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August 26/97 0:10 am - Beware of Bears, 15 km Record Attempts

Posted by Editor on 08/26/97

Alberta News (thanks to Greg Flaaten) Many mountain trails are closed right now due to high bear activity. A woman was charged by a grizzly near Canmore last week and just today a black bear was tranquilized and removed from a residential area in Calgary. Bear-bells are common on bikes these days. Time Trial Record Attempts (thanks to Peter McCaffrey - note: opinions on the CCA are his!) The Canadian Cycling Association in its wisdom has seen fit to abolish all time trial and place to place records, (with the exception of the cross Canada record). This seems to be very short-sighted, as it's something to which all riders and the public can relate. The reason given is that it is impossible to equate rides done on different courses and therefore the holder of the record for a particular distance may not have had as hard a ride as somone doing a slower time on a slower course. Despite the C C A's short-sightedness, on September 21st., there will be an attempt by a number of riders to produce the fastest ever fifteen kilometer time in Canada and if any rider records such a time, this will certainly be regarded by all except those in the CCA ivory tower as a new 15km record. At the time of writing, both Eric Wolberg (Shaklee and Darko Ficko (Woodbridge Italia) have indicated that they will attempt to beat the old time. For details of this event, contact The League at 905 271-8300 after August 28th. Coming Tomorrow: Ontario Provincial ITT


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