men

A group of ~ 20 has begun to form


Up the main climb it is Cameron Jette  (La Bicicletta Elite Team) leading Geoff Kabush  (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain), Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing), Max Plaxton (Team Sho Air/Specialized) and Marty Lazarski (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) and a long line of riders


At 2.5 km in: Zandstra, Kabush and Plaxton have separated themselves and have a small gap being chased by Marty Lazarski (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) at ~ 5 seconds


There is a bit of a breeze - a headwind heading out and the tailwind coming into the finish


In the U23's XC Skiing Olympian Alex Harvery is back racing some MTB


Lap 2


As they head out onto the 2nd lap Plaxton, Kabush and Zandsta together at the front. 


Out on course it is Plaxton on the front with Zandstra 2nd and Kabush bringing up the rear.  Then a group with Eric Batty (Trek Canada), Marty Lazarski (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) , Kris Sneddon (KONA) and Raphaël Gagne (Équipe Québec/Rocky Mountain Factory Team) all at 40 sec


Gagne struggling a bit to hold on


Laundry Chute ~ 1/2 way through the lap:  Zandstra in the lead folowed by Plaxton and Kabush


U 23 Men


Start of lap 2

Francis Morin (Team Quebec/Specialized) leading followed by Zachary Hughes (Norco Factory Team), Jared Stafford (Bikesports Racing) Justin Middleton (ERTC/Revolution)and Andrew L'esperance (Cyclesmith/Trek) all under 2 sec



Lap 3


Elite Men

Still the 3 leaders:  Plaxton, Kabush and Zandstra.  Chase group of 3:  Batty, Sneddon and Lazarski at 1:23.  Matthew Hadley (XPREZO - Borsac) at 1:35, Cory Wallace (KONA) at 1:46


Kabush has moved to the front and is starting to put the pressure on


at 2 km in - just past Eyedropper:  same 3 at front with the 3 chasers: Lazarski, Batty and Sneddon at 1:22.  Wallace and Hadley now together at 2 min.  Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team) is 9th and moving up.  Jared Stafford (Bikesports Racing) top U23 is 10th


Through the Laundrey Chute (~ 1/2 way)  Zandstra leading Palaxton and Kabush


U 23 Men


Leader is Jared Stafford (Bikesports Racing)


Jared Stafford (Bikesports Racing) top U23 is 10th, Zachary Hughes (Norco Factory Team) at 25 sec back and Francis Morin (Team Quebec/Specialized) in 3rd



Wind is starting to blow a bit harder


Lap 4


2 to go


Elite Men


Across the line and Zandstra and Kabush have dropped Plaxton.  Kabush at the front setting the pace.  Plaxton at 9 sec

Sneddon at 2:28 and Batty at 2:29.  Lazarski at 2:51.  Wallace at and Hadley at 3:06.  Watson at 3:40, Glassford at 4:15, Sessford at 4:28, Widmer at 4:32, Gagne at 4:33


Up the 1st climb and Plaxton is about to make contact again


At the eyedropper and Plaxton is back on.  Batty and Sneddon at 2:40.  Lazarski just behind them.  Wallace  and Hadley at 3:08


Lazarski, Wallace and Hadley are all together now


Kabush has attacked and has gapped Plaxton and Zandstra


U23 Men


Jared Stafford still leading with Hughes 2nd at 1:16.  Morin at 1:17


Lap 5


Elite Men


Starting the last lap

Kabush now off the front with a gap of on Plaxton at 15 sec with Zandstra at 29 sec 

Batty and Sneddon at 4:37.  (6) Wallace at 4:57. (7) Hadley at 4:58. (8)Watson at 5:29, (9) Lazarski at 5:37, (10) Glassford at 6:36, (11)Gagne at 6:52


At the Eyedropper: Kabush leading Plaxton by 18 sec and Zandstra at 41.


At the Laundry Chute Plaxton is 35 seconds back and Zandstra is at another 25 sec +


U23 Men


Stafford still leading with Morin at 1:03 and Zachary Hughes at 1:47



Geoff Kabush (BC) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain will wear the National Champion's jersey for another year (8th)



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