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September 1/10 10:52 am - MTB World Championships: Team Relay UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/1/10

Follow our updates from the Team Relay


Our coverage of the 2010 World Championships  brought to you with the support of Shimano


It is a beautiful but hot and very humid day in Mont-Ste Anne as the first race of the 2010 championships is about to begin, the team relay


See our preview.


Lap 1


After the short start loop the riders are now on the short climb.  Switzerland is leading followed by France, then Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic , Austria, Slovakia, South Africa and Canada


Brazil DNS


11:09 am

Max Plaxton is the first rider for Canada, but seems to have had a bad start and at the end of the singletrack loop is sitting 12th


Up the zigzag climb  it is a group of 4 together leading.  Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland


Lap 2

 11:18 am

As they start lap 2 and make their exchanges it is  Italy, Germany 2nd at 1 sec, Czech Republic 3rd at 6 sec, Switzerland 4th at 9 sec and South Africa 5th at 15 sec back .  USA 8th at 34 sec, Canada is sitting 9th at  35 sec


11:30 am

Up the zig zag climb, it is Czech Republic in 1st with Germany and Switzerland together at 15 sec.  Italy and then France.  Canada in 9th


Lap 3


11:35 am

Starting the 3rd lap it is the Czech Republic leading with 25 sec on Switzerland then Germany  and Italy 4th all at s.t.


USA now 4th at 31 sec, France 6th at 1:30, Netherlands 7th at s.t., Sweden 8th, Canada 9th at 2 min back


11:47 am


France has now taken over the lead followed by Gernay and Czech Republic, Switzerland in 4th and Canada in 5th.  Canada's rider is Antoine Caron



Last Lap


France leading with a 1:15  gap (after a stunning lap byCédric Ravanel) on Germany, Czech Republic 3rd at 1:26.  The Czech rider coming into the exchange showing evidence of a crash.  Switzerland in 4th at 1:50 sec and Canada in 5th at s.t.   USA 6th at 2:20


Sweden is out after the 2nd lap


South Africa has recovered from a crash on the 2nd lap and has moved up to 11th


12:05 am

Up the zig zag it is Switzerland leading  Germany and 3rd is the Czech Republic.  France in 4th, Italy 5th.  Russia now 6th, Nether lands in 7th and Canada 8th



Switzerland takes the first medal of the 2010 MTB World Championships


1 Switzerland, 1:06: 00

2 Germany, at 0:18

3 Czech Republic, 0:41

4 France, 1:02

5 Italy, 1:44

6 Russia, 2:16

7 Netherlands, 2:45

8 Canada, 3:53

9 USA, 4:42



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