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July 31/10 8:31 am - Val di Sole: Men XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 07/31/10

The men are on track.  6 laps plus start loop.  It is getting really hot.  Mid 20's


Our coverage made possible with the support of Shimano


Start loop

Jaroslav Kulhavy (Rubena-Birell-Specialized Cycling Team) was at the front at the end of the start loop with last weeks winner Florian Vogel (Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing) on his wheel.  World Champion Nino Schurter (Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing) 3rd, Julien Absalon (Orbea) 4th, Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) 5th, Manuel Fumic (Cannondale Factory Racing) 6th


Lap 1

Florian Vogel (Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing) has the lead followed by Nino Schurter (Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing)


8:44 am

~ 1/2 way through lap 1

There is a group of 4 beginning to establish at the front.  Vogel, Schurter, Absalon and Hermida.


There is a small chase group of 6


Kabush sitting 14th.... in the 2nd chase group


8:49 am


Leaders have been joined by Ralph Naf (Multivan Merida Biking Team and Mathias Flückiger  (Trek World Racing) as they finish lap 1


Lap 2

Vogel, Absalon, Schurter at 1 sec, Hermida at st, Mathias Flückiger (Trek World Racing) 2 sec, Naf at st.

Burry Stander (Specialized Factory Racing) 7th at 9 sec. Jaroslav Kulhavy (Rubena-Birell-Specialized Cycling Team) 10 sec,


Kabush 29th at 1:41 back



8:56 am


Up the first climb

Vogel leading Schurter.  Hermida 3rd, Absalon sitting 4th, Flückiger 5th, Naf 6th. 

Stander chasing in 7th at 11 sec.


9:00 am

At half way - through the feedzone and now heading up the 2nd climb. Vogel at the front leading Hermida, Absalon, Schurter,  Fluckiger.  Naf has been dropped.  Stander 7th, Jaroslav Kulhavy 8th


Kabush well back in 40's now.  Zandstra and Watson in 50's


Lap 3


As they head out onto the 3rd lap:  Schurer leading Hermida, with Absalon sitting 3rd, Vogel 4th, Fluckiger 5th.


Naf 6th at 16 sec.  Stander 7th at 32 sec


9:13 am

Up the steep climb Leaders still all together. Mathias Flückiger is dropping off the back a bit.  Kulhavy has passed Stander to move into 7th


9:16 am

Heading up the big climb

Hermida has moved in the front position, with Schurter 2nd, Absalon 3rd and Vogel 4th.  Flückiger 5th bat gapped


Note:  All leaders are on hardtail bikes


9:20 am

Hermida still at the front.  Flückiger has joined back on


Kabush is having a very bad day.  Now sitting in 80's


The wind has really picked up, so that will help a bit with the heat


Lap 4

Absalon at the front leading the 5 across the line.  Naf still 6th at 20 sec , Kulhay 7th at 44 sec, Stander 8th at 53 sec, Moritz Milatz (Multivan Merida Biking Team) 9th, Christoph Sauser (Specialized Factory Racing) 10th at 1:10

Todd Wells (Specialized Factory Racing) 17th at 1:58 back, Adam Craig (Rabobank-Giant Offroad Team) 25th,

Zandstra 64th, Watson 65th, Jette 114,  Morka 128


Kabush has dropped out


9:30 am

Schurter has attacked up the first climb taking the lead Vogel, Absalon and Flückiger have reponded, but Hermida has dropped off now 25 sec back



9:34 am

Through the feedzone at about 1/2 way around and the Swiss are in control.  Absalon sitting 3rd letting the Swiss set the pace



9:40 am

Through the feedzone for the 2nd time and finishing the 4th lap


Lap 5


Starting the 5th lap Absalon leading Schurter and Vogel.  Flückiger at 1 sec.  Naf now 5th at 28 sec back, Kulhavy 6th 1:05. Stander 7th at 1:26, Milaz 8th, Sauser 9th

Hermida has cracked now 10th

Wells 16th, Craig 23rd, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Subaru-Trek) 27th, Sam Schultz (Subaru-Trek) 35th


9:45 am

Up the climb and the 3 swiss have gone to the front.  Absalon sitting 4th


The climbs are really taking a toll.  A lot of riders cracking


Thomas Frishneckt "Competiton is the best foundation to getting better" and the Swiss are proving it again and again


9:50 am

Through the feedzone before the big climb

Lead group now 3 with Schurter leading Absalon and Vogel bringing up the rear


9:52 am

Absalon has atacked jumped to the lead position as they head up the climb, Schurter reponds


9:54 am

Absalon at the front putting the pressure on as they head to the end of the lap


Last Lap

Heading into the final lap:  Absalon leading Schurter and Vogel.  Flückiger at 30 sec.  Naf 5th at 1:02 , Kulhavy 6th at 1:35 back. Milatz 7th at 2:15. Stander 8th , Hermida 9th, Ruben Ruzafa Cueto (Orbea) 10th, Lukas Flückiger (Trek World Racing) 11th,

Wells 18th, Craig 19th, JHK 26th, Zandstra 56th, Watson 61st


10:04 am

Schurter has attacked on the climb taking Absalon with him and Vogel has dropped back a bit


10:08 am


Absalon has attacked on the descent and through the feedzone it is now only 2 in the lead



Starting up the big final climb and Schurter attacks and takes the lead


10:10 am

Absalon attacks and Schurter responds


10:11 am

On the descent and Absalon leading, Schurter on his wheel


10:12 am

Absalon has a gap



Back together



Schurter has the lad and a good gap  and takes his 2nd win of the season




1 Nino Schurter (Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing), 1:44:09
2 Julien Absalon (Orbea), at 0:04
3 Florian Vogel (Scott-Swisspower MTB-Racing), 0:20
4 Mathias Flückiger * (Trek World Racing), 1:26
5 Ralph Naef (Multivan Merida Biking Team), 1:46













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