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September 29/10 21:15 pm - Tour of Tobago: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 09/29/10

Today's first stage was held under the height of Tobago's blazing sun in mid-afternoon.  Our riders were in for their first taste of caribbean racing on the 120 km relatively flat stage.  The race started only 10 minutes late, which was a new Tobago racing record!  

I spent the race following closely behind the peloton with a 125cc scooter, 30 bottles, and two wheels strapped to my back.  The race started out heated with attacks from the gun.  We started conservatively with a few decent attacks represented by everyone on the squad.  

On the beginning of lap 3 a few riders got some distance from the peloton but the group was content to let them sit at that distance.  Andre bridged the distance, with riders jumping the gap in ones and twos.  A select group was eventually formed that stayed away.  

The group was working smooth together and a maximum gap of 5 minutes was attained.  Back in the peloton the rest of the TDQ/ crew organized to shut down any chase attempts. 

Last lap in the break, attacks were made constantly.  Jamie Sparling made a final attack on the last corner before the finish with two other riders following.  Andre sat on the wheel of a german rider hoping to reach the trio ahead, but they never connected.  Andre rolled in for 7th.  

Tomorrow we start early at 6:30 am for the time trial.  

Notable events:
-During the race Brad Clifford performed a bunnyhop over a literal gorge that would have made Evil Knievil proud.  
-Yesterday while training we passed a 14ft python on the side of the road.  The snake was long dead, likely from a truck hit, but the sight was a precursor to understanding that we were racing a long ways away from home. 
-On Store Bay we saw a double rainbow, all the way across the sky.  Double rainbow. :) 

Chris Atkins


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