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September 4/10 10:30 am - MTB World Championships: Women's XC UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/4/10

Welcome to our coverage of the Women's cross country race in Mont-Ste-Anne Quebec


Our coverage of the 2010 World Championships  brought to you with the support of Shimano


After a week  of hot humid weather the skies opened up and it was raining heavily all morning . About 45 minutes to go the rain stopped and whil the ground is still very wet and slippery on the course.


67 women will be on the start line and they will head out on a start loop of 3 km and then 5 full laps of the 4.8 km circuit.


Defending champion Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation) will be looking for her 3rd World Championship, while local favourite Marie-Helene Premont (Canada) and last week's World Cup winner Catharine Pendrel (Canada) will be looking for their first.


Other contenders to watch will be: Eva Lechner (Italy), Katrin Leumann (Switzerland), Willow Koerber (United States Of America), Elisabeth Osl (Austria), Esther Süss (Switzerland), Katerina Nash (Czech Republic)


Amanda Sin (Canada) has been nursing a sore knee all week so this course will be very hard on her


Racing starts in 10 minutes


Start Loop

And they are off: Katrin Leumann (Switzerland) takes the lead around the first corner


Through the Feed/Tech zone it is still Katrin Leumann (Switzerland), Nathalie Schneitter (Switzerland), Willow Koerber (United States Of America), Sabine Spitz (Germany), Catharine Pendrel (Canada), Marie-Helene Premont (Canada)



All together up the climb


11:06 am

At the rock garden (Beatrice):  Almost every rider is walking down the rocky section or taking the "chicken pass"

Maja Wloszczowska (Poland) was the first rider through followed by Eva Lechner (Italy), Nathalie Schneitter (Switzerland), Willow Koerber (United States Of America), Sabine Spitz (Germany)


Catharine Pendrel (Canada) and Marie-Helene Premont (Canada) bothin the top 10.  Pendrel took the chicken pass


11:11 am


About to head out onto the 1st full lap:  Eva Lechner (Italy) leading, Maja Wloszczowska (Poland), Catharine Pendrel (Canada),   then at 15 sec,   Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation), Willow Koerber (United States Of America), Nathalie Schneitter (Switzerland), Sabine Spitz (Germany), Anna Szafraniec (Poland).  Marie-Helene Premont (Canada) sitting 9th


Mical Dyck (Canada) sitting 25th, Amanda sin 29th, Sandra Walter 45, Catherine Vipond 46, Jean Ann McKirdy (Canada) 47th


Nicola Leary (New Zealand) has flatted


11:17 am

There is now a lead group of 7 starting to form at the front.  Lechner, Kalentieva, Osl, Spitz, Wloszczowska, Pendrel, Koerber,


11:20 am

At the Feed/Tech zone on Lap 1:  Pendrel has taken the lead and has a 30 sec gap on Wloszczowska, Koerber, Kalentieva, Lechner, Schneitter, Spitz.  Szafraniec, Premont, Ravanel together at  at 55 sec.


Blaza Klemencic (Slovenia) is out

Sin 29th, Mckirdy 43rd, Walter 44th


On the rock garden

Pendrel takes the "chicken run" but slips and slides down losing a bit of time to Wloszczowska, who runs down the shorter more dangerous route.



Pendrel has now been caught by Wloszczowska and  they are together at the front heading up the climb


Lechner and Ravanel and Dyck are the only 3 who have ridden down the Rock garden so far.  All the rest are hike a bike or chicken run


Through he Feed/Tech zone and heading to the end of lap 1 and Pendrel  and Wloszczowska are together. 


Lap 2


Pendrel leading Wloszczowska across the line to head out onto lap 2, Koerber 3rd at 25 sec. Kalentieva 4th at 27 sec, Spitz 5th at 33 sec, Schneitter 6th at 45 sec, Premont 7th at 1:08, Osl 8th at s.t., Heather Irmiger (United States Of America) at 1:16, Szafraniec 10th at 1:23




In the singletrack:  Wloszczowska has dropped Pendrel and Koerber is now making a move to catch Pendrel.



At theTech/Feedzone (2 km)

Wloszczowska leading with Pendrel at 10 sec.  Koerber and Kalentieva are together at another 3 sec. but clising on Pendrel.  Spitz  is also closing.

Osl, Premont, Irmiger and Schneitter are also together at 1:10

Lechner has had a technical problem and lost a few more spots


11:44 am


At the Rock garden

Wloszczowska down the shorter section with Pendrel takng the longer "chicken run".  Koerber rides down the rocks and gains time on Pendrel, who is gaining on Wloszczowska on teh climb, but Koerber is still closing,  with Kalentieva 5th and Spitz 6th.


Osl has crashed hard on the rock garden


Good crowds out even with all the  rain cheering the riders up the climb.


At the ZiZag Climb

Wloszczowska with Pendrel 2nat 10 sec.  Koerber at 20 sec, followed by Kalentieva.  Spitz at 40 sec. Premont at 1:20, Osl at 1:25


Lap 3


Heading out on the 3rd lap

Wloszczowska, Koerber at 16 sec, Pendrel at s.t., Kalentieva 4th at 30 sec, Spitz 5th at 44 sec,  Premont 6th at 1:32

Osl 7th, Irmiger 8th, Schneitter 9th, Szafraniec 10th

Mary McConneloug (United States Of America) 12th,

Dyck 25th, Sin 28th,


11:58 am

Tech/Feedzone at 2 km 

Wloszczowska leading 3 chasers now:  Pendrel, Koerber, Kalentieva at 20 sec. Spitz at 50 sec


Short lap (singletrack) is taking them 9:22 and the Long loop (climbing) 9:45


There is another chase group at 1:25 that has Osl, Irmiger, Schneitter with Premont just behind


12:03 pm


At the Rock garden

Wloszczowska running down, Koerber riding, Pendrel taking the chicken route, Kalentieva running


12:06 pm

At the ZigZag climb

Wloszczowska with Pendrel at 20 sec, Koerber at 25 sec, Kalentieva at 35 sec, Spitz at 50 sec

Osl at 1:45, Premont at 2 min


Lap 4


As they head out for the 4th lap

Wloszczowska with Pendrel at 30 sec, Koerber at 32 sec, Kalentieva at 56 sec, Spitz at 58 sec

Osl 6th 1:58, Irmiger 7th at 2:16, Schneitter 8th, Premont 9th, Szafraniec 10th

Sin 23rd,  Dyck 26th, Vipond, 39th, McKirdy 40th


DNF Katherine Compton (USA),


12:18 am

Through the Tech/Feed zone

Wloszczowska leading with Koerber  and Pendrel at 31 sec, Spitz and Kalentieva at  35 sec

Premont is now 11th


Up the climb before the rock garden

Wloszczowska, Koerber and Pendrel, Kalentieva has dropped Spitz


12:22 pm

At the rock garden 

Wloszczowska running down the rocks, Koerber riding, Pendrel takes the 'chicken run', Kalentieva rides but is slipping a lot, Spitz riding it bu dropping back


12:24 pm

At the ZigZag climb

Wloszczowska has opened that gap a bit more and it is now Koerber leading  Pendrel and they are at 40 sec.  Kalentieva at 50 sec.



Lap 5


Wloszczowska with Koerber at 37 sec, Pendrel 3rd at 51 sec, Kalentieva 4th at 55 sec, Osl 5th at 2:14, Lechner 6th at 2:31, Irmiger 7th at 2:47, Spitz 8th at 2:51, Premont 10th at s.t.

Mcconneloug 13th, Sin 24th,


12:34 pm


Pendrel has now been caught by Kalentieva and they will battle it out for the bronze medal, or work together to chase down Koerber


12:38 pm

At the Tech/Feedzone at 2 km


Wloszczowska with Koerber 2nd at 36 sec .  Pendrel and Kalentieva at 55 sec, Osl at 2 min, Lechner and Irmiger at 2:15, Szafraniec and Ravanel at 2:50



At the Rock Garden

Wloszczowska almost loses it, but Koerber has crashed and now Kalentieva and Pendrel takes the rock drop and moves up


12:45 pm

Up the ZigZag Kalentieva and Pendrel are slipping and sliding allowing Koerber to pass Pendrel


Wloszczowska knows she has it annd as she passes theough the Tech/Feed zone for the final time she waves and smiles




1 Maja Wloszczowska (Poland), 1:48:21

2 Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation) at 48 sec

3 Willow Koerber (United States Of America)
4 Catharine Pendrel (Canada)






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