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September 3/10 10:36 am - MTB World Championships: Junior Men XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/3/10

Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Junior Men's cross country from Mont-Ste-Anne Quebec.


There are 75 men on the line for today's start including 7 Canadians: Evan McNeely, Steven Noble, Antoine Caron, Mitchell Bailey, Jeremy Martin, Léandre Bouchard, Étienne Moreau


The weather has changed overnight and the extreme heat and humidity have dropped.  Some rain has damped down the dust, so it should be near perfect conditions for racing.


Junior men will do a start loop of 3 km and then 5 full laps of the 4.8 km


Start Loop


Roger Walder (Switzerland) got the holeshot followed by Skyler Trujillo (United States Of America), Maximilian Vieider (Italy), Frantisek Lami (Slovakia) and Julian Schelb (Germany)


Top Canuck sitting 23rd.  Mitch Bailey (Canada) had a mechanical on the line and is off the back


11:07 am

On the rock garden the rain has made the top plateau very slippery.  Most of the riders are walking the top or taking the chicken run.  First through was Anton Stepanov (Russian Federation), then Maximilian Vieider (Italy), Julian Schelb (Germany), Roger Walder (Switzerland), Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands), Skyler Trujillo (United States Of America)


Lap 1


As they head out onto there first full lap, Julian Schelb (Germany) is leading followed by Maximilian Vieider (Italy) at 5 sec.  Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) 3rd at s.t..  Roger Walder (Switzerland) 4th at 6 sec, Anton Stepanov (Russian Federation) 5th at 9 sec

Evan McNeely (Canada) sitting 16th at 34 sec, Antoine Caron (Canada) 18th, Léandre Bouchard (Canada) 38th

Jeremy Martin (Canada) 46th, Mitchell Bailey (Canada) 47th, Étienne Moreau (Canada) 59th, Steven Noble (Canada) has had a mechanical and is in the pits


11:17 at the tech zone

Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) leading followed by Maximilian Vieider (Italy), Julian Schelb (Germany), Roger Walder (Switzerland).  At 10 sec is Alrick Martin (France) and Anton Stepanov (Russian Federation)

Evan McNeely (Canada) is 12th, Antoine Caron (Canada) 15th.

Jeremy Martin (Canada), Léandre Bouchard (Canada) and Mitchell Bailey (Canada) are already 2 min back


Denny Lupato (Italy) has had a bad crash and is bleeding on his face


Steven Noble crashed on the start loop and broke his rear derailleur


Through the rock garden

Roger Walder (Switzerland) leading, Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands), Julian Schelb (Germany) and Maximilian Vieider (Italy) leading

at 22 sec is Jeff Luyten (Belgium)

at 25 sec is Alrick Martin (France)

at 32 sec  is Julien Trarieux (France)

 at 46 sec is Evan McNeely (Canada)


At the Tech/feedzone it is: Julian Schelb (Germany), Roger Walder (Switzerland), Maximilian Vieider (Italy) and Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) all within 2 seconds of each other


Lap 2


As they head out onto lap 2:  Maximilian Vieider (Italy) leading Julian Schelb (Germany) by 1 sec. Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) 3rd at s.t.  Roger Walder (Switzerland) 4th at s.t. Jeff Luyten (Belgium) 5th at 13 sec.

McNeely in 8th at 33 sec, Caron 9th at 40 sec

top American is Skyler Trujillo (United States Of America) in 19th


Fans of Antoine Caron are nacked from the waist up and have spelled caron's name in paint on their naked torsos


11:34 am at the Tech/Feedzone

Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) leading followed by a group at 28 sec: Maximilian Vieider (Italy), Roger Walder (Switzerland), Julian Schelb (Germany), Julien Trarieux (France), Alrick Martin (France)

Evan McNeely (Canada) at 54 sec

Antoine Caron (Canada) at 1:16


DNF: Mitchell Codner (Australia), and Mathew Waghorn (New Zealand)

DNS: Richard Anderson (New Zealand)


11:41 am at the rock garden

Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) leading Julian Schelb (Germany) by 32 sec.  Roger Walder (Switzerland), Maximilian Vieider (Italy) at s.t.

At 43 sec: Julien Trarieux (France),

at 1:15: Evan McNeely (Canada)

at 1:30: Antoine Caron (Canada)


Lap 3


As they start the 3rd lap:  Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) leading with Julien Trarieux (France) at 50 sec. Julian Schelb (Germany) at s.t., Roger Walder (Switzerland) at 51 sec. Maximilian Vieider (Italy) 6th, Jeff Luyten (Belgium) 7th, Evan McNeely (Canada) 8th at 1:26 back

Baily 26th, Martin


11:52 am


Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) continues to extend his lead over the chasers.  Gap up to 1:30 now on the 4 chasers


McNeely and Caron still sitting 8th and 9th, altjhohg Caron is looking a bit fresher


11:57 am at the ZigZag climb

Van Der Heijden has just completed the climb

at 1:20 is Julien Trarieux (France)

at 1:30 is Maximilian Vieider (Italy)

at 1:35 Julian Schelb (Germany)

at 1:45 are Roger Walder (Switzerland) and Jeff Luyten (Belgium)

Antoine Caron (Canada) is leading Evan McNeely (Canada) at 2:25


At the Tech/Feedzone at 4 km  : Van Der Heijden leading Trarieux by 1:15


Lap 4

Van Der Heijden heads out onto the 4th lap with a  gap of 1:18 on Julien Trarieux (France).  Maximilian Vieider (Italy) 3rd at 1:24

Julian Schelb (Germany) 4th, Jeff Luyten (Belgium) 5th

Antoine Caron now 8th and Evan McNeely 9th at 2:26 back

Seth Kemp (United States Of America) 19th

Jeremy Martin (Canada) 25th

Baily 27th


12:09 pm at Tech/Feedzone at 2km

Michiel Van Der Heijden leading with Trarieux at 1:20, Vieider 3rd at 1:30, Schelb  4th at s.t.

Luyton 5th but struggling,  Walder

Caron 8th and looking strong

McNeely is suffering and is now 10th


At the ZigZag climb:  3.5 km

Van Der Heijden leading with Trarieux at 1:20, Vieider 3rd at 1:50, Schelb  4th at 1:55, Luton 5th at 2:20, Walder 6th at 2:45, Marvin Gruget (France) 7th at 2:48,


Lap 5


As they start lap 5 - Final Lap

1 Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands)

2 Julien Trarieux (France) at 1:21

3 Maximilian Vieider (Italy)  1:45

4 Julian Schelb (Germany)

5 Jeff Luyten (Belgium)

6 Marvin Gruget (France)

7 Antoine Caron (Canada)

9 Evan McNeely (Canada)


Just 8 sec separates 6th and 7th


12:25 pm  at the Tech/Feedzone at 2 km

Van Der Heijden comes though with a gap to Trarieux of 1:28

Schleb and Walder are together at 1:50

Caron has had a mechanical and has lost 2 places


12:33 pm at the ZigZag (3.5 km)

Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands) leading with a gap of 1:40 on Julien Trarieux (France), Julian Schelb (Germany) 3rd at 2:15

Maximilian Vieider (Italy) 4th at 2:40 with Jeff Luyten (Belgium) on his wheel

Evan McNeely (Canada) 9th, Antoine Caron (Canada) 11th


Brief  Unofficial


Junior Men     
1    Michiel Van Der Heijden (Netherlands)
2    Julien Trarieux (France)
3    Julian Schelb (Germany)
4    Maximilian Vieider (Italy)
5    Jeff Luyten (Belgium)
6    Marvin Gruget (France)
7    Roger Walder (Switzerland)
8    Alrick Martin (France)
9    Evan McNeely (Canada)
10    Antoine Caron (Canada)



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