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October 18/10 16:31 pm - 2010 Ontario Track Championships

Posted by Editoress on 10/18/10

The Forest City Velodrome hosted the 2010 Ontario Track Championships over the weekend. There were many outstanding performances in the six divisions of racing.

There were many highlights from the weekend including a spectacular series of rides by Kris Ovsenek (Invita-FCV) a 16 year old from London. Ovsenek set the fastest time in over two years at the 138m indoor Velodrome, his time of 7.979 seconds (64.675 kmph) led all the racers in all the divisions on the day. In the end, Ovsenek won the overall Omnium Championship (six events in a single day) in the Junior Category. Ovsenek's teammate Jason King (Invita-FCV) came away with the Silver medal at the end of day, with Daniel McKenzie-Picot (London) coming home with the Bronze medal.

London riders continued to take home the Gold in the Elite women's category. Amy Biskaborn, a high school teacher in London, beat out Candice Vermilion (St Catharine's) and Stephanie Bester (London) bronze.

Sarah Rasmussen from Hamilton captured the Gold in the Junior Women's event. Rasmussen was followed closely by Erin Dowswell (silver) and Nina Nesdoly (Bronze).

Jeff Schiller (Aylmer) won the Elite men's division with London's Mike Nuttal (Cycles London) taking the Gold in the Masters division.

The youth division had to be split because of the numbers of entries, Kirstin Sears (NCCH) from Ancaster and Chris Marentette (FCV) from Komoka each captured Gold. It was very encouraging to see ten young riders competing in this combined category.

In Sunday's sprint tournament, Mike Nuttal outlasted Ovsenek for Gold in the Elite Division, Vermilion took home the gold in the Women's division, with Adrian George (Hamilton) winning the "AA" sprint division.

The FCV would like to thank all of the volunteers who spent their weekend making sure the races went off with no delays. A special thank you to the parents who put up with different challenges track racers put them through!

Courtesy Rob Good, FCV


Overall Omnium standings

Junior Women
1 Sarah Rasmussen 8 pts
2 Erin Dowswell 12
3 Nina Nesdoly 16
Elite Women
1 Amy Biskaborn 9 pts
2 Candice Vermeulen 15
3 Stephanie Bester 16
4 Emily Mckenzie-Picot 27
5 Sarah Mckenzie-Picot 29
6 Jennifer Gilbert 35
7 Hedi Saloman 37
DNS Kristen Worley
Elite Men
1 Jeff Shiller 6 pts
2 Geoff Power 14
3 Trevor Sabiston 16
Master Men
1 Michael Nuttall 11 pts
2 Mike Renneboog 14
3 Lorne Falkenstein 18
4 Krzysztof Kurzawinski 20
5 Richard Ugalde 30
6 Joe Brennan 39
DNF Scott Matthews
DNF Jeff Poulsen
Cadet Men
1 Felix Couturier-Lamy 7 pts
2 Eric Macdonald 12
3 Jeremie Lacasse 18
4 Drew Welsh 23
Junior Men
1 Kristopher Ovsenek 14 pts
2 Jason King 20
3 Daniel Mckenzie-Picot 30
4 Adrian George 33
5 Brian Trafford 35
6 Will Simmonds 37
7 Patrick Mcginley 48
DNF Kyle Rupay
DNF Alex Cataford
DNF Brandon Lindow
Youth/Cadet Women
1 Kristen Sears 9 pts
2 Bailin Xie 10
3 Kim Goode 20
4 Kath Marentette 21
1 Chris Marentette 11 pts
2 Hugh Xie 15
3 Trey Ellison 16
4 Logan Mcintyre 18
DNF Sam Carson

Full results with individual performances by event


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