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September 20/99 5:18 am - Ontario News

Posted by Editor on 09/20/99

Haliburton Forest MTB Festival, Ontario
(courtesy Mike Badyk)

Unlike the past 2 years when torrential rain early in the weekend had dampened things, this years Haliburton Forest MTB Festival had absolutely perfect weather. Clear skies, cool at night and low 20's during the day. No one could ask for anything more. Saturday featured the fun events, with the main highlight being the infamous Puddle Jump. A big collection of photos from the puddle jump is posted on the W.O.W. website at - go to the Photos page. It was truly amazing event, with some absolutely spectacular splatters. Saturday night was perfect for the night ride, and over 70 people showed up for a cruise through the woods. Many thanks to Dave Bishop from Haliburton Forest for conducting the Wolf Howl. It is quite the experience to be standing there in the forest with a pack of wolves howling a short distance away.

Sunday's conditions were equally great. A good sized field, with many of Ontario's top riders on the line to challenge 45 km's of tough trail. Early on in the race the theme was set - Julian Hine and Osmond Bakker as the cream of the field. At the end of the first long piece of singletrack (Poacher's Trail), Hine suffered a minor mechanical and Bakker pulled away. Hine then had to chase him down over the next 25 km. "I had ridden the last part of the course yesterday and I knew that there were a couple of climbs on the Red Trail where I could attack. I just got sight of him, bridged up and managed to gap him a bit. I was cross eyed it was so tough.", according to Hine. Bakker didn't lose sight, but a flat on the mondo-technical Normac Trail put him back many minutes behind. Hine rolled through with an amazing time of 2:03:20 to collect the $500 prize, with a disappointed Bakker in at 2:10:47. Rounding out the top three was Mike Larochelle at 2:15:00.

The women's field was a much closer contest than the men's. Only a few minutes separated the top three. The winner was Larissa Pelletteri, with a great time of 2:51:51 which put her in the top 20 overall, way ahead of a lot of the men. Second place was Maria DiLellio with a time of 2:58:09, just a couple of minutes ahead of Jennifer von Hunnius with a time of 3:00:54. A very competitive field that we hope will be even larger next year.

Full results for the Enduro and all of the fun events will be posted by Tuesday. We have a lot of data entry to do with the points and we will need this evening to complete the formating. Once again, go to the W.O.W. site at

Thanks to all of the participants how came out this weekend. We had a great time ourselves. Thanks to all of the staff at the Haliburton Forest for making the Festival happen. The prizes that you brought gave for the Festival were just amazing. Thanks also to the students from Hocking College for their work on the fun events on Saturday. Thanks also to the wolves for their incredible singing. See you up there next year!!

Whemmys Enduro 1999, Ontario

Sunday, September 19
Whispering Pines, Hepworth, Ontario
Three Hour Mountain Bike Enduro for Solo or Three-Person Relay Teams


Event Sponsor - Jolley's Cycle Centre

KONA Mountain Bikes
Natural Ice Extreme

Timing Crew
Joanne Barber
Ann Fahrun
Margo Huelshof
Betty Tuinema

Safety Crew
Doug Barber
James Greig
Ruth Scheel
St. John Ambulance

EAP Coordinator Anton van Dijk

Course Masters
John Huelshof
Martin Kerr

Excellent conditions for a field of 147!!!

Veteran Female Solo (40)
1.Terri Plummer , Waterloo 6 - 3:04:46

Junior Male Solo ( 19 & Under)
1. Andrew Erb, Owen Sound 10- 3:04:55
2. Ben Street, Fordwich 8 - 3:00:33
3. F. von Frankenberg, Elmwood 8 - 3:09:54
4. Chris Brown, Owen Sound 8 - 3:10:21
5. Joe Ferguson, Chesley 5 laps
5. Ryan Clendenning, O.S. 5 laps
7. Craig Peltsch, Port Elgin 4 laps
7. Justin West, Owen Sound 4 laps
9. Kris Plummer, Waterloo 3 laps

Senior Male Solo
1. Norm Wolfe, Fergus 10 - 3:01:20
2. Kevin Paczay, Durham 10 - 3:04:50
3. Brian Taborek, Etobicoke 10 - 3:06:17
4. Shane Jolley, Meaford 10 - 3:23:00
5. Scott Hamilton, Port Elgin 9 - 3:07:49
6. Kent Greer, Meaford 8 laps
7. Jon Plummer, Waterloo 8 - 3:02:55
8. John Scharff, Port Elgin 5 laps
Dave Bannister, Newmarket DNS

Veteran Male Solo (40 )
1. Tim Koker, Sauble Beach 9 - 3:11:57
2. James Schmidt, Hanover 9 - 3:11:58
3. Jeff Emms, Barrie 9 - 3:13:49
4. Stuart Heggie, Kimberley 8 - 3:00:55
5. Gary Turnbull, Oakville 8 - 3:20:53
6. John Broad, Elmwood 8 - 3:25:34

PeeWee Open Team (10 - 12)
1. The Psychos 9 - 3:20:49
Cory Legge, Ryan Scott, Tyler Sachs
2. Sterling Racing 7 - 3:02:15
Jon Eagleson, Colby Brill, Tyler Graham
3. The Firestorms 7 - 3:09:46
Jacob Dobson, Kaitlin Michener, Josh Fletcher

High School Male Team
1. Gruesome Twosome 12 - 3:14:28
Stephen Pedley & Cameron Anderson
2. Math Blasters 12 - 3:16:10
Scott Brown, Nick Kelly, Peter Braul
3. Avid Riders 11 - 3:04:18
Andrew Gresel, Matt Grady, Daryl Sebesta
4. Williamsford Big Wagons 11 - 3:08:29
Ian Eriksen, Ray Vickers, Aaron McComb
5. Wheelfast 11 - 3:10:22
Mike Stinson, Aaron Legge, Ben LaFlamme
6. Ruff Ryders 10 - 3:03:22
Brady McDonald, Kalen Knott, Stuart McGregor
7. Three Idiots 10 - 3:04:55
Chris Nightingale, Justin Duncan, Jon Pratt
8. Alloy Nipples 10 - 3:07:18
Ryan Warmington, J. Burrows, Brad Guse
9. Fearsome Freewheelers 10 - 3:12:57
Randy Matchett, Justin Holmes, Andrew Sayers
10. Creme de la Extreme 10 - 3:13:59
Mitchell Yurkiw, Matt Eckensweiler, Kyle McIver
11. Speed Free - No Brakes 9 - 3:00:54
Neil DeLaPlante, Daniel Fahrun, Ian Scheel
12. Outclassed 9 - 3:02:51
Brady Alexander, Alex Kus, Kevin Cockayne
13. Thakkars 9 - 3:07:59
Drew Norkum, Owen Gray, Dan Prentice
14. Three Amigos 9 - 3:15:49
Ryan Cooper, Rob Lynch, Brent Smart

High School Mixed Team
1. 2 Guys, 1 Girl & a Bike Race 10 - 3:05:12
Harrison Yurkiw, Erin Scheel, Mark Pearson
2. The Fakers 10 - 3:08:16
Don Burns, Glen Day, Adrienne Mason
3. The Cool Team 9 - 3:14:22
Alex Wade, Nick Houston, Maxine Kitto

Open Male Team
1. Dic, Doc, Dic 13 - 3:12:45
Martin Kerr, Ian Miller, Emil van Dijk
2. Orphans 12 - 3:09:03
Doug McGregor, Marc Scott, Chris Vokes
3. No Use For A Name 12 - 3:14:30
Jay Dellandrea, JD Dellandrea, Grant Eastwood
4. FFE 12 - 3:15:30
Fred Scheel, Fred Zottl, Ed DeLaPlante
5. The Posers 11 - 3:00:56
Josh Tedford, Josh Kuzdak, Mike Mellish
6. The Cursed Ones 11 - 3:03:21
Bryce Foster, Brent Darley, Mike Hackney
7. Stinky Rocky 10 - 3:00:30
Doug Gallagher, Sean LaPorte, John Carscadden
8. Over The Hill Boys 10 - 3:07:09
John Huelshof,Tom England, Anthony Lloyd
9. Trail Stump Trio 10 - 3:12:15
Brent Duguay, Dale Lamb, Rob Traplin
10. In It For The Free Swag 10 - 3:12:17
Kevin Knight, Darrin Ewacha, Randy Fulford
11. Triple Shortt 9 - 3:05:00
Chris, Curtis and Lou Shortt
12. McEwans 9 - 3:07:54
Jack Roderickson, Pete Keir, Sean Shortt
13. SJP Trio 9 - 3:09:20
Stephen May, Josh Morel, Paul Morel
14. Bolivian Army MTB Team 9 - 3:20:29
Tom Hakala, Bev Johnston, Kim Lumley
15. Team Extreme 8 - 3:02:59
Dan Wilson, Justin Wilson, Steve Livingston

Open Mixed Team
1. The Biking Animals 10 - 3:05:38
Vic Michener, Jocelyn Watt, Rich Fletcher
2. Too Out Of Shape To Care 10 - 3:07:49
Bryan Patterson, Nicole Kendal, Liesa Ratz
3. The Fall Guys 9 - 3:03:09
Michelle Urban, Cliff Renfrew, Colin McIver
4. Team Thomson 9 - 3:08:55
Scott, Anne & Mack Thomson
5. Bush Pigs 9 - 3:13:07
Angie Vokes, Pam Addison, Jeremy Bentley
6. Mixed Libido 9 - 3:16:10
Neil McCutcheon, Dave Lawson, Liza Lawson
BNB Bikers Did Not Start
Bruce, Beth and Nora Milne

Special thanks to the following:
KONA Mountain Bikes for providing lots of cool prizes
BMTS/BMI for providing cellular telephones
VeloNews and Natural Ice Extreme for all the swag
YOU, for coming out and making this a great event.

Take care,

Emil van Dijk (Rad Dad)

1999 Ontario University Cup Mountain Bike Race Series
(courtesy Brandon Meyers)

The OU CUP is in its 3rd year of existence. The series was created because mountain bike racing did not exist at the university level in Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada. It is organized and run by students and is non-profit.

The series begins with a stage race on September 25-26 at Mansfield with a MTB criterium, time trial and cross-country race. The series continues with three other races into October. For more information, please visit or


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