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July 20/10 23:15 pm - Tour de l Abitibi: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/20/10

Results from the first stage in Abitibi Quebec


Le Tour de l'Abitibi has officially begun now that the first stage of this classic Junior stage race has been completed.

American James Laberge from Team Specialized Juniors took the final sprint, and becomes the first race leader of the 2010 race.  Several breakaways were attempted along the 94.6 kilometre route connecting Preissac to Val-d'Or, but the 154 rider peloton came back together for the final sprint in Val-d'Or.

Jean-Samuel Deshaies, member of the Canadian National Team took second, with Philippe Nadon from the Québec team third.  Both riders are native to the region, hailing from Amos. The race was completed in 2 hours 39 minutes and 27 seconds.

The 17 year old Junior Laberge claims the all of the coveted brown, orange and blue jerseys. The second stage of the Coupe des Nations event will take place tomorrow [Wednesday], with a 106.7 kilometre race. The race will begin in Amos, the home town of seven of the cyclists taking part in the competition, and will end in Val-d'Or.



Stage 1: Preissac to Val-d'Or Road Race, 94.6 km
1 James Laberge (USA) Team Specialized Racing Juniors 2:12:54
2 Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Can) Team Canada
3 Philippe Nadon (Can) Team Québec
4 Robin Carpenter (USA) Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
5 Louis Wright (NZl) New Zealand National Team
6 Juan Carmona (USA) Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
7 Chandler Knop (USA) Team Holowesko Partners
8 Mathew Lipscomb (USA) South Eastern Regional
9 Wataru Mutsumine (Jpn) Japanese National Team
10 Craig Logan (Can) Team Canada
11 Dion Smith (NZl) New Zealand National Team
12 Wesley Kline (USA) Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
13 Raphaël Massé-Viau (Can) Team Québec
14 Benjamin Swedberg (USA) USA National Team
15 Paul Lynch (USA) USA National Team
16 Eamon Franck (USA) Team Specialized Racing Juniors
17 Graham Dewart (USA) Pro Chain Junior Cycling
18 James Oram (NZl) New Zealand National Team
19 Jeffrey Perrin (USA) Mid Atlantic Regional
20 David Kessler (USA) Team Holowesko Partners
21 Brandon Feehery (USA) Borah Development
22 Peter Taylor (USA) Team Specialized Racing Juniors
23 Andrew Ramage (USA) Mid-South Regional
24 Edison Turner (USA) DIY Music
25 Félix Côté-Bouvette (Can) Team Québec
26 Nathaniel Beams (USA) Pro Chain Junior Cycling
27 Nate Geoffrion (USA) USA National Team
28 Jacob Arnold (USA) Team Holowesko Partners
29 Jean-Michel Naud (Can) Team Québec
30 Tanner Putt (USA) South Eastern Regional
31 Jordan Brochu (Can) Team Québec
32 Angelo Ramon (USA) South Eastern Regional
33 Benjamin Salibra (USA) Colavita Racing
34 Lachlan Morton (Aus) Team Holowesko Partners
35 Nick Sutton (NZl) New Zealand National Team
36 Kris Dahl (Can) Team Canada
37 Andrew Hemesath (USA) Team Holowesko Partners
38 Alex Cataford (Can) Team Canada
39 James Bird (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
40 Michael Dalterio (Can) Espoirs Saputo
41 Frédéric Poisson (Can) Team Canada
42 Koji Nagase (Jpn) Japanese National Team
43 Ryan MacDonald (Can) Team Canada
44 David Novak (USA) Mid Atlantic Regional
45 Philippe Vézina (Can) Équipe Atrium CC2-R
46 Scott Creighton (NZl) New Zealand National Team
47 Simon-Pierre Maltais (Can) Nippour/ Devinci
48 Jason King (Can) Team Ontario
49 Daniel Farinha (USA) USA National Team
50 AJ Snovel (USA) Mid Atlantic Regional
51 Thomas Jondall (USA) USA National Team
52 Zack Noonan (USA) Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
53 Colt Peterson (USA) USA National Team
54 Thomas Folly (Can) Nippour/ Devinci
55 Michael Dziedzic (USA) Mid-South Regional
56 Jacob Gorke (USA) Colavita Racing
57 Ben Barthel (USA) Mid-South Regional
58 Olivier Delaney (Can) Team Québec
59 Torey Philipp (USA) Team Specialized Racing Juniors
60 Gabriel Murray (USA) Mid-South Regional
61 John Tomlinson (USA) Borah Development
62 Neal Shepherd (USA) South Eastern Regional
63 Jonathan Merritt (USA) South Eastern Regional
64 Nicholas Hand (NZl) New Zealand National Team
65 David Benkoski (USA) Team Specialized Racing Juniors
66 Booey Hottenstein (USA) Hotel San Jose
67 William Rader (USA) Hotel San Jose
68 Paul Kumm (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team all s.t.
69 William Zellmer (USA) Mid Atlantic Regional 0:14
70 Sirironnachai Sarawut (Tha) Thailand National Team
71 Taylor Gaines (USA) Pro Chain Junior Cycling
72 Seehabuntong Poompat (Tha) Thailand National Team all s.t.
73 Jess Neufeld (Can) Team Alberta 0:21
74 Sanikwathi Thanawut (Tha) Thailand National Team
75 Alexandre Tremblay (Can) Équipe Atrium CC2-R
76 Émile Jean (Can) Espoirs Saputo
77 Daniel Choto (Biz) Belize National Team
78 Wei Chen (USA) Colavita Racing
79 David Onsow (Can) Équipe régionale Abitibi
80 Evan Wynn (USA) DIY Music
81 Nicholas Roeder (USA) Mid Atlantic Regional all s.t.
82 Shogo Ichimaru (Jpn) Japanese National Team 0:24
83 Masaru Nakazato (Jpn) Japanese National Team 0:31
84 Milo Del Bigio (USA) Team Alberta 0:52
85 Thomson Remo (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 1:17
86 Ohko Shimizu (Jpn) Japanese National Team 1:20
87 Sianglam Satjakul (Tha) Thailand National Team 1:45
88 Michael Pincus (USA) Hotel San Jose 1:51
89 Jos Chalmers (USA) Florida Velo Junior Development 2:01
90 Julien Langlois (Can) Espoirs Saputo
91 David Goodman (USA) South Eastern Regional
92 Max Kaplan (USA) Colavita Racing
93 Scott Stern (USA) Équipe Atrium CC2-R all s.t.
94 Noah MacCallum (Can) Team Ontario 2:04
95 Alexander Spook (USA) Florida Velo Junior Development 2:07
96 Samuel Geyer (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
97 Benoît Lantagne (Can) Équipe régionale Abitibi
98 Christopher Bernard (Can) Espoirs Saputo
99 Jukrapech Wichana (Tha) Thailand National Team
100 Neal Forbes (USA) Pro Chain Junior Cycling
101 Jimmy Lapointe (Can) Équipe régionale Abitibi
102 Ryan Gadow (USA) Mid Atlantic Regional all s.t.
103 Thomas Desjardins (Can) Équipe Atrium CC2-R 2:42
104 Kiernan Orange (Can) Espoirs Saputo
105 Jeffrey Alpert (USA) Young Medalists/Team Dual
106 Brian Trafford (Can) Team Ontario all s.t.
107 Andrew Jr. Lanier (USA) Team Specialized Racing Juniors 3:07
108 Alexander Meyer (USA) Borah Development 3:11
109 Simon-Pierre Gauthier (Can) Espoirs Saputo 3:13
110 Blaise Limoges (Can) Équipe régionale Abitibi
111 Sean Lynch (USA) Colavita Racing both s.t.
112 Alex Battles-Wood (USA) Hotel San Jose 3:14
113 Ian Mcgauvran (USA) Florida Velo Junior Development s.t.
114 Tony Wieczorek (USA) Borah Development 3:16
115 Ty Andrews (Can) Team Alberta 3:28
116 Darren Williams (Biz) Belize National Team s.t.
117 Christopher Bennette (USA) Florida Velo Junior Development 3:35
118 Ryan Burns (USA) Colavita Racing 4:22
119 Graham Courtney (Can) Team Alberta 4:28
120 Jacob Bouchard (Can) Nippour/ Devinci 4:48
121 Austin Armstrong (Biz) Belize National Team 5:14
122 Luke Lininger (USA) Borah Development 5:16
123 Cody Tapley (USA) Hotel San Jose 6:19
124 Ian Sullivan (USA) DIY Music 6:38
125 Greg Brown (USA) Borah Development s.t.
126 Marc-Antoine Labelle (Can) Équipe Atrium CC2-R 9:13
127 Brian Lark (USA) Pro Chain Junior Cycling s.t.
128 Jérémie Lavoie-Doyon (Can) Nippour/ Devinci 9:15
129 Kyle Gentle (Biz) Belize National Team 10:07
130 Rhys Rathbun (USA) Team Holowesko Partners s.t.
131 Melvin Tillett (Biz) Belize National Team 10:23
132 Charles Matte (Can) Nippour/ Devinci 14:37
133 Taylor Warren (USA) Florida Velo Junior Development 16:02
134 Charles Chazz Martin (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 16:44
135 Robert Chorost (USA) Mid-South Regional 17:30
136 Bryce Mouneyres (Fra) Nippour/ Devinci
137 Johnathan Freter (USA) Pro Chain Junior Cycling
138 Naoto Yokoya (Jpn) Japanese National Team
139 Mackenzie Garvin (Can) Team Alberta
140 Chris Balestrini (Can) Team Ontario
141 Vance Fletcher (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
142 Alex Parks (USA) Hotel San Jose
143 Francis Desbiens (Can) Équipe Atrium CC2-R all s.t.
144 Maxwell Robb (USA) DIY Music 17:35
145 Mackensie Carson (Can) Team Alberta 17:38
146 Dominic Proulx-Fournier (Can) Équipe régionale Abitibi 17:39
147 Gabriel Charlton (Can) Team Ontario 20:34
148 Richard Vera (Biz) Belize National Team 21:38
OTL Patrick McGinley (Can) Young Medalists/Team 28:33
OTL Christopher Flanagan (USA) Mid-South Regional 28:33
OTL Michael Raynor (USA) DIY Music 30:47
DNF Bradley Gordon (USA) Florida Velo Junior Dev
DNF Connor Williams (USA) DIY Music
DNF Brandon Spencer (Can) Team Ontario


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