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October 4/10 11:39 am - Tobago International Cycling Classic: Stage 4/5 and final GC

Posted by Editoress on 10/4/10

Report and results from the final 2 day of racing at the Tobago International Cycling Classic: Stage


Stage 4

The riders pre-rode the course just prior to the start and arrived at the line with concerns.  The day’s circuit was 15 laps initially ascending a short steep section on Mt. Marie to the main highway, and then through Lambeau to the harbour of Scarborough to complete the lap.  Hazards on the course included a broken section of pavement with loose gravel and several large potholes and craters (if you can’t see the bottom of a pot-hole, it’s classed a crater here).  Andre Tremblay approached the team car with a ruptured sidewall upon arrival to the start.   

My last experience with this course was racing in 2003 when the riders organized to stop the stage due to safety concerns.  With this year’s edition, the commissaire Julie Benham indicated that as a gentleman’s agreement the rider’s should race cautiously and take the stage with care.  Our team approached the other teams and it was agreed that safety would not be compromised.  The ‘neutral’ racing agreement lasted about 0.12 seconds once the gun went and attacks from Rapha led the super aggressive pace of the first few 3 laps.   

In these initial laps the final race selection was made.  Andre, Evan, and Joe from our squad would be factors in the finish.  Brad followed closely in a chase group with John.  Jannes was unfortunately having intestinal issues and was not able to hold a sustained pace.

It was pandemonium on the main highway in the feed zone for this stage.  All the locals supporting Caribbean squads insisted on running with each bottle to hand them off.  For me handing off four bottles on every other lap, it causes chaos with nine people running around/by me, and usually one person running into me.  Add to the ‘normal’ traffic surrounding the race that has to be cleaned up prior to the pack’s approach.  Just prior to one feed a car tore across the other lane of traffic, ran off the road, and was flipped onto its side after rolling down an embankment.  I saw the driver slowly crawling out of passenger’s side with a dazed look.  I then heard everyone yelling, “ah wee boy fall asleep! He fall asleep!”  A police officer stopped to look at the wreck and said, “you fall asleep?”, the driver said something and then the officer drove away.  Unreal.  We’re definitely not in Canada.

On the day Andre, Joe, and Evan finished in the main field in 7th, 10th, and 15th respectively.  Brad rolled in hard to take the pack sprint for 27th.

Notable Events:

-one of our transplant riders Joe Lewis literally mangled his finger while trying to wipe his tires.  He asked me if he should go to the hospital for treatment.  After memories of the Tobago hospital danced in my head, I said it was probably better for him to wrap it with a roti shell and then just put some masking tape on top.  ;)

Stage 5

I’ve tried many times to capture the essence of the atmosphere of this final stage, THE actual tour of the island of Tobago, a complete lap.  I usually use the word epic, throw some hard numbers about climbing grade, temperature, altitude, number of snakes seen, but really I honestly do it no justice.  If you are reading this and you are the least bit curious, please come out to the island to experience it yourself so that we can really spread the word.  This update we’re going with some Canadian rider personal experiences:

Brad Clifford – He approached me after the finish and said, “my knees are worn to dust”.  Mr. Clifford rode the course in a 23 tooth cassette!  Right now I know anyone who has raced this last stage is shaking their head.  Brad had two flats in the initial 20 km of the stage and was eventually passed the wheel that he would ultimately finish this stage with (five major climbs, one of which at 27% sustained).  If you see the guy on a ride, ask him about the experience, and then shake his hand.  I tip my hat to you.  Brad finished 39th on the stage and 33rd overall.

Jannes Wessels – I saw a complete transformation from stage 4.  Jannes found his groove after the first hour and look punishing rather than punished.  I can say that with conviction after seeing a ton of strained faces along the way feeding on the scooter through the entire strung out field, front-to-back.  I asked Jannes if he needed water on Charlotteville, he looked at me and casually said, “no…I think I’ll be okay”, while he casually ticked away his 27 cog and hunted down more cracked riders.  He later said it was the most amazing course he had ever ridden while racing OR training.  Jannes finished 17th on the stage.

Evan Mundy – He fought after absolutely every climb to retain contact with the main field.  The heat and the pressure wore on each ascent and he drifted slowly back only to power back into his spot in the main field on the descents and short flats between climbs.  Evan later said this stage was the hardest race he had ever ridden.  Evan finished 13th on the stage and also 13th overall.

Andre Tremblay – I travelled up the field midway into the last stage and saw Andre covered in blood once again (recall the incident on stage 3).  He later indicated that he crashed in the same descent he had crashed in 2009.  The thought process was described as, “oh I remember there’s a tricky turn in this descent…better be cautious…uh oh…too late”.  Despite what he told me he was thinking while climbing Speyside, his heart didn’t actually explode.  Andre powered along to maintain contact with the main field, cover the many attacks in the final kilometres of the stage and finished 10th and 7th overall in GC.  ANDRE WON THE YOUNG RIDER’S JERSEY FOR THE COMPETITION AS WELL.

Chris Atkins - Wow what can I say about the stage and race.  I definitely got my fill of adrenaline railing the corners on the rental car through the preview of the last stage (the rear wheels didn’t fall off, unlike my last experience here).  Today’s final stage, I scraped almost every descent with the undercarriage of the scooter leaning the bike over.  I also almost lost the rear end of the scooter when I hit a snake on a descent (no joke).  It was unbelievable when the race caravan encountered a transport truck trying to haul industrial machinery through a hairpin.  The payload was almost dumped off the side of a cliff and the race was halted to a stop until reverse was found on the rig.  Thrills around absolutely every corner.  This trip didn’t disappoint.  

I would like to thank the generous support of our sponsors and

Please keep the race in mind for the 2011 season.  Talk to any of the rider’s on this trip during your training rides and spread the word.  The Tour of Tobago organizer Jeff Charles fights hard to keep the competition high.  Please support the event and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.   

Chris Atkins

Stage 4 (October 2nd): Scarborough Waterfront Circuit Race, 135km
1 Kristian House (GBr) Rapha Condor Sharp 3:19:27
2 Dominic Boke (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:19:31
3 Lisbon Quintero (Col) Team Foundation 3:19:31
4 Martin Lang (Ger) Racing Students 3:19:31
5 Roman Stoffel (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:19:32
6 Daniel Craven (Nam) Rapha Condor Sharp 3:19:32
7 Brad Clifford (Can) TDQ/ 3:19:32
8 Timo Scholz (Ger) Team OSC Potsdam 3:19:32
9 Jamie Sparling (Can) Team Exustar 3:19:33
10 Joe Lewis (USA) TDQ/ 3:19:33
11 Ben Greenwood (GBr) Rapha Condor Sharp 3:19:33
12 Sebastian Kehl (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:19:34
13 Matthias Schroeger (Ger) Team OSC Potsdam 3:19:34
14 Tim Ottens (Ned) Team Exustar 3:19:34
15 Evan Mundy (Can) TDQ/ 3:19:34
16 Quinten Winkle (Cur) Team Foundation 3:19:35
17 Daniel Glaubitz (Ger) Racing Students 3:19:35
18 Sebastian Wagner (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:19:35
19 Julian Rammler (Ger) Team OSC Potsdam 3:19:36
20 Matthias Schnapka (Ger) Bike Aid 3:19:43
21 Linford Blackwood (Jam) Team Trek 3:19:44
22 Remy Caristan (Ger) Team OSC Postdam 3:19:44
23 Varun Maharaj (Tri) Bike Aid 3:21:59
24 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) TDQ/ 3:21:59
25 Lukas Malgay (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:22:00
26 Andreas Feistel (Ger) Racing Students 3:22:11
27 Jannes Wessels (Can) TDQ/ 3:29:06
28 Felix Doring (Ger) Racing Students 3:29:06
29 Nate Parks (USA) Team Exustar 3:29:07
30 Orano Andrews (LCA) St.Lucia/St.Vincent 3:29:07
31 Barry Luces (Tri) TDQ/ 3:29:09
32 Gevan Samuel (Tri) Team Trek 3:29:09
33 Christian Brockhoff (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:29:10
34 Colin Wilson (Tri) Team Trek 3:29:11
35 Soeren Schwarz (Ger) Bike Aid 3:29:12
36 Curtis Juteram (USA) Team Foundation 3:29:13
37 Gino Hodge (Aru) Team Foundation 3:29:14
38 Kevin Tinto (Tri) Bike Aid 3:37:52
39 Adam Alexander (Tri) Team Foundation 3:37:52
40 Ryan Parnes (USA) Team Exustar 3:37:52
41 Denis Bojarkin (Ger) Racing Students 3:37:52
42 Steffen Beck (Ger) Racing Students 3:37:52
43 John Mc Gill (USA) TDQ/ 3:37:52
44 Jurgen Dietsche (Ger) Racing Students 3:37:52
45 Alehandro Guzman (USA) Team Foundation 3:37:52
46 Atze Dijkhuis (Ned) Team Exustar 3:37:52
Stage 5 (October 3rd): Tour of Tobago Road Race - 120km
1 Kristian House (GBr) Rapha Condor Sharp 3:48:35
2 Matthias Schroeger (Ger) Team OSC Potsdam 3:49:02
3 Daniel Craven (Nam) Rapha Condor Sharp 3:49:11
4 Martin Lang (Ger) Racing Students 3:49:11
5 Roman Stoffel (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:49:11
6 Timo Scholz (Ger) Team OSC Potsdam 3:49:11
7 Dominic Boke (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:49:11
8 Sebastian Kehl (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:49:12
9 Christian Brockhoff (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 3:49:12
10 Brad Clifford (Can) TDQ/ 3:49:12
11 Jamie Sparling (Can) Team Exustar 3:49:13
12 Ben Greenwood (GBr) Rapha Condor Sharp 3:49:13
13 Evan Mundy (Can) TDQ/ 3:58:01
14 Tim Ottens (Ned) Team Exustar 3:59:29
15 Daniel Glaubitz (Ger) Racing Students 4:01:33
16 Nate Parks (USA) Team Exustar 4:01:33
17 Jannes Wessels (Can) TDQ/ 4:02:35
18 Barry Luces (Tri) TDQ/ 4:02:36
19 Gino Hodge (Aru) Team Foundation 4:02:36
20 Colin Wilson (Tri) Team Trek 4:02:36
21 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) TDQ/ 4:02:36
22 Lisbon Quintero (Col) Team Foundation 4:02:37
23 Sebastian Wagner (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 4:04:36
24 Felix Doring (Ger) Racing Students 4:04:36
25 Quinten Winkle (Cur) Team Foundation 4:08:29
26 Denis Bojarkin (Ger) Racing Students 4:10:17
27 Matthias Schnapka (Ger) Bike Aid 4:10:51
28 Soeren Schwarz (Ger) Bike Aid 4:10:52
29 Andreas Feistel (Ger) Racing Students 4:10:52
30 Sydney Walters (Grn) Digicel Grenada 4:11:54
31 Curtis Juteram (USA) Team Foundation 4:12:48
32 Gevan Samuel (Tri) Team Trek 4:12:50
33 Adam Alexander (Tri) Team Foundation 4:15:51
34 Linford Blackwood (Jam) Team Trek 4:15:51
35 John Mc Gill (USA) TDQ/ 4:26:49
36 Rudy Ashton (Tri) Team Aid 4:26:50
37 Varun Maharaj (Tri) Bike Aid 4:26:50
38 Alehandro Guzman (USA) Team Foundation 4:26:50
39 Jannes Wessels (Can) TDQ/ 4:26:51
40 Lukas Malgay (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 4:26:52
41 Atze Dijkhuis (Ned) Team Exustar 4:26:54
42 Dimitri Harvey (Tri) Rigitech Sonics 5:02:09
Final GC
1 Jamie Sparling (Can) Team Exustar 12:50:55
2 Martin Lang (Ger) Racing Students at 0:36
3 Daniel Craven (Nam) Rapha Condor Sharp 0:52
4 Roman Stoffel (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 0:53
5 Timo Scholz (Ger) Team OSC Potsdam 0:57
6 Ben Greenwood (GBr) Rapha Condor Sharp 1:08
7 Brad Clifford (Can) TDQ/ 1:18
8 Kristian House (GBr) Rapha Condor Sharp 5:50
9 Dominic Boke (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 6:22
10 Matthias Schroeger (Ger) Team OSC Potsdam 6:35
11 Sebastian Kehl (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 6:42
12 Christian Brockhoff (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 16:33
13 Evan Mundy (Can) TDQ/ 17:47
14 Daniel Glaubitz (Ger) Racing Students 19:02
15 Sebastian Wagner (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 22:04
16 Lisbon Quintero (Col) Team Foundation 27:43
17 Nate Parks (USA) Team Exustar 30:15
18 Colin Wilson (Tri) Team Trek 31:56
19 Linford Blackwood (Jam) Team Trek 33:54
20 Felix Doring (Ger) Racing Students 35:05
21 Tim Ottens (Ned) Team Exustar 35:55
22 Barry Luces (Tri) TDQ/ 36:59
23 Matthias Schnapka (Ger) Bike Aid 39:27
24 Soeren Schwarz (Ger) Bike Aid 39:58
25 Gino Hodge (Aru) Team Foundation 40:18
26 Andreas Feistel (Ger) Racing Students 42:43
27 Curtis Juteram (USA) Team Foundation 43:33
28 Gevan Samuel (Tri) Team Trek 49:08
29 Quinten Winkle (Cur) Team Foundation 52:40
30 Lukas Malgay (Aus) Team Moser Wirt 1:01:58
31 John Mc Gill (USA) TDQ/ 1:05:51
32 Varun Maharaj (Tri) Bike Aid 1:15:07
33 Jannes Wessels (Can) TDQ/ 1:17:24
34 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) TDQ/ 1:31:53
35 Atze Dijkhuis (Ned) Team Exustar 1:40:06
36 Denis Bojarkin (Ger) Racing Students 1:43:17
37 Alehandro Guzman (USA) Team Foundation 1:52:54
38 Adam Alexander (Tri) Team Foundation 1:54:44


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