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October 1/10 22:57 pm - Road World Championships - Women's Road Race UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 10/1/10

The sun has finally arrived at the race site and while it is cool (18c) there is little wind.


123 women take the start for 8 laps of the 16km course - start list


Canada has entries: Karol-Ann Canuel, Joelle Numainville, Denise Ramsden, Anne Samplonius, Tara Whitten, Erinne Willock (Canada)


Lap 1

11pm EDT - Racing starts easy and the pack is all together


11:10 pm EDT - A crash in the centre of the peloton has caused a small split.  It appears the crash was caused by Denise Ramsden (Canada) who hit the barriers.  The peloton is slowly reforming.  Ramsden is getting bike repairs and is well off the back


11:15 pm EDT - The peloton is over the top of the climb, and are all together on the descent



11:25 pm EDT - Lap 1 completed

The peloton was lead across the line by Valentina Carretta (Italy) folowed by Amanda Miller (United States).

Erinne Willock sitting 45th, Joelle Numainville 49th, Karol-Ann Canuel 55th, Tara Whitten 102nd, Anne Samplonius 105th  all s.t..  Arndt and Longo hanging out together at the back of the bunch

Ramsden 119th at 3:15 back


107 riders in main peloton with 14 off the back.  2 DNS


11:55 pm EDT -  Lap 2 completed;  Theresa Cliff-Ryan (United States) lead the bunch across the line folowed by Luisa Tamanini (Italy).  Some top riders have begun to move to the front.  Preparing for an attack?

Canuel 38th, Numainville 85th, Samplonius 102nd, Whitten 105th,

Ramsden gone?


Lap 3

The pace has started to pick up a bit after a couple of  attacks on the climbs.  Katheryn Curi Mattis (United States) went on the first climb and was brought, back then Carla Swart (South Africa) who was also chased down .  Karol-Ann Canuel  has been dropped on the 2nd climb.


Lap 4

12:22am EDT - starting the 4th lap and Katheryn Curi Mattis (United States) is away after attacking just before the start of the lap and has a gap of 6 seconds on 3 chasers:  being led by Rossella Callovi (Italy) then Katie Colclough (Great Britain) and Chantal Blaak (Netherlands).  Peloton is at 8 sec.

Numainville 53rd, Samplonius 66th, Willock 75th, Canuel 79th, Whitten 95th,


12:34 am EDT

Half way through the lap and Mattis has opened up a large gap, now nearly 50 sec.  Anne Samplonius (Canada) has attacked off the front of the peloton and is  chasing with Valentina Carretta (Italy) .  The peloton is at 1:18 - Edwige Pitel (France) and Noemi Cantele (Italy) and Giorgia Bronzini (Italy) at the front

Willock sitting 34th, Whitten 51st, Numainville 70th but struggling to hold on.   Canuel 99th at 2:02 back


12:43 am EDT - Chasers have been caught on the descent, and as the peloton heads to the end opf lap 4, the gap to  Mattis is close to 1:20



Lap 5

12:50 am EDT - As they cross the line to start the 5th lap the gap is 2:10

Elena Kuchinskaya (Russia) is leading the peloton with Eleonora Patuzzo (Italy) and Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (France) has come up from her position at the back to assist.  Other riders at the front are Loes Gunnewijk (Netherlands), Luise Keller and Trixi Worrack (Germany)

Willock 29th, Samplonius 42nd, Numainville 68th, Whitten 89th,


1am EDT - Half way through the 5th lap and the gap to the peloton is 2:16. Olga Zabelinskaya (Russia), Edwige Pitel (France), Vicki Whitelaw (Australia), Grace Verbeke (Belgium) at the front of the peloton. With Emma Pooley (Great Britain), Amber Neben (United States) and Noemi Cantele (Italy) moving up.  The peloton is strung out in one long line

Willock 21st, Cooke 26th, Arndt 27th, Samplonius 57th.  Numainville 71st has been dropped.  Canuel 94th at 4:54 back


Peloton is getting smaller, now just 69 riders remain.


1:12am EDT - Mattis is still putting time on the peloton - now the gap is 2:48


Carla Ryan (Australia) has attacked off the front, but Neben is there to to get on her wheel, and they are back in the bunch soon


Lap 6

1:15 am EDT - Starting the 6th lap and Mattis has 2:45 on the peloton with Edita Pucinskaite (Lithuania) at the front leading Carla Ryan (Australia).  Longo is right up there too.


1:20 am EDT - Ryan is at the front driving the pace with a German rider on her with the peloton strung out behind them, but not giving any help.  The gap is down to 2:16


1:25am EDT - Now the Brits have gone to the front and are making an effort.  The Dutch have moved up too, but they seem to be so busy watching each other, they may lose the benefit.


The Australian team has lost 3 riders on lap 5: Tiffany Cromwell, Bridie O'Donnell and Amanda Spratt all dropped out.


Halfway through the 6th lap and the gap is 2:15


1:30 am EDT - Now a group of 6 is away from the peloton and chasing:  Pooley, Johansson, Cantele, Armistead, Vos


Another chase group of 10 is forming behind with Arndt, Cooke, Cheatley, Verbeke


1:35 am EDT - Up over the top of the vlimb and the peloton together again, but getting smaller with each acceleration



Lap 7 - 95.4 km completed


Katheryn Curi Mattis (United States) hits the line to start the 2nd last lap.  The peloton ia at 1:24 with Chantal Blaak (Netherlands) at the front followed by Emma Pooley, Olga Zabelinskaya (Russia), Trixi Worrack (Germany)

Willock 33rd, Whitten 35th, Samplonius 39th


1:45am EDT - The peloton is finally working together with the Dutch and the Brits doing the bulk of the work and the gap is now ~ 1 min to Mattis


Peloton is down to 41 riders


1:50 am EDT - Luisa Tamanini (Italy) has attacked on the climb and has a small gap on Pooley


1:52 am EDT - Up the climb and they have Mattis in their sights


Pooley caches Mattis and goes righ by her.  Now a small group of  8 forms at the front.


1:54 am EDT - Tatiana Guderzo (Italy) has attacked and is being chased by Cantelle, Voss, Arndt, Guderzo and  Johansson


There is another chase group of ~ 12 riders at another 10 sec with Neben, Whitten, then what remains of the peloton  is all strung out


They should all come back together on the descent and they do


1:58 am EDT - Now Evelyn Stevens has attacked and Pooley has gone with her.  4 others have come up


1:59 am EDT - Tatiana Antoshina (Russia) has attacks and now has a good gap of 11 sec


2:03 am EDT - Gap up to 12 sec.  Peloton is not chasing very hard.  Loes Gunnewijk (Netherlands) is at the front with an Italian and a Brit on her wheel


Lap 8

Spoke too soon.  They are just about the hit the line to start the final line to start the final lap and Antoshina is caught.


An attack just before the line by Lucy Martin (Great Britain), Noemi Cantele (Italy) and they get away briefly, but the Dutch bring them back.  All together.  Peloton now 35 riders

Whitten and Willock still there.  So is Longo


2:13 am EDT - On the climb and an attack by Giorgia Bronzini (Italy) and she is away with Vos and ?


But quickly brought back


2:15 am EDT - 11 km to go and all together.

Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands) has had a flat


2:17 am EDT - On the climb - Evelyn Stevens (United States) has attacked and Pooley tries to go with her, but then Cooke is there too


Group of 10 now with a small gap.  Cooke, Stevens, Whitten, Villamson, Vos, Guidzero, Pooley


2:19 am EDT - Cooke has attacked hard on the descent and is away


2:22 am EDT - On the 2nd climb and Cooke is caught by a reformed peloton


Noemi Cantele (Italy) attacks at the top and now a small group of ~ 10


2:24 am EDT - Now Arnt and Nicole Cooke (Great Britain) are away, but are being chased by Whitten, Pooley,  but the leaders have a gap with 5 km to go


2:26 am EDT - Cooke and Arndt are working well together 3 km to go with a gap of 11 sec on the chasers: Pooley, Whiten, Guderzo, Johannsen,


Willock has come up from the back and is working with Whitten to chase.


2:30 am EDT - 1.5 km to go and the gap is too big?


Cooke and Arndt are widing it up and the pelton is at their heels and Vos is moving up


They are caught and Vos drags the peloton up and past only to be beat by Giorgia Bronzini (Italy) at the line


Women, 127.2 km
1 Giorgia Bronzini (Italy), 3:32:01
2 Marianne Vos (Netherlands)
3 Emma Johansson (Sweden)
4 Nicole Cooke (Great Britain)
5 Judith Arndt (Germany), all s.t.
6 Grace Verbeke (Belgium), 0:03
7 Trixi Worrack (Germany)
8 Rasa Leleivyte (Lithuania)
9 Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain)
10 Carla Swart (South Africa)

15 Tara Whitten (Canada), all s.t.
23 Erinne Willock (Canada), 0:21










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