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September 28/10 10:43 am - Cross on the Rock: Coal Cross Sets Record Attendance

Posted by Editoress on 09/28/10

We consulted the Statistics Page of the results tab on the page to confirm this. Our highest turn out to date was 2009 FSA CUP at Beban Park last year with 102. Coal Cross had 105 racers, which makes it the new champion for attendance and the second time we have cracked 100. It also completely BLOWS away all the other Coal Cross events. 2006-50, 2007-63, 2008-56. It was a great turn out and a great way to start the season.

The new Curtis Saunders designed Coal Cross course was met with high praise from everyone (that we heard). It had something for pretty much everyone. With Beban Park off the schedule for the first time since 2003 Cumberland stepped it up and not only had a BMX track but also a Whirly Whurl.....nice! There was also a bit of the spirit of Sheldecross with the whoops/pump track section. Those features combined with a nice forest section and some straight power sections had something for every different CX skill. Lisa Ludwig (with consultation from Dave Nowak) was also a great first time race director!

There were crashes. Some from being rusty. Some from being over-pumped up. Some from less skill.....some the course just came out and smacked you!

• I think it was Ray Wagner that sprained his ankle going into the barriers....I think on Lap1....OUCH
• Wendy reported that she had a great battle going with a Pro City Cycles guy...we think it may have been James Cameron. James would pass Wendy and then crash....then pass her back....only to crash again...repeat. Wendy came out of top of that one.
• Wendy did NOT come out on top when her husband stuffed her into the course tape on turn 3....honest I did not know she was there....but when she yelled at me I found it hard to concentrate on the whirly whurl as I was laughing too hard!
• Apparently Russell Anderson coming back from an early Lap 1 (or 2) Flat was getting "jiggy" in the BMX track showing his "skills"....unfortunately his big air debut will have to wait as he hit the concrete pretty hard on the last jump after trying to X it up....with little more than 2 inches of NOT try this at home kids!

The first race of the season also sets the stage for some season long battles and rivalries which always make the series more interesting and exciting. Among them:

• Young 12 year old James Grant VS. Anyone of any age that wants to take him on in Beginner. He beat all comers.....30 years old...26 years respect for his elders and we love it!
• Amanda Wakling VS Kristenn Magnusson, and Jason Sandquist VS Justin Mark. Both these duos had race long battles that were back and forth.....never separated by more than a few seconds for the whole race.
• Normon Thibault VS Wendy Simms.....I expect there will be a bit of revenge coming my way.
• Peter Stevenson VS Normon Thibault. Peter has the power and the hours in the training log. Norm....I have no clue what I have to bring to that battle except the score: Norm 1. Peter 0.
• Drew MacKenzie VS his deep inner demons.....Drew won this round.
• Dylan Trembley VS Flat Tires....Flat tires scored 2 on the weekend.
• Unicorns VS the evil elves....oh wait that was Dave's pain medicine playing tricks with his brain.
• Glenda VS Judy VS Salinas. MTB'ers VS the Road Riders. This was a great battle in the beginners women’s category and Glenda’s first victory!

The girls outnumbered the boys in the Beginner category 9 to 5 and our Open women category put the first BC Cup race to shame! MORE Girls. MORE Girls. MORE GIRLS! Drag your girlfriends out or someone that has raced before but has not been for a while......we want a great women's field! Corey.....Shauna looks like she could kill it out there....she might be a 54 Major Jake.....!!

It was great to see Expert with so many people as well. Some from the "gentle nudge" some returnees. Some newbies to expert just up for the challenge. We poured over the results (and you can do the math as well) and do see a couple more people that should consider making the move up....don't forget you can carry 50% of your points.

It would be nice to see a bit more depth in the Masters Men's field. SO if you have been racing Intermediate and you are over some math and see how you would do in the Masters Category. We would like to see the Masters numbers be about equal to the move around and try it out....we will give you amnesty and carry your points over from race 1 only!!


Full results HERE


Report courtesy Normon Thibault


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