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September 19/10 14:49 pm - Queen's Park Grand Prix: Men's results and photo

Posted by Editoress on 09/19/10

Results from today's Queen's Park GC



Jeffery Schiller winning today's Queen's Park GP


Men, 81 km
1 Jeffery Schiller (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Ogilvy) 1:43:16
2 Kevin Lacombe (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy)
3 Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin-Transitions) both s.t.
4 Daniele Defranceschi (Jet Fuel Coffee) 0:05
5 Ryan Roth (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) 0:14
6 Francois Parisien (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) 0:21
7 Michael Barry (Team Sky Pro Cycling) 0:21
8 Thomas Devisscher (Ride With Rendell)
9 Alex Bhogal (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bloor)
10 Mark Batty (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) all s.t.
11 Warren Macdonald (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team) 0:28
12 Jamie Riggs (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Ogilvy) 1:56
13 Kyle Fry (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Ogilvy) 3:21
14 Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee)
15 Jason Valenti (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team)
16 Chris Gruber (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bloor)
17 Adam Farabaugh (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bloor)
18 Ryan Aitcheson (Jet Fuel Coffee)
19 Anton Varabei (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's)
20 Nathan Chown (Handlebars Cycling Company)
21 Christian Deshaies (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bloor)
22 Douglas Van Den Ham (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team)
23 Martin Gilbert (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy)
24 John Stewart (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bloor)
25 Marco Li (Darkhorse Flyers)
26 Grahame Plaunt (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team)
27 Marc Lapointe (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team)
28 James Larmer (Darkhorse Flyers)
29 Graham Shrive (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team)
30 Derrek Ivey (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bloor)
31 Brandon Spencer (Mazurcoaching/Wheels of Bloor)
32 Anthony Walsh (Jet Fuel Coffee)
33 Jamie Smith (La Bicicletta Elite Team)
34 Andrew Pinfold (United Health Care Pro Cycling) all s.t.
35 Chris Freeland (Jet Fuel Coffee) 3:32
36 Isaac Smith (Darkhorse Flyers)
37 Dave Byer (Jet Fuel Coffee)
38 Kevin Hazzard (Jet Fuel Coffee) all s.t.
39 Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta Elite Team) 3:36
40 Andrew Bradbury (Darkhorse Flyers) s.t.
41 Stephen Meyer (Jet Fuel Coffee) 3:40
42 Evan Mundy (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Ogilvy)
43 Charlie Gorman (Nine2fivepro.Com Cycling Team) both s.t.
44 Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall) 3:50



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