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September 20/10 20:56 pm - Durham Cyclocross Classic

Posted by Editoress on 09/20/10

Durham Cyclocross Classic on Sunday September 19th, in Whitby, Ontario.

Excellent Weather - Sunny with temperature in the high teens.

For the 10th anniversary a new course was created which was widely praised by the riders.

Mike Garrigan, the Senior/ Elite winner, was the only rider able to ride the entire 10 laps without dismounting which was amazing considering the steepness of 2 particular sections.

It was an amazing display!

Courtesy Dan Salter

1 Susan Croswell (Ti Cycle Racing)
2 Robyn Duke (Independent)
3 Sandra Deegan (Ontario Masters Cycling Association)
4 Mary Cubello (Esteem)

Senior 1/ Elite Men
1 Mike Garrigan (Independent)
2 Eric Box (Cycle Devinci)
3 Jared Stafford (Bike Sports)
4 Derek Hardinge (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
5 Mark Brusso (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
6 Chris Barson (Independent)
7 Sean Kelly  (
8 Joe Giuliano (Jet Fuel)

Junior Men
1 Eric Reinert (Mazur Coaching)
2 Jason Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham)
3 Jordan Doner (Spokes In Motion)
4 Daniel Hope (Spokes In Motion)
5 Wesley Laird (Ti Cycle Racing)

Master 1
1 Lorne Anderson (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
2 Dmytry Lyeypi (Independent)
3 Peter Hennessy (Independent)
4 William Fu (Pedal Perfiormance)

Master 2
1 Paul Cooney (True North)
2 Jeff Kerr (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
3 Kevin Watson (Sound Solutions)
4 Chris Chambers (Mazur Coaching)
5 David Enns (Brant Cycle)
6 Ross Brien (Mountain View)
7 Jim Laird (Ti Cycle Racing)
8 Colin Matsalla (Independent)
9 Martin Hopi (Lapdogs Cycling Club)
10 Brent Armstrong (Independent)
11 Tim Taha (Darkhorse Flyers)


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