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August 26/10 11:01 am - Track Nationals: Day 2 results and report

Posted by Editoress on 08/26/10

Scott Mulder repeats as Keirin National Champion and Allison Beveridge wins Keirin and Points

August 25th, Bromont, Quebec

Riders awoke to rain in Bromont on the second day of competition which caused delays, delays, and more delays. A window of opportunity presented itself late in the afternoon and the young racers were called in to get ready to finish a shortened version of the Canadian Omnium. The U17 riders competed in the Scratch Race and Points Race, but not the individual pursuit which was dropped from the program.

The U17 women started the racing with a shortened Scratch race after the Individual Pursuit was dropped from the program and the race was shortened again as it began to spit. With 2 laps notice the women turned up the speed for a fast finish that saw Laurence Paquette (Quebec) win the third event in a row. Her teammate Marie-Eve Poisson was second and Ontario rider Bailin Xie was third. The points race was a hotly contested event with several attacks from the 7 entrants. Poisson finished 1st and Paquette was in 5th to tie them for the overall Omnium lead. It was the time in the 500 meters that broke the tie and Paquette won gold, Poisson silver, and Xia bronze.

Gatineau Lambert (Quebec) placed 4th in the first two events on the U17 men’s side and worked hard to win the Scratch race, but it was back to 4th in the Points Race to finish second overall. His teammate Marc Antoine Noel was equally consistent in the Omnium event by winning all but the Scratch and walking away with the Gold medal. In third place was Justin Mallet of the Atlantic Cycling Centre.

Scott Mulder (BC), who won the Junior Keirin in 2009, decided to compete in the team pursuit as a warm-up. His team rode to a bronze medal, with Ontario in second, and Quebec in first. Mulder returned to the track for the Keirin where he won his heat and the final in the exciting event over newcomers and Junior Pan American teammates Kris Ovsenek and Daniel McKenzie-Picot rounding out the podium.

The Junior men and women were back on track for the scratch and points race respectively. Both races were very aggressive and impressive with Frederic Poisson (Quebec), Alex Cataford (Ontario), and Kris Dahl (Alberta) finishing with Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the Scratch. The women, who also raced the Keirin, had the same three on the podium with Allison Beveridge (Alberta) winning two gold medals, Florence Laplante-Lamarche (Ontario) a silver in the Keirin and Bronze in the Points, and Veronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (Quebec) the opposite.

There were two elite events that took place, the Men’s Individual Pursuit and the Women’s Team Pursuit. Laura Brown (BC), Steph Roorda (BC), and Tara Whitten (AB) who have been racing and training together all year, have put in the work to made it look easy and won the event. Team B from BC was second and Specialized Mazda was third.

Zach Bell (BC), who hasn’t raced an Individual Pursuit in years became the Canadian Champion in a time of 4:45.285 after a slow first kilometre. Remi Pelletier-Roy (QC) was second in 4:50.407, and last year’s champion Charly Vives was third in 4:50.946.

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Elite Men's Individual Pursuit
1 Zach Bell (Cycling BC) 4:45.285
2 Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Dynamiks de Contreco) 4:50.407
3 Charly Vives (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) 4:50.946
4 Ben Chaddock (Cycling BC) 4:52.735
5 Jean-Michel Lachance (Nativo / PG) 4:53.056
6 Cameron Mackinnon (Atlantic Cycling Centre) 4:53.954
7 Daniele DeFranceschi (Jet Fuel Coffee) 4:58.224
8 Stephen Meyer (JetFuel Coffee/Ontario) 4:58.632
9 Ryan Aitcheson (JetFuel Coffee) 5:00.270
10 Trevor Gunderson (Team Alberta) 5:00.313
11 Erik Mulder (Cycling BC) 5:04.521
12 Luc Dionne (Unknown) 5:05.635
13 Emile De Rosnay (Unknown) 5:07.328
14 Jean-Richard Cormier (Atlantic Cycling Centre) 5:08.571
15 Chris Reid (Unknown) 5:12.682
16 Chris Freeland (Jet Fuel Coffee) 5:16.875


Elite Women Team Pursuit
1 Team BC - A (Tara Whitten/Laura Brown/Stephanie Roorda) 3:43.980
2 Team BC - B (Sarah Coney/Rachel Canning/Jenny Lehmann) 4:06.330
3 Specialized Mazda (Moriah MacGregor/Ariane Patenaude/Joanie Caron) 4:16.370
4 (Emily Mckenzie-Picot/Stephanie Bester/Candice Vermeulen) 4:28.310


Junior Women Points race
1 Allison Beveridge (Team Alberta) 2 pts (+1 lap)
2 Veronique Drapeau- Zgoralski (Équipe du Quebec) 3 (+1 lap)
3 Florence Laplante Lamarche (Team Ontario) 1 (0)
4 Nina Nesdoly (Team Ontario) 6 (- 1 lap)
5 Audrey Labrie (Équipe du Quebec) 4 (- 1 lap)
6 Frederique Lord (Équipe du Québec) 7 (- 1 lap)
7 Jamie Heggie (Team Alberta) 5 (- 1 lap)
Junior Women's Kerien
1 Allison Beveridge (Team Alberta)
2 Florence Laplante Lamarche (Team Ontario)
3 Veronique Drapeau- Zgoralski (Équipe du Quebec)
4 Audrey Labrie (Équipe du Quebec)
5 Nina Nesdoly (Team Ontario)
6 Jamie Heggie (Team Alberta)
7 Frederique Lord (Équipe du Québec)
Junior Men's Scratch Race
1 Frederic Poisson (Équipe du Québec)
2 Alex Cataford (Team Ontario)
3 Kris Dahl (Team Alberta)
4 Brian Trafford (Team Ontario)
5 Jason King (Team Ontario)
6 Emile Jean (Équipe du Quebec)
7 Joakim Albert (Équipe du Québec)
8 Kristofer Ovsenek (Invita/FCV)
9 Chris Balestrini (Team Ontario)
10 Graham Courtney (Team Alberta)
11 Kyle Buckosky (Cycling BC)
12 Justin Zottl (La Bicicletta Elite)
13 Ty Andrews (Team Alberta)
14 Patrick McGinley (Invita FCV)
15 Kyle Rupay (Team Ontario/LaBicicletta)
DNF Eddie Reid (Cycling BC)
DNF Zachary Renwick (Cycling BC)
Junior Men's Keirin
 Qualifying results not available
Final 1-6
1 Scott Mulder (Cycling BC)
2 Kristofer Ovsenek (Invita- FCV)
3 Daniel Mckenzie-Picot (Coach V)
4 Joakim Albert (Equipe du Québec)
5 Eddie Reid (Cycling BC)
6 Justin Zottl (La Bicicletta Elite)
Final 7-13
7 Jason King (Team Ontario)
8 Kyle Buckosky (Cycling BC)
9 Ty Andrews (Team Alberta)
10 Emile Jean (Équipe du Quebec)
11 Zachary Renwick (Cycling BC)
12 Chris Balestrini (Team Ontario)
13 Patrick McGinley (Invita FCV)

U17 Women Scratch Race, 5 km
1 Laurence Paquette (Equipe du Quebec)
2 Marie- Eve Poisson (Equipe du Quebec)
3 Bailin Xie (Team Ontario)
4 Tennessee Mayer (Equipe du Quebec)
5 Kinley Gibson (Team Alberta)
6 Ariane Bonhomme (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
7 Anne- Marie Jean (Equipe du Quebec)
U17 Women Points Race, 7.5 km
1 Marie- Eve Poisson (Equipe du Quebec) 11 pts
2 Tennessee Mayer (Equipe du Quebec) 9
3 Bailin Xie (Team Ontario) 6
4 Kinley Gibson (Team Alberta) 4
5 Laurence Paquette (Equipe du Quebec) 2
6 Anne- Marie Jean (Equipe du Quebec) 1
7 Ariane Bonhomme (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 0
U17 Women Omnium Standings
1 Laurence Paquette (Equipe du Quebec) 8 pts
2 Marie- Eve Poisson (Equipe du Quebec) 8
3 Bailin Xie (Team Ontario) 13
4 Tennessee Mayer (Equipe du Quebec) 17
5 Anne- Marie Jean (Equipe du Quebec) 20
6 Ariane Bonhomme (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 23
7 Kinley Gibson (Team Alberta) 23
U17 Men Scratch Race, 7km
1 Lambert Gatineau (Equipe du Québec)
2 Marc Antoine Noel (Equipe du Québec)
3 Marc Evers (Atlantic Cycling Centre)
4 Hendrik Pineda (VC Montreal-Cycles)
5 Frederic Cossette (Equipe du Quebec)
6 Adrian George (Team Ontario)
7 Eric Johnstone (Team Alberta)
8 Justin Mallet (Atlantic Cycling Centre)
9 Alexandre Pinard (Equipe du Quebec)
10 Yohan Patry (Equipe du Quebec)
11 Trevor Pearson (Team BC)
12 Félix Couturier-Lamy (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
13 Fabien Parent (MYCA CC2R)
DNF Alexandre Bourgeois (Vélo Mauricie)
DNF Antoine Muzzi (VC Montreal-Cycles)
DNF Eric Macdonald (Forest City Velodrome)
U17 Men Points Race
1 Marc Antoine Noel (Equipe du Québec) 11 pts
2 Justin Mallet (Atlantic Cycling Centre) 10
3 Adrian George (Team Ontario) 7
4 Lambert Gatineau (Equipe du Québec) 6
5 Alexandre Pinard (Equipe du Quebec) 5
6 Hendrik Pineda (VC Montreal-Cycles) 3
7 Yohan Patry (Equipe du Quebec) 2
8 Félix Couturier-Lamy (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 0 (-1 lap)
9 Trevor Pearson (Team BC) -20 (-1 lap)
10 Fabien Parent (MYCA CC2R) -20 (-1 lap)
11 Frederic Cossette (Equipe du Quebec) -20 (-1 lap)
12 Eric Johnstone (Team Alberta) -20 (-1 lap)
13 Antoine Muzzi (VC Montreal-Cycles) -60 (-3 laps)
DNF Alexandre Bourgeois (Vélo Mauricie) 0
DNF Eric Macdonald (Forest City Velodrome) 0
DNF Marc Evers (Atlantic Cycling Centre) -60
U17 Men Omnium Standings
1 Marc Antoine Noel (Equipe du Québec) 5 pts
2 Lambert Gatineau (Equipe du Québec) 13
3 Justin Mallet (Atlantic Cycling Centre) 15
4 Adrian George (Team Ontario) 19
5 Hendrik Pineda (VC Montreal-Cycles) 22
6 Alexandre Pinard (Equipe du Quebec) 25
7 Eric Johnstone (Team Alberta) 28
8 Félix Couturier-Lamy (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 36
9 Frederic Cossette (Equipe du Quebec) 36
10 Trevor Pearson (Team BC) 46
11 Yohan Patry (Equipe du Quebec) 46
12 Fabien Parent (MYCA CC2R) 48
DNF Alexandre Bourgeois (Vélo Mauricie)
DNF Antoine Muzzi (VC Montreal-Cycles)
DNF Eric Macdonald (Forest City Velodrome)
DNF Marc Evers (Atlantic Cycling Centre)


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