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August 12/10 15:33 pm - Mi-Août en Bretagne: Stage 1, Boivin wins UPDATED full results

Posted by Editoress on 08/12/10

Guillaume Boivin wins stage one at Mi-Août en Bretagne

Guillaume Boivin of SpiderTech powered by Planet Energy wins the 1st stage at Mi-Août en Bretagne UCI 2.2 stage race and will wear the yellow leader’s jersey for Stage 2.

Twenty six teams of six riders each lined up for the start of Stage 1 in Plouec-du-Trieux, Brittany, France. Team SpiderTech predicted that it would be an aggressive race and difficult for six rider teams to control. It was planned to race from the front, ensure the team covered the breakaways and never miss important big splits in the peloton.

After only 40 km a lead group of approximately 25 riders emerged containing 3 SpiderTech powered by Planet Energy men: David Boily, Guillaume Boivin and Keven Lacombe. Most teams were represented in front but shortly thereafter a counter-attack group joined making the front group grow in size to 34 men.   The peloton had no more interest to continue the chase and the lead group cruised away.

The 177 km stage finished with 9 laps of a tough 8.2 km, narrow, technical circuit with an 800 metres hill which began steeply and topped out with some sustained false flat. After 2 laps the attacks began with David Boily following a breakaway of five men including riders from Bretagne-Schuller, Cofidis, Cotes d’Armor and BKCP-PowerPlus.

From behind came a counter attack including Boivin was launched the following lap. The chase group had difficulty bridging the 30 seconds to the leaders so Boily dropped back to the aid of Boivin. Without support of the others in the chase they were quickly absorbed by the remainder of the lead peloton of 20 riders. With 2 laps remaining Keven Lacombe and David Boily targeted at the front for an all out final chase to reduce the 3 leaders one minute gap with the tactic of giving Boivin a chance to win the sprint.

Crossing the finish line with 1 lap remaining, the SpiderTech powered by Planet Energy duo of Lacombe and Boily had reduced the lead to a mere 11 seconds. On the final climb Boivin waited patiently to attack as none of the chase group was willing to attack first. At the mid point of the ascent Boivin opened up one attack then waited some more. As the hill was crested he made an all out attempt to bridge to the leaders over the false flat summit. At the turn to enter the descent Boivin had bridged to the front group with one other rider making lead breakaway 5 men at 15 seconds to the chase.

In the sprint for the victory Guillaume blasted his competitors taking the win and the Yellow jersey. Team-mates Lacombe and Boily finished off the pace having sacrificed all for the team victory. The rest of team SpiderTech finished in the peloton.

Courtesy SpiderTech powered by Planet Energy

Stage 1: Plouëc du Trieux to Pontrieux, 171 km
1 Guillaume Boivin (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) 4:05:55
2 Fabien Sidaner (Cotes d'Armor Cyclisme) at 0:01
3 Mathieu Halleguen (Bretagne-Schuller)
4 Julien Fouchard (Cofidis le Credit en Ligne) both s.t.
5 Jack Anderson (Team Sprocket) 0:04
6 Matthew Brammeier (An Post- Sean Kelly) 0:09
7 Ludovic Poilvet (Uc Briochine) s.t.
8 Jean-Luc Delpech (Bretagne-Schuller) 0:34
9 Amindo Fonseca (Cotes d'Armor Cyclisme)
10 Vegard Robinson Buge (Team Joker Bianchi)
11 Nicolas David (Cotes d'Armor Cyclisme)
12 Stijn Steels (Qin Cycling Team)
13 Pieter Ghyllebert (An Post- Sean Kelly)
14 Arnaud Labbe (Cofidis le Credit en Ligne)
15 Kristian House (Rapha Condor-Sharp)
16 Kevin Lalouette (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
17 Lilian Jegou (Bretagne-Schuller)
18 Sondre Gjerdevik Sörtveit (Team Joker Bianchi)
19 Laurent Le Gac (BIC 2000)
20 Emmanuel Keo (Sojasun Espoir) all s.t.
21 Niels Albert (BKCP-Powerplus) 0:37
22 Ronan Mc Laughlin (An Post- Sean Kelly) 0:40
23 Guillaume Pont (Sp Tableware) 1:18
24 Vegard Stake Laengen (Team Joker Bianchi) 3:04
25 Stian Remme (Team Joker Bianchi) s.t.
26 David Boily (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) 5:15
27 Kevin Lacombe (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) s.t.
28 Niklas Gustavsson (Team Sprocket) 8:22
29 Cyril Vincenti (Team U Nantes)
30 Florian Le Corre (Sojasun Espoir)
31 Georgios Karatzios (Sp Tableware)
32 Tomoya Kano (Bridgestone Anchor) all s.t.
33 Arnaud Jouffroy (BKCP-Powerplus) 10:40
34 Julien Morice (Vendee U)
35 Aurélien Ribet (AVC Aix-En-Provence)
36 Fredrik Johansson (Team Sprocket)
37 Thomas Berkhout (Van Vliet-Ebh-Elshof)
38 Philip Lavery (An Post- Sean Kelly)
39 Ryohei Komori (Vendee U)
40 James Sampson (British National Team)
41 Ingar Stokstad (Team Joker Bianchi) all s.t.
42 Colin Menc-Molina (AVC Aix-En-Provence) 10:44
43 Dan Craven (Rapha Condor-Sharp) s.t.
44 Matthieu Jeannes (Cotes d'Armor Cyclisme) 10:47
45 Yauheni Patenka (Centre Mondial Du Cyclisme) 12:48
46 Gwenaël Simon (BIC 2000) s.t.
47 Grégoire Le Calvé (Hennebont Cyclisme) 12:51
48 Shinichi Fukushima (Geumsan Ginseng Asia)
49 Christoph Springer (Sp Tableware)
50 David Chopin (Hennebont Cyclisme)
51 Francesco Van Coppernolle (Qin Cycling Team)
52 Filip Rudenstam Robin (Team Sprocket)
53 Chan Jae Jang (Centre Mondial Du Cyclisme)
54 Jun-Oh Kwon (Geumsan Ginseng Asia)
55 Hyeong Min Choe (Geumsan Ginseng Asia)
56 Jack Vermeulen (Van Vliet-Ebh-Elshof)
57 Florian Boisseau (Team U Nantes)
58 Walter Fernando Pedraza Morales (Sp Tableware)
59 Romain Guillemois (Vendee U)
60 Kevin Ista (Cofidis le Credit en Ligne)
61 Ioannis Tamouridis (Sp Tableware)
62 Marek Canecky (Centre Mondial Du Cyclisme)
63 Tristan Valentin (Cofidis le Credit en Ligne)
64 Anuar Manan (Geumsan Ginseng Asia)
65 Thomas Lebas (AVC Aix-En-Provence)
66 Maxime Daniel (Sojasun Espoir)
67 Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Van Vliet-Ebh-Elshof)
68 Maxime Renault (Sojasun Espoir)
69 Bram Schmitz (Van Vliet-Ebh-Elshof)
70 Stephane Bonsergent (Bretagne-Schuller)
71 Simon Le Guevel (Hennebont Cyclisme)
72 Jonathan Balbuena (AVC Aix-En-Provence)
73 Sylvain Cheval (BIC 2000)
74 Thibault Jeannes (BIC 2000)
75 Pete Williams (British National Team)
76 Zakkari Dempster (Rapha Condor-Sharp)
77 Baptiste Pecheul (Sojasun Espoir)
78 Young Uk Kim (Geumsan Ginseng Asia)
79 Westley Gough (Team Sprocket)
80 Ki Hong Yoo (Geumsan Ginseng Asia)
81 Daniel Teklehaymanot (Centre Mondiale Du Cyclisme)
82 Julien Jégou (Cotes d'Armor Cyclisme)
83 Makoto Iijima (Bridgestone Anchor)
84 Ki Ho Choi (Centre Mondial Du Cyclisme)
85 Rune Van Der Meijden (Van Vliet-Ebh-Elshof)
86 Guillaume Blot (Cofidis le Credit en Ligne)
87 Fabrice Seigneur (Sojasun Espoirs)
88 Matthieu Bernaudeau (Vendee U)
89 Gregory Obando Brenes (Burgos 2016 - Castilla y León)
90 Ian Bibby (British National Team)
91 Mathieu Cloarec (Uc Briochine)
92 Etienne Pieret (Vendee U)
93 Tom Copeland (BIC 2000)
94 Ingmar De Poortere (Qin Cycling Team)
95 Jonathan Mcevoy (British National Team)
96 Bruno Langlois (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy)
97 Mark Mcnally (An Post- Sean Kelly)
98 Vincent Rouxel (Uc Briochine)
99 Romain Ramier (AVC Aix-En-Provence)
100 Connor Mcconvey (An Post- Sean Kelly)
101 Andrew Tennant (British National Team)
102 François Lancon (BIC 2000)
103 Ludovic Bret (Team U Nantes)
104 James Spragg (Qin Cycling Team)
105 Philip Gale (Hennebont Cyclisme)
106 Anthony Vignes (Team U Nantes)
107 Julien Trehin (Uc Briochine)
108 Yoann David (Ac Lanester 56)
109 Nicky Cocquyt (Qin Cycling Team)
110 Warren Barguil (Ac Lanester 56)
111 Vincent Guézennec (Ac Lanester 56)
112 Erwan Brenterch (AVC Aix-En-Provence)
113 Stefan Vreugdenhil (Van Vliet-Ebh-Elshof)
114 Jens Keukeleire (Cofidis le Credit en Ligne)
115 Yoshiaki Shimada (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
116 Johan Le Bon (Bretagne-Schuller)
117 Ronan Poulizac (Uc Briochine)
118 Michal Olejnik (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
119 Mickaël Lemasson (Hennebont Cyclisme)
120 Quentin Have (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
121 Tomasz Olejnick (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
122 Darren Lapthorne (Rapha Condor-Sharp)
123 Ben Greenwood (Rapha Condor-Sharp)
124 Jonathan Tiernan-Lock (Rapha Condor-Sharp)
125 Jorge Camilo Castiblanco Cubides (Sp Tableware)
126 Corentin Mauge (Vendee U)
127 Jérémy Loric (Hennebont Cyclisme)
128 Benjamin Lemontagner (Uc Briochine)
129 Clement Mahe (Cotes d'Armor Cyclisme)
130 Ben Berden (Qin Cycling Team)
131 Kevin Sadoudi (Ac Lanester 56)
132 Dieter Vanthourenhout (BKCP-Powerplus)
133 Philipp Walsleben (BKCP-Powerplus)
134 Gaylord Cumont (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
135 Yann Rault (Ac Lanester 56)
136 Kenji Itami (Bridgestone Anchor)
137 Vincent Ragot (Ac Lanester 56)
138 Francois Parisien (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) all s.t.


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