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September 20/99 5:20 am - BC Trials Championship

Posted by Editor on 09/20/99

BC Trials Championships
(courtesy Robin Coope)

BikeFest on Hornby Island is no more. Last year, after ten consecutive years, the Hornby Island Off Road Bike Socity elected to stop. It would be silly not to have something on Hornby, however, so this year, Tig Cross organized the first BC trials championships since 1995. September traditionally brings very good weather in BC, and this year was no exception. The twenty five riders and assorted parents, friends and significant others who made the trip were treated to extraordinarily brilliant weather. As per Hornby tradition, the trials competition was held at the beach at Tribune bay, and in the barn on the Cross family farm. In contrast to the last two years of bikefest, we laid the sections farther out along the point, to take advantage of some amazing rock structures out there. We had five sections on the beach for all categories, and managed to get a good variety of terrain. Some of the lines were on the sandy underlay, which forms smooth and slippery formations with interesting transitions. Others were predominanty on the deeply incised shale-like overlay, which is grippy, but covered in pits and grooves which can easily catch your wheels. When the action began, it was clear that this was Tom Jakab's year. Tom stormed through the beach sections, collecting only twelve points (including one five) while the rest of us got between twenty five and thirty five. Joe MacMahon and Greg Forrest were also showing promise, and left the beach in second and third respectively.

The barn sections were traditional, with bits of driftwood going off in all directions. In sport, Andrew Clough came into the barn leading, but had a hard time and ended up dropping to fourth. That allowed David Gaetz, who had a great barn, to take the category and the junior championship. Eight year old Stevie Baia is now the minime champion by the way. Stevie continues to astound everyone with his solid riding, sunny disposition and extreme youth. The barn sections really were a crowning acheivement for Jakab. He withstood the pessure, and took only ten points, and those only after victory was assured. The only other rider who met with any success there was Johansen, who managed to get from fourth to second. My own day was a bit uninspiring, although I can't point to any major problems. I just collected too many points. It's unfortuate Ryan Leech wasn't able to be there, but he is down in Orlando Florida filling in for the injured Doug White at Cirque du Soleil. Ryan and Tom are really the only Pro riders in this province. After the contest, we all repaired to the house, and then to Tig's garden, with a PA and various DJ's spinning records. To sit and drink beer and consider the amazingly dark sky while listening to dance music is a good thing.

On sunday, Tig held a speed trial, which was really a dual slalom with a couple of obstacles. Tig actually won, and Greg Forrest was second. The sport version of that event was won by Tim Clough, who didn't compete in the Trials. Thanks go to Tig Cross, AJ, Jake, Sasha, Josh, and a couple of retired guys from Squamish. We'd also like to thank Norco and Ryders for prizes.

BC Trials Chapionships, Hornby Island BC, September 18, 1999
Max points for all categories = 80

Beginner. Points / Cleans
1. Justin Tong 18 / 8
2. Sean Baia 29 / 3
3. Stevie Baia 37 / 3 BC Minime Champion
4. Dennis Howarth 70 / 0

1. David Gaetz 16 / 12 BC Junior Champion
2. Marcel Pennington 21 / 8/4
3. Jason Baia 21 / 8/3
4. Andrew Clough 23 / 9
5. Jason Nickels 28 / 7
6. Erik Lyon 52 / 3
7. Eric Bates 59 / 1
8. Lucas Hamilton 60 / 0
9. Shawn Denny 69 / 1
10. Dave Fong 69 / 0

Expert Mod
1. Vince Spronken 45 / 4 BC Mod Champion
2. Morley Wilkins 59 / 1

Pro/Expert Stock
1. Tom Jakab 22 / 10 BC Stock Champion
2. Ian Johansen 45 / 2
3. Joe McMahon 54 / 2
4. Greg Forrest 55 / 2
5. Mike Bentham 57 / 1
6. Darren Booth 61 / 3
7. Robin Coope 62 / 0
8. Morley Wilkins 67 / 1
9. Jeremy Herriot 71 / 1
10. Aaron Smeeth 76 / 0


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