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August 16/10 17:20 pm - Steveston Sockeye Spin: results and photos

Posted by Editoress on 08/16/10

Results from the inaugural Steveston Sockeye Spin (Criterium) on  August 15th in Steveston BC

Photos © 2010 Lee Buckley,

Men Cat 1/2 (50 min + 3 laps)
1 Tim Abercrombie (Garneau Evolution)
2 Jacob Schwingboth (Team H&R Block Cycling)
3 Marvin Guzman (Glotman Simpson)
4 Ted Martin (Garneau Evolution)
5 Mike Laxdal (Westwood Cycles/Cannondale)
6 Garrett McLeod (Team H&R Block Cycling)
7 Rory McAdams (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Jakub Wasiela (Escape Velocity)
DNF Jeffrey Werner (Escape Velocity)
DNF Vaughn Hildebrand (IRC p/b Cameron Law Corp)
DNF Kyle Buckosky (Team Coastal)
DNF Sebastian Salas (Team H&R Block Cycling)
DNF Scott Laliberte (Westwood Cycles/Cannondale)
DNF Richard Machhein (Local Ride Racing)
DNF Russell Stead (Mighty Riders)
DNF Guy Biggar (Garneau Evolution)
DNF Matthew O'Hagan (Garneau Evolution)
DNF Andrew Kyle (Garneau Evolution)
DNF John Perkins (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Maurice Worsfold (Team Coastal)
DNF Chris Worsfold (Team Coastal)
DNF Julian Base (Westwood Cycle/Cannondale)
DNF Andrew Pinfold (United Healthcare)

Elite Women (40 min +3 laps)
1 Jenny Lehmann (Mighty Riders)
2 Shailie Sanbrooks (Russ Hays Cycling Club)
3 Sarah Coney (Stevens Racing pb The Cyclery)
4 Courtney Albert (Trek Red Truck Racing)
5 Moriah MacGregor (Equipe Feminine Specialized)
6 Nik Vogler (Westwood Cycles/Cannondale)
7 Sara Laliberte (Westwood Cycles/Cannondale)

Cat 3/4 Women (25 min + 3 laps)
1 Shawn Wenger (Interior Grasslands Cycling)
2 Jenny Gayfer (Interior Grasslands Cycling)
3 Meghan Grant (Glotman Simpson)
4 Andrea Rodgers (Glotman Simpson)
Monika Owczarek (Escape Velocity/Devo)

Men Cat 3/4 (35 min + 3 laps)
1 Cid Martinez-Arroyo
2 Raphael Lalumiere (Russ Hay's Bike Shop)
3 James Cameron (Pro City Racing)
4 Graham Fox (LaBicicletta Pro Shop)
5 Andreas Taylor (Ind)
6 Anthony E. Zackery (CVC)
7 Mark Rainer (LaBicicletta Pro Shop)
8 Doug Doyle (IRC)
9 Vasil Ganchev (Burgas)
10 Matthew Thomson (Prince George Cycling Club)
11 Ted Matson (Daryl-Evans Racing)
12 John Bromley (Team Johnny Stay Hard)
13 Rob Mulder (Steed)
14 Adam de Vos (Tripleshot Cycling)
15 Brian Griffin (Team Alliance/Norco Bikes)
16 Alex Hui (Russ Hay's Bike Shop)
17 Mike Fellows (Atomic Racing Club)
18 Kendrick Wong (Glotman Simpson)
19 Robert Bescott (CVC)
20 Simon Stanlake (Team Johnny Stay Hard)
21 James Thompson (CVC Racing)
22 Sean O'Mahony (Team Johnny Stay Hard)
23 Jonathan Braunstein (Ind)
24 Paul Schincariol (Glotman Simpson)
25 Paul McCloskey (Mighty Riders)
DNF Ira Sy (Steveston Athletic Association)
DNF David Kosick (Escape Velocity)
DNF Robert de Rot (Ind)
DNF Roman Dujmovic (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Emil Marcetta (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Kelly Jablonski (Just Giver 4PD)
DNF Ryan Heays (Escape Velocity)
DNF Warren Taylor (Ind)
DNF Jeremy Wilson (Steveston Athletic Association)
DNF Kevin MacDonald (Steed)
DNF Tristan Hughes (Devo)


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