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September 2/10 22:55 pm - Interview: Emily Batty

Posted by Editoress on 09/2/10

Emily Batty was the top Canadian finisher in the Under 23 women's cross-country, taking fifth place. Our intern Sarah Moore managed to talk with her after the race.

Canadian Cyclist: How do you feel about your race today?

Emily: I did leave everything out there today so I look forward to racing next year with the Elite women and slowly making my way back into the top 5. I'm happy with my race and I can't thank my family and sponsors enough.

CC: You were sick during the week. How much did that affect your race today?

Emily: I'm still quite sick, but it is what it is; we all have our hard days and we just have to deal with what we're given. So I'm happy with how it went and thanks again to everyone.




CC: How hot was it out there today?

Emily: Well, the Junior women had it harder out there yesterday with the sun. It's a lot cloudier there today which is nice for the U23 women, but the heat was still here. It was a very still-aired day. It wasn't very windy and every time I came through the feed zone I was grabbing a bottle of cold ice water to cool down. So it was still hot even though the sun wasn't out. It could always be worse and the rain held off, which is typical Mont-Sainte-Anne kind of weather. Yeah, it was a good race.

CC: What was it like having this many people out there all rooting for you and cheering for you?

Emily: Absolutely insane. Every time I went up the gravel climb I was getting goose bumps just from my family and friends and sponsors just screaming my name. It was so inspiring. Those are the people that help me get here. I left it all out there today and it just wasn't quite what I was hoping for, but I'm still okay with it.




CC: Do you feel a little bit relieved that all that pressure that was on you is lifted?

Emily: I'm going to run around like a crazy Canadian over the next few days. So it's nice, but I didn't want it to be finished. That's what I was telling my boyfriend Adam Morka this morning. We've been here three weeks throughout the summer, so we've put a lot of time on the course. I didn't want it to be over because we worked so hard together. I didn't want it to be over but it is. I am excited about getting a break, but more so about getting down south and training for next year.

CC: Your bike matches the Canadian kit perfectly. Is that intentional or is it because of the Trek World Team colours?

Emily: Actually this bike was a bit of a surprise. I was given it a week and a half ago so this is my first time racing on it. And I just can't say enough positive about it. It's the dream bike. It was what helped me ramp it up in the last laps because I wasn't suffering at all with the rugged terrain out there. It was such an advantage to have it and this is what I'll be on next year so I look forward to it.

CC: You often take a hardtail bike. Why didn't you today?

Emily: I was here mid-season for a few weeks and I knew right away when I was riding my Top Fuel that it was definitely a Top Fuel course. Next year's Trek Top Fuel is the way to go. It was an amazing ride and the suspension saved me out there.

CC: You looked like you rode like a diesel engine out there, just eating people up one at a time. Was that your strategy for the race or just the way it worked out?

Emily: I didn't have the greatest start. I didn't want to say that at the end of the race but it wasn't great. I just ramped it up at the end. I left it all out there today but I know I could have managed another lap or a half a lap. Then I might have been able to catch the fourth and third girls.

CC: Did you have people giving splits throughout the race?

Emily: Yeah, I have specific people giving me specific splits. Accurate splits. I like people cheering splits but it's a bit hard when they're inaccurate. You're really not sure who to believe. But there are certain people that I trust and I listen to them.

CC: What was it like to race in front of so many people who were cheering you on?


fan club


Emily: Last night before I went back to my team for the night I so surprised with these "Go Emily" fan club t-shirts. They were everywhere. So that was my family and it was a great surprise. That was amazing. Now I'm just going to join them for the next couple of days and cheer on the rest of my Trek team that'll be racing later this week, the rest of the Canadians, and all of the racers for that matter. It's a hard race out here and I know what they put into this kind of event. To be out here in the last race of the year you've got to work so hard. So I know what the racers will be going through and I'm going to run around like a crazy Canadian.

CC: Would you say it's one of the harder courses? Do you like it?

Emily : I really like it. I think partially because of the bike. I mean I'm used to riding the hardtail all year. But I like this course and I've been racing on it for 14 years so I kind of know it in my sleep. I kind of wake up and realize I was on the course in my sleep because we've been here so much in the past week. So that's kind of freaky.

CC: Is this your best position at a World Championships for U23?

Emily: What was I? Fifth? Yeah. It's my best one yet. Val di Sole I was sixth. Last year I had a little bad luck.

CC: This is your last year U23. Do you think the longer races will favour you next year?

Emily: Well, I'm used to riding with the Elites. This race was about 10 minutes shorter than what we usually ride. Everyone had a great start though. I had to get my lungs warmed up. Towards the last half of the race I thought inspiring thoughts. My motivators. I knew I couldn't leave anything out. Have to give it all you have.


Interview by Sarah Moore


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