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October 2/10 18:44 pm - Road World Championships - Elite Men's UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 10/2/10

The Elite Men's road Race will follow a different course than the Women and U23 Men.

Starting in Melbourne they will cross the Yarra River, move past the Arts Centre, past the National Gallery, head south  and enter the Westgate Freeway.  They will follow the Freeway for ~ 25 km.  Upon leaving the freeway they will then pass through the City of Wyndham, then through Werribee.  For the most part the route is flat and windy, so the bunch may opt to stay together.  Or not.

Once they get to Geelong (after 82.3 km), they will then enter the race course used for the Elite Women and U23 men and will do 11 laps of the 15.9km circuit.


Start List


Point to Point Section 82.3 km

7:17pm EDT -  There is a break off the front with 5 riders: Diego Alejandro Tamayo Martinez (Colombia), Jackson Rodriguez (Venezuela), Mohammed Said Elammoury (Morocco), Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukraine) and Matthew Brammeier (Ireland). 

Esad Hasanovic (Serbia) is in no man's land chasing

Peloton is riding tempo - well they look like they are out for a Sunday tour.  Not a lot of pedaling going on


Not expecting much to change until they get to the circuit in Geelong


7:29 pm EDT - Peloton is already 5:53 behind the leaders.  Hasanovic is at 1:27


7:43 pm EDT -  Peloton is at 10:35. Hasanovic is at 3:27


8:15 pm EDT - Leaders were 5:47 ahead of the lone chaser Hasanovic


8:26 pm EDT - Gap from the leaders to the pelton is 22:30


8:40 pm EDT - Gap from the leaders to the pelton is 23:30


8:47 pm EDT - Team USA and Frederik Willems (Belgium) have goen to the front anf the gap is finally starting to fall - but slowly



Geelong Circuit

Lap 1


8:57 pm EDT - The leaders are on the circuit having completed the 82.3 km in 1:42.07.  The peloton is at 22:37 back


9:07 pm EDT  - Esad Hasanovic (Serbia) has entered the circuit  10 min back


9:10 pm EDT  - Peloton at 21.57


9:17 pm EDT - Peloton has entered the circuit


9:19 pm EDT - Peloton starts its first lap of the circuit at 21:30 back with David Zabriskie (United States) and Frederik Willems (Belgium) the first 2 across.  Dominique Rollin 19th, Svein Tuft 151st, Christian Meir 127th, all s.t.


Lap 2

9:22 pm EDT - The leaders have started their 2nd lap


9:34 pm EDT -   Mohammed Said Elammoury (Morocco) has started to drop of the back of the lead group on the climbs


9:43 pm EDT - Peloton has just completed their first lap and the gap is still over 20 min


9:51 pm EDT -  Peloton has upped the tempo and that gap has dropped below 20 min

Rollin has had a mechanical and is chasing back


Lap 3

9:59 pm EDT - Lead group is now down to 4 riders. Mohammed Said Elammoury (Morocco) has gone off the back and is now 2 min down


114 km completed

10:06 pm EDT - Pelton has split into 2 and the first group of 46 crosses the line to complete Lap 2 at 18:05 back, the 2nd group at 18:26

Christian Meier (Canada) sitting 36th,

Tuft 169th, Rollin 172nd and still chasing to get back on ~ 40 sec back


Lap 4

10:15 pm EDT -  Leaders are now on lap 4 and the Peloton has yet to complete Lap 3.  At half way through the 3rd lap, and the gap is down to 16:30


10:29 pm  EDT - The peloton hits the line to start lap 4, 15:35 back

Tuft 43rd, Meier 99th


10:38 pm EDT - Halfway through the 4th lap and the gap continues to fall - now 14:20


Lap 5 - 10:41 pm EDT


Leaders have started lap 5


Peloton starts lap 5, 13:40 in arrears

Tuft sitting 49th, Meier 135th.  It appears Rollin has packed it in after his mechanical.


Italy and Spain at the front pushing the pace now


11:02 pm EDT - Halfway through the 5th lap for the peloton and the gap is 12:16


11:108 pm EDT - Italy and Spain STILL at the front pushing the pace.  The peloton is starting to shred under the pressure


Lap 6 - 161.2 km completed

Leaders have started lap 6

Peloton starts lap 6, Gap 10:50


11:27 pm EDT - An attack over the top of the 1st climb abnd a group of 15 has a small gap on the main bunch


Over the top of the 2nd climb and Nibali sets off alone - testing his legs and the reactions


Lap 7 - 177.7 km completed


Leaders have started the 7th lap


A large chase group of about 32 cross at ~ 7:19 behind as they too start lap 7 min


The main peloton comes through at 8 min


A crash between the French and Slovenian teams cars has punctured a radiatior which has leeked fluid all over the course.  The Fire Dept is out, in full gear, spreading 'sand'


11:44 pm EDT - Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukraine) is now alone in the lead


11:49 pm EDT - Chasers are now: Wegmann, Greipel, Martin, Offredo, Boasson Hagen, Van Garderen, Stangelj, C. Sörensen, Serpa, Gilbert, Roelandts, Hoste, Van Avermaet, Morabito, Abasini, Barredo, Plaza, Zubeldia, Poels, Boom, Moerenhout, Trofimov, Brutt, Evans, O’Grady, Gerrans, Tosatto, Pozzato, Visconti, NIbali, Gavazzi.

Gap is approaching 5 min


Lap 8 - 193.6 km completed


11:58 pm EDT - Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukraine) hits the line to start lap 8.  the remainders of the lead group: Diego Alejandro Tamayo Martinez (Colombia) crosses at 2:02, Jackson Rodriguez (Venezuela) and Matthew Brammeier (Ireland) at 3:56


The chasers (31 riders)  hit the line at 5:56


The main bunch are at 6:41.  Svein Tuft is in the group with a number of top riders:  Hushovd, Cancellara, Schleck, Farrar, Paolini, Freire

Christian Meier is in a small group off the back -11 min - with Sagen, Roulston, Cavandish


12:14am EDT - It is amazing that the remnants of the break group that left Melbourne is STILL holding off the chasers.


 Kvachuk is still 3:41 ahead of Martinez and the chase group is at 4:24.  200 km completed and 57 to go


Lap 9 209.5 km completed


12:22 am EDT - Oleksandr Kvachuk (Ukraine) hits the line with 3 to go.  Chasers have caught Martinez and are at 2:25. 

Greg Van Avermaet (Belgium) has had a mechanical and been dropped from the chase group. 


Pelton goes through at 3:30.  Tuft, the lone Canadian remaining in the race, is in this bunch


12:33 am EDT - Simon Gerrans (Aus) has popped off the back of the lead group.


Kvachuk is starting to look really worn out and starting to look back over his shoulder


The Italians have attacked on the climb and have a gap.  They are about to catch Kvachuk


12:35 Am EDT - Koos Moerenhout (Netherlands), Cadel Evans (Australia) and Giovanni Visconti (Italy) had a bit of a gap, but wehre brought back on the descent..  The Italians (3) are being very aggressive



Lots of attacks

12:45 am EDT - Nibalai and is off the front and with a small gap (12 sec) on a group that is getting smaller and smaller



Lap 10 - 225.4 km completed


Giovanni Visconti, Vincenzo Nibali (Italy), Chris Sörensen (Den), Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez (Col) and Moerenhout leading as they start the 10th lap

A chase group at 22 sec with Evans, Poels, Van Garderen, Brutt, Gilbert, Pozzato

The main peloton at 49 sec.  Tuft is gone


The announcer is saying the crowd out to watch the races is 156,000


12:58 am EDT - At the halfway point the Colombian has been dropped and the chasers are just 12 sec back.  23.5 km to go


1am EDT - The chasers have the leaders in sight


1:02 am EDT - They are caught and Björn Leukemans (Belgium) immediately goes, taking Gilbert and Alexandr Kolobnev (Russia) with him.  Evans is bridges and so does a Gilbert and  Niki Terpstra (Netherlands)


1:09 am EDT - And they are all together again and heading to the line to start the final lap


Lap 11 - 241.3 km completed


40 riders hit the line to start the final lap. 

Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) crosses alone 39 sec back.



1:15 am EDT - It is just one long line as they wind through the streets of Geelong.  The first climb come shortly and someone should make a move there.


Gilbert has attacked on the climb.  Evans is chasing and dragging Kolobnev , and others with him. 


Gilbert has 14 sec clear over the top of the climb.


1:21 am EDT - Gilbert now has 18 sec clear.


1:23 am EDT - 6.5 km to go and Gilbert has 22 sec on chasers:  Evans, Paul Martens (Germany), Kolobnev, Moerenhout, Schleck


1:27 am EDT - Less than 5 km to go and the chase is not organized.


3.4 km to go a a large chase group has come up and caught the Evans, Schleck chasers and went right on by.


1:30am EDt - GIlbert is caught and now Vladimir Gusev (Russia) and Janez Brajkovic (Slovenia) are away with 2 km to go.


They have been joined by a Dutch rider, but the peloton is coming up fast


The make the final turn and the peloton is all together


It is going to be a sprint


Thor Hushovd of Norway takes it and becomes World Champ






Course 1

Melbourne to Geelong









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